Review – Malefic #1

  • Writer: Dan Schaffer
  • Artist: David Miller
  • Published by: 1First Comics

Stories of insanity always have their own surprises and twists, Malefic is an interesting and modern take on such a tale. A young aspiring doctor, a past tarnished with a bit of shame, cannibalism and a dash of attempted murder. This is the life of our Doctor Freust in Malefic, it’s ugly, gritty and fascinating at once as the young doctor kicks off their debut issue right in the lion’s den without a second thought.

This first issue is a casual introduction that slowly drags Doctor Freust and readers deeper and deeper as events unfold. Having a lead with no issue about bearing it all in their back story with no issue is a welcoming, they know what happened, what it did and they’re not paralyzed by it. It’s just the larger machine and inmates of the facility that do manage that state later on once Doctor Freust realizes what her father was really up to and buried in.

Complimenting this intricate story are pages of art from David Miller, delivering expressionistic styling throughout. From the first pages of Doctor Freust talking in her cell to cannibalistic seductive murder, faces and gestures in these pages are creative and expressive giving life to each scenario. We get a detailed grand picture of the facility, the dark halls and chambers within it and a bit of extreme detail when it comes to inmate habits. But it all acts as a support to the story and the atmosphere of Malefic, even more so when adding in the Diagnostic Spectacles which are just an interesting twist on the real inner demons waiting to make their way out later in the series.

Malefic #1 delivers a bit of everything out of the gate, interesting back story, a horrifying granny figure, devastating loss, an asylum to end all asylums, super-secret religious organizations and more. It’s just packaged so well and delivered in the right portions that it makes for an interesting read especially as we stroll into Halloween season. Can it get much worse for Doctor Freust? Undoubtedly and it most likely will which is a good hook for readers looking for something to tickle/scar their brains.

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Release Date: Out Now


Review: Old Man Logan #1 (2015)

  • Writer: Jeff Lemire
  • Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
  • Cover:  Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Maiolo
  • Published by: Marvel Comics
OML #1
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Jeff Lemire’s Old man Logan tells the tale of when super villains banning together and taking out most of the heroes, and with no X-Men and The Avengers to protect the world, things have become a bit darker.

[spoiler show=”Story Spoilers” hide=”Story Spoilers”]The story starts off with Wolverine waking up in an alley in Times Square, Logan runs into Spider-Man but does’t have clue who he is showing symptoms of amnesia, he then bumps into two cops who question him, this causes Logan to snap and he breaks an officer’s arm’s, the other cop tases him witch so happens jolts his memory back, logan realizes that he’s travel back in time, He comes to the conclusion that maybe he’s here to change the future and so he begins to look for the people responsible.

We jump to a flashback of Logan and his son Scotty riding through the wasteland to a villain name the Butcher market for parts, the market is actually located at an S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier crash site.  Logan and Scotty are confronted by Butcher and some of his men, they try to bait him into a fight by slapping his son in the face but Logan doesn’t retaliate he and Logan just leave. Scott asks him why didn’t he do anything and Logan tells him the world is not as hero friendly as in the past, and that one has to pick the right time to fight back.

Back in the present time Logan starts his mission to stop the villains from taking over, he writes a list of names of his arm, and one the names is Butcher, Logan finds him in bar and attacks him but Butcher so how knew Logan was coming and gets the jump on him first, But the sadness and anger drives Logan to overtake Butcher and strikes him down cutting his arm off in the process,  after savagely taking down Butcher, Logan now understands that was sent here to change things and we finally see the names on his arm, Butcher who he crosses out, Bruce Banner, Mysterio and Red Skull are the next targets on his list, with Banner being next.—————————[/spoiler]

What i find interesting about Old Man Logan is world it’s self, there seems to be factions of sort all over the world, reminds me of Borderlands but with Marvel characters. The premise of the story doesn’t really intrigue me as of right now but i get a feel it will later on, but for right now I want to know more about the world and the heroes that live in it. The artwork is more of a sketchy type of style with alot of heavy shading, not my cup of tea i’m more fan of the style Sara Pichelli brings, now i’m not saying its bad just not for me, with that said its not hard depicting whats going on in each panel.

As a first issue it does its job laying the foundation of whats to come in the future and i’m waiting to see if Lemire gives us more charceter and world building in the future.

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Release Date: Out Now


Review – The Paybacks #1

26259Writers: Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal
Art: Geoff Shaw
Colors: Lauren Affe
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover: Geoff Shaw and Lauren Affe
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Running around in the superhero business isn’t easy, gadgets, cars, jets and other equipment aren’t exactly easy to come across. Paybacks looks at the other side of the superhero world with what comes after your series goes bust or those great crimes turn out as pretty mundane. We see a vibrant cast of ex-heroes now acting as repo heroes that invade and reclaim all those wonderful toys and locations for their boss to help work off their own debts. It’s complicated to say the least but it carries a sense of action and humor that let it flow with sitcom quality.

Issue 1 of The Paybacks brings our team into the world of Night Knight and his amazing Unicorn. Saving the day while his mansion and secret lair get completely ransacked by the repo team. It’s a unique situation for sure, the lovely Night Knight isn’t quite a front-page hero although his situations are far from light-hearted or even innocent. It’s a welcoming introduction, pitting the classical hero pondering their profession and the world while they’re largely unaware of the rummaging through their estate until it’s too late.

Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal do a great job bringing the central characters to life while also slowly teasing the lives of the Payback team to readers, no one hogs up too much space to confuse the narrative and with the backstory coming in tidbits, it seems we’ll learn all about the team in due time.

Geoff Shaw and Lauren Affe bring to life the Night Mare and the world of The Paybacks, I think that’s how it goes… That said it’s a traditional presentation with sharper angles that accent the bodies and pages but it’s not so serious and rigid that punch lines and awkward moments can’t shine. The panels feel natural and the characters compliment the twists and quirks of the storyline as the moment itself catches them by surprise.

We’re only getting a tight sampling of The Paybacks in issue #1 but it’s enough to capture interest to see where this story and their radical lives and workplace hazards turn next.

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Release Date: September 16, 2015


Review – King Tiger #1

22470Script: Randy Stradley
Artist: Douglas Wheatley
Colors: Rain Beredo
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Douglas Wheatley and Rain Beredo
Publisher: Mike Richardson
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

King Tiger is on the scene, a mystic warrior able to combine combat and sorcery to take on supernatural foes and worlds. Or at least that’s the general idea, our first issue takes us to Nevada with a cult on the move and lingering tales of false hope sedating our true instincts flow as Milo and Tiger prepare for their next challenge.

While some have super mysterious lairs and otherworldly escapes, Tiger calls Rikki’s place his home base. Her large mansion / villa in Nevada plays host to pools, cars and incredible space. It pays to run around as a supernatural warrior these days, Rikki is a laid back, independent and handy to solve her own troubles while also tackling the needs of Tiger and she has the cashflow to handle anything else that comes up. We learn little bits about Milo including his experience on the streets and that he’s frankly seen some stuff in his time so he feels reliable. The story on Tiger isn’t so easy to come across, he prefers to hide his origins and details of his powers, after coming to America he spent a bit of his time gaming casinos and using his powers in a less noble fashion until facing a lynch mob from the casino staff.

King Tiger has a refined delivery, the pacing highlights multiple timelines and situations while able to keep a parallel storyline. Tiger and his friends operating in their latest situation while evil deeds run deep within the desert and brew for them. Characters come with their own quirks and the art delivery helps match up the script just right, the way we experience characters like Milo and Tiger, seeing their expressions and gestures after this storm that precluded the issue. It’s a unique blend of story and illustration as many pages carry dialogue along instead of landscapes or action and speedy moments.

Douglas Wheatley goes to work on illustrating the world of King Tiger, the mansion, the portals to other worlds and times and all the perks that come for Tiger when living with Rikki. Rain Beredo works to help complement this with careful choices in ambience, the world does not simply glow, it uses focal points throughout the pages to help direct the reader from their eyes just wandering. In simple daily life scenes and especially in action we see a careful hand guiding the experience along by pencil and brush.

Overall, King Tiger #1 delivers on a promising story arc for readers to enjoy, certainly there’s a mix of mysticism, supernatural and just plain messed up scenarios that should capture readers of the genre.

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Release Date: August 12, 2015


Review – Midnight Society: The Black Lake #1

Story and Art: Drew Edward Johnson
Colors: Lizzy John
Letters: Steve Dutro
Cover: Drew Edward Johnson & Lizzy John

Monsters, mayhem, mysticism and SCIENCE! All of these rest within the pages of Midnight Society, a pulp comic embracing the supernatural fabled creatures of the world. The story from Drew Edward Johnson brings a deep blend of science and monster fiction to life, shrinking devices, flying packs and mystical monsters fill the world and the explorers around the globe are on the warpath to make their name in history while basking in the fame of society.

The story takes readers into the efforts of two such explorers, looking to find the answers to one fabled creature, knowing they risk toying with forces well beyond their control as they go on the pursuit. It’s a challenge of explorer curiosity and responsibility, are findings simply for educational use or something to tag and exploit as a trophy? Where are the lines and limits to a frontier as new as this or is it simply a case of wild freedom.

Johnson pursues these questions while spinning a world deep in pulp themes, from the language to the setting, it’s a complete throwback while embracing some alternative history freedoms where old-time science fiction comes to life and mystical arts are alive and well when need be. Johnson sets Matilda Finn on her mission to find and save the lives of those lost within The Black Lake and gives her challenges that will place her into her toughest situations of her career as a secret agent so far.

Lizzy John and Drew Edward Johnson do well as a duo in this book, bouncing off each other through the pages with detailed illustrations and intense color selections to help sell the emotion of each panel, going from drab darkness to vivid moments of fight or flight that capture the eye. Johnson delivers a heavy amount of detail with characters and creatures alike, allowing each page to read with even more detail than the dialogue itself as eyes and body gesture speak volumes in each panel.

Overall Midnight Society: The Black Lake is a welcome addition into the Dark Horse line-up, it certainly shows promise early on with upcoming installments sure to help show mysteries about Matilda and her employers.

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Release Date: June 10, 2015


Review – Conan and the People of the Black Circle #1

Ariel Olivetti Cover

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Ariel Olivetti
Colorist: Ariel Olivetti
Cover Artist: Ariel Olivetti
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse has been on a roll as of late with the Conan franchise, each arc being better than the last. In comes new comer Fred Van Lente (Brain Boy), looking to continue the series high quality story arcs. The people of the Black Circle is Van Lente’s retelling of Robert E. Howard original story. Continue reading Review – Conan and the People of the Black Circle #1

Review – Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #1

Cully Hamner Cover

Writer: Dan Jolley
Artist: Leonard kirk
Colorist: Moose Baumann
Cover Artist: Cully Hamner
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #1 is an interesting comic brought to us by Dan Jolley and Artist Leonard Kirk. The synopsis for the story is goes like this Travis Clevenger may not have superpowers, but he can put a beatdown on anyone who does! Continue reading Review – Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #1

Review – King Conan – The Hour Of The Dragon Part 1 of 6

Gerald Parel Cover

Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Tomas Giorello
Colorist: Jose Villarrubia
Cover Artist: Gerald Parel
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

The trio of Timothy Truman,Tomas Giorello and Jose Villarrubia team up once again to bring us another one of Robert E. Howards classic’s. King Conan – The Hour of The Dragon #1 is amazingly written issue packed with lots of disposition throughout this issue, like in the past King Conan arcs it’s told in narrative form with Conan as the narrator.

This issue starts with the wizard Orastes and his Amalric’s Tarascus the brother of King Nemeda and Valerius the former king of Aquilonian reviving the ancient wizard Xaltotun. With the wizard awaken the three desperately ask for his assistances which he surprisingly accepts and they begin to devise a plan to get rid Conan. Meanwhile it is the night before battle and we see Conan asleep but is awaken by a bad dream. Two of his men who heard him screaming rush in, Conan tells them that he feels a evil presences awaiting in the shadows ready to take him. At that moment his scouts trumps sound off which states the start of the war, As he starts to put his armor the evil aura he sensed earlier comes back and it turns out to be Xaltotun who then casts a spell on Conan that paralyzes him.

Without trying to give away the hole plot I’ll just say things get real thick at the end of this issue for the Cimmerian known as Conan. Writer timothy Truman ends the issue on a cliff hanger with Conan facing impossible odds.

Artist Tomas Giorello brings his heavily shaded and detail style to this arc, like most of his work Giorello’s panels are well illustrated and consisted all throughout the issue making it easy for readers to follow.

The hour of the Dragon #1 is a great first issue and going by the trios past work together this arc is going to be just as good as King Conan – The Phoenix On The Sword.

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Release Date:  May 29, 2013


Review – Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher #1

Story: Richard Corben22815
Art: Richard Corben
Colors: Richard Corben
Cover Art: Richard Corben
Published by: Dark Horse Comic

A sickness resides in the house of Usher. Its history is cursed, its tenants plagued by abominable love, and it’s hallways lined with coffins and the rotted dead.

The Fall of the House of Usher #1 is Richard Corben retailing of the classic Edgar Allan Poe story, Just like the original it tells of Allen ( Narrator in the Original) experiences in the house of usher when he vists an old friend Roderick Usher. Corben stays true to the original by making it dark and creepy, like poe’s adaptation it’s about a man visiting an old friend only to find out that he’s become mentally unstable for example there’s a scene where Roderick has his sister posing nude and maliciously scold’s her the entire time, it’s a tale of obsession and how it effects your mind. While there are some similarities to poe’s version there’s also differences, one them being the fact that Corben combine another one poe’s short story The Oval Portrait which also deals with obsession

For the character design, Corben uses a caricature art style making the characters look almost clay like. His Roderick Usher who has a oversize nose that takes up half his face and big ears to go along with it. Sometimes the artwork is a little inconsistent in some panels Roderick almost looks like Hugo Strange of Batman; the color scheme throughout the comic is dark and smooth with a earth-Tone feel to it.

Final Thoughts: Because I’m unfamiliar with Richard Corben’s recent and past work, I can’t really say if this is his best or worst comic he has done, But I can say that it is a nice adaptation one that Poe fans should give a read.

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Release Date:  May 15, 2013


Review – Amala’s Blade #1 ” Kick Ass Women Assiassin,Count me in!”

Story: Steve Horton
Art: Michael Dialynas
Colors: Michael Dialynas
Cover Art: Guy Davis
Published by: Dark Horse Comic

Guy Davis Cover

 “AMALA is the greatest assassin in all Naamaron—just ask her! And she’d be even better if all these ghosts didn’t keep following her around! Naamaron is a land emerging from twenty years of civil war. To the west, in the city of Ouon, are the Purifiers, a self-made people powered by steam. To the east, in the city of Avatouon, are the Modifiers, who worship technology and implant it in their own bodies. SO FAR: Amala has just finished the Behemoth job and in the process killed the captain and commandeered the ship. Now she’s undercover on her next assignment, in a tavern deep in Purifier territory”

At the Broken Gear Tavern somewhere in the Purifier Territory, Amala who’s using the town crier as cover is listening to what looks like the town drunk tell how he killed one of Vizier’s men, a mail delivery package of Stembulbs is brought to the bar owner who displays them to everyone in the bar, at the very moment Amala notices a wanted poster of her for 1,000,000 and realizes that’s is in danger, she quickly jumps off the bar and takes cover, a fight between the men breaks out over who will take her in mean while she confronts the man who killed Vizier’s man, visibly  shaken up about what he did he tells her that he shot the man in the back and ask’s her to take  protect him but she informs him she’s there to kill him and process to cut his throat , A fire breaks out in the tavern and she escapes with the contract completed.

Meanwhile in Neutral Territory at Vizier’s palace, he and his subordinate Magister are informed of the trouble Amala has caused, they comment on how she’s putting target on her back. Which prompts Vizier to give Amala one final mission which he promises will get her killed. At Smitty’s she and Ren are doing sword training when a modifier device is giving to her, the message informs her of the mission Vizier and magister had promised, after hearing the message and receiving payment for the last mission, Smitty comments on how completing this mission is clearly impossible without help. Amala asks Ren to meet her before she takes off, there share a moment together and Ren expresses his doubts of ever seeing her again which she reassures him she will.

Traveling through mountain terrain a companied by one of the many ghost she usually sees they talk about the mission and how being able to see ghost almost got her killed last time. Nightfall comes and she takes up camp two unknown robot assassins appear ready to attack as she sleeps

Finial thoughts: Right form the jump Steve Horton gives us action, making it easy to follow Artist Michael Dialynas does a wonderful job making it so his focus on follow, more over panels with erratic poses which makes every panel look over crowded, its refreshing to see simple straightforward artwork sometimes. The world Steve Horton and Michael Dialynas bring to us in Amala’s blade #1 is filled little strings of interactions that turns explosive in the begining , but towards the end the issues focuses on Dialog and plot development for future issues , all and all its a set up issue.

Amala’s Blade seems looks to be a straight forward action/adventure story with a nonsense main character, that is reminiscent of past Dark Horse characters, I will say Amala’s Blade has caught my interest, so I’ll keep a close eye on this series as it develops before I give a real review on it

Release Date: April 24, 2013

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