Jaguar debuts XKR175, drift screeches turn everyone tone deaf

Jaguar XKR175

Picture Source: PR Newswire / Glen Davis

The XKR is the beast of the Jaguar line-up, it packs power beyond belief and in this limited edition XKR175 the V8 comes with supercharger and 510hp with a torque delivery of 461lb-ft. The car is still limited to 174 in the ECU for stability even though it does feature a new aero kit for better downforce. The front air dam, side sills, diffuser and larger spoiler help keep the new XKR on the tarmac. To help lay down the power the XKR175 will also pack 20″ Kasuga wheels in 10 spoke form.

Limited to 175 cars the Ultimate Black exterior and charcoal interior will capture drivers by appealing as the Black Knight of British sports cars. With detailed red stitching and Piano black veneer gracing the accents of the drivers cabin. Those wondering how much coin they’ll need to drop might stagger at the MSRP of $104,500. From just the distant early picture the car seems to be well worth the asking price.

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