VIZ Manga begins their End of Summer Sale

Everyone seems to be in the middle of a summer sale right now, today VIZ Manga has announced their End of Summer digital manga sale. From now through August 20th the company will blow out digital releases for up to 20% off on all volumes available through the digital platform including titles listed through and the VIZ Manga app.

What does all this madness mean!?!? – Over 80 different series just went on sale for up to 20% off and many of them average about 4.99 before the discount. So you can get caught up on BLEACH, Blue Exorcist, Honey and Clover and more.

For those who haven’t heard, Volume 8 of Blue Exorcist is also in the sale and this digital version is ready 3 months ahead of the print debut. Snatch it up for your collection right now if you wish.

Link: VIZ Manga super sale of the Summer!

AO NO EXORCIST © 2009 by Kazue Kato/SHUEISHA Inc.

comiXology kicks off a Presidents Day weekend sale

Rounding up their own personal favorites, the team at comiXology has a special roundup of authors in their weekend 20% off sale. Brubaker, Bendis and Millar and more take part in a specialty sale sure to catch some eyes.

We have some series titles in the sale that might catch your eye.

▪ Casanova
▪ Casanova: Avaritia
▪ Casanova: Gula
▪ Criminal Vol.1
▪ Criminal Vol.2
▪ Criminal: The Last of The innocent
▪ Criminal: The Sinners Vol.1
▪ Fortune & Glory
▪ Incognito
▪ Jinx
▪ Kick-Ass
▪ Powers
▪ Scarlet

Before you get too eager, keep in mind the sale kicks off tonight at 11pm EST, 8pm PST, until then you’ll just have to hold out. Prices are noted to be available through the web store but no word is specified on platform specific apps also supporting it. We’re assuming so but we’ll be able to update tonight when it all rolls out.

Links: comiXology | Sale Page