3000AD and DC Entertainment working on Line of Defense Comic Book

Comics and video games are always crossing up in one way or another, today 3000AD and DC are bringing a comic called Line of Defense based on the 3000AD lore. Taking readers into space where Galactic Command is at odds with opposing forces taking over resources on a distant planet and super weapon is in the works to make it even worse.

The comic will launch with a special public first issue at San Diego Comic-Con this year at the DC Comics booth and it will serve as a launch platform for the upcoming video game as well. Private viewings will be available at popular conventions for industry like E3 as well, hopefully I can sneak a look at it there when we hit the show in June.

Some back story on the comic from 3000AD:

For many years the Terran military forces of GALCOM have been engaged in various conflicts with the Insurgents – a splinter group of military personnel opposed to the Terran governing body. In a surprise move, the Insurgents setup shop on the long abandoned planet of Lyrius, previously used by GALCOM for weapons testing, R&D and other forms of military operations. This move wouldn’t normally warrant a deep space troop deployment, except for the fact that the Insurgents were rumored to be developing a super weapon on the planet. The “Firefight” comic tells the story of the brave direct action team sent by GALCOM to neutralize the threat and destroy the weapon.

As a prequel we can only hope it serves as a full-bodied story and not just something designed to leave a lot of cliffhanger moments, comics are a great medium to build attention off when used properly. We’ll have to see how it turns out when preview pages start making their way out.

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