Incipio lets you design a case with ease

Own an iPod touch 4G or iPhone 4? Wish you could tweak cases to your wishes instead of just picking from the selections out there? You can do it now to at least some degree thanks to the team at Incipio, the new bespoke case customizer is an app for your phone allowing you to dig through albums and apply them to your case for truly custom solutions.

Latest changes to version 1.5 of the app:

  • Social Photo Stream Integration: pull in photos from your Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr accounts and paint your case!
  • Select photos by Facebook Photo Album and paint your favorite memories
Pretty sweet stuff especially if you’re an iPhone or iPod touch owner, unfortunately it’s limited to just the 4G and 4 right now so older users will have to make due. Hopefully at a later point they allow this for other products, I would love to have a Rhyme case sporting an option like that, in the meantime I’ll have to track down a Silicrylic in black and look into their Inscribe line.

Verizon doing away with unlimited data.

Do you like having unlimited data on your phone? Of course you do. Verizon doesn’t much care for it.

Unless you have Verizon’s unlimited plan now or plan on signing up before July 7th, you are out of luck.

Currently, most pay about $30 for unlimited service. with the new structure, that rate will only get you 2gb of data.

2 gigabytes is plenty right? No way you could exceed that. Well some people may not but if you consider constant farmville updates, youtube, navigation and more 4g coverage, you can get over the limit easily.

And who doesn’t love Netflix? I know we do here at Bamfas HQ (read: my kitchen). Stream a few MacGyver eps and 2gb is in your data rear view. With a few cloud storage options available and hitting the market soon, your 30 bucks won’t stretch as far as it used too.

So what are the new rates? I’m glad I imagined you asked that.


Oh did you want to tether also? Free is a four letter word to Verizon so here are those rates.


$100 for 12gb tethering? That is more than double some other carriers unlimited tether plans. Ouchie.

I suppose if you have to have Verizon, this is the time to get on the Boat.

Bandwith constraints or evil ploy to get people to upgrade to the unlimited plan?