EVGA throws down, GTX 460 2WIN coming soon

EVGA rarely ever holds back in anything they do, today is no exception as the company announces a dual GTX 460 powered video card that is set to spank even the latest NVIDIA has to offer. The GTX 460 2WIN is slated to offer support for 4 montitors, 3D and performance besting the GTX 580 for a lower price. With the same formula working well for ATI/AMD it’s no shock that someone finally started to clone it.

Specs on the GTX 460 2WIN

  • Dual 700MHz GPU (GTX460)
  • 672 CUDA cores
  • 400MHz RAMDAC (aren’t most?)
  • 2GB 512-bit GDDR5
  • 3600MHz memory
  • 230.4GB memory bandwidth

Also as usual I’ve included a few teaser shots as EVGA already has the card and packaging setup to go, it would only be a perfect match if they had some PCB color choices going on like the white dual 460 floating around the net.

When I get a final price on this monster value card I’ll be sure to post it, this might become the next cornerstone of any budget build if it lands just right.