Cable arrives for a 99 cent sale this Marvel Monday

The sale is on and Cable is on the block, catch 25 of his original comics for only 99 cents each today and get a taste of Deadpool as well.

Remember these comics transfer to your PC, Tablet or Phone (Android, iOS) so you can read them anywhere, well… only if you buy them before the 11 PM EST cut-off or 8 PM PST if you’re on the west.

Marvel Mondays are back in action, Thor goes for 99 cents!

Missed out on your digital issues of Thor and Loki for a while? Marvel is offering a chance to catch up for the Monday Sale! With the new Digital Comics store it’s possible to read these issues on iOS, Android or your PC so you have total flexibility when you settle down to read all the issues.

Issues covered:

The sale runs until 11:00 pm EST tonight, after that they all go back to regular prices. Remember the sale is also available over mobile and not just the PC Digital Store.

Link: Marvel 99 Cent Digital Sale

Heroes Reborn goes 99 cents with Marvel today! (4/16/12)

We’re a bit late on this one but we have the news on the Monday 99 cent sale for Marvel. Heroes Reborn is the theme of the day and it comes in 3 flavors you can see below.

As usual the sale lasts until 11:00 PM EST so act fast as there are only a few hours left.

Additional background on the Heroes Reborn series from Marvel:

Taking place in an alternate universe created by Franklin Richards, HEROES REBORN: AVENGERS #1-12 re-tells how the team first gathered and became the super group they are today. In HEROES REBORN: IRON MAN #1-12, witness Tony Stark gradually become the Invincible Iron Man while also finding time to flirt with Pepper Potts and hang with James Rhodes. And in HEROES REBORN: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1-12, discover how Steve Rogers adjusts to present-day life in a world full of global threats and super villains.

Marvel puts Ultimates up in Friday 99 cent sale!

Marvel has a twist today for collectors, today’s digital sale revolves around the Utlimates series. There’s not much to really say for variations though, we’re not talking about Ultimate Spider-Man or X-Men just the base series that helped spark the side universe that we know today.

Sale issues:

Keep note that while you can access this on iOS, Android and the PC you’ll need to get in before 11:00 pm EST otherwise the window will close up and these comics will jump back to regular price. Grab them while you can!

Link: Marvel Digital Store

Norman Osborn saga goes 99 cents today

Norman Osborn has been quite a busy figure in the Marvel Universe, if you’ve missed out his happenings during Secret Invasion you can catch up on it all today using the Marvel Comics Digital App for Android and iOS.

Comics in the sale:

At 99 cents per issue it’s quite a steal, although I do suggest looking into the companion books for Secret Invasion instead of just reading the main saga as it gets pretty fun. Heroes doubting heroes, a mass infiltration of the Earth by the Skrull Empire in a way never imagined before and in the middle of it the human race and a ton of confused Marvel heroes trying to make sense of it all as the world gets flipped upside down on them.