WonderCon 2012: Once Upon A Time Panel with Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis

At Sunday’s WonderCon panel Once Upon A Time fans were in for a real treat, a screening of the newest episode, “Heart Of Darkness”, and a Q&A with show creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. The episode was very Snow and Charming centered, getting very large reactions from the crowd. The episode was all about love, both having and lacking it and the repercussions of both scenarios.

After the screening Horowitz and Kitsis came on stage and took questions from the audience, being very open and revealing in their answers. They talked about their wish list for show characters, an eclectic list including Peter Pan, Ariel, Rapunzel and Mulan. They did say to not expect to see Winnie The Pooh or Pluto but they don’t want to close any doors and cheekily said that those characters “may show up in season 9.” When asked about the Lost Easter eggs (both Horowitz and Kitsis worked on the epic Lost) they pointed out the many they have already hidden, a clock set to 8:15, Geronimo Jackson shout-outs, Regina’s 108 address, an Apollo bar and they revealed a hint to a future surprise cryptically stating “look up in the air.” They also revealed that they would love to work with all of the Lost actors again but specifically mentioned Jorge Garcia.

Near the end of the panel Horowitz and Kitsis made some big reveals, The Huntsman (Jamie Dornan) will be back in the finale (which they were flying to Canada to film immediately after the panel ended), by the end of the season everything we want to know about August and “two things we don’t” will be revealed, Barbara Hershey will be appearing as the Queen’s mother and finally. who Dr. Whale’s fairytale land counterpart is (this won’t be revealed in this season but when they finally do, it will be met with an “aha”).

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC

Dharma gets down

The folks at ABC are getting into their stride for the final season of Lost, last night they kicked off a pretty insane show for fans at the Bardot / Avalon in Hollywood, the show featured DJ AM, Steve Aoki and more with a special guest DJ mention of John Locke. We hit the spot just as the doors opened and the line was a mixer of confused fans and club girls and guys looking to break in while it was early.

Teasers were all over, The Hatch appeared in the main DJ area, DJ AM had the 4 toe foot in his logo, the Black Rock ship was hung on a wall as people entered and a Dharma Jumpsuit was hanging off the DJ booth. The night seemed to be leveling off until Young Ben from the show appeared with a website for everyone to hit on their phones or when they got back home, http://www.actuallyitsketchup.com a new site selling limited edition prints of fan art for the series.

After that point we stayed around for another half-hour or so but nothing really came up. Regardless the team did a great viral party, it was free the music was great and a lot of people got to mix and mingle dancing to stuff they probably haven’t heard in ages.

I got some pictures from the event, when we get earlier word on something like this I’ll post it asap.