Amazing Spider-Man goes behind the scenes with Bruce Campell

Bruce has been a staple of the Spider-Man game franchise for a while now, it shouldn’t be any surprise to find out that he’s making a return with this new title and as usual he’s giving it all his signature tweaks to make sure people have fun with it. As a method actor Bruce does get a bit involved though, his story of how he prepared for the role packs humor and a lot of cringing at the same time. Rock on Bruce.

Review – Prototype 2 #6 – The Labyrinth Part 2

Writer: Dan Jolley
Pencils: Victor Drujiniu
Inks: Jonas Trindade
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover: Victor Drujiniu, Jonas Trindade and Michael Atiyeh
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

On the move Sergeant Heller springs into action to get away from this testing complex, determined to see family again and to know freedom once more. He scrapes up the allies he can and makes a break for it with everything on the line. No mutant or enemy will stand in his way and with that energy we launch into the final book as Prototype 2 launches to retail tomorrow.

We learn a little more about Heller in Part 2 of this story, he’s a one man army when it comes to survival, his reaction speed is quick and his intensity allows him to stand up even in the worst odds, as a character he’s a warrior. As with any noble figure there’s the test in extreme cases like this, what lengths will he go to reach the outside and how far does his humanity go? As for the rest of the book, it’s short-lived and a quick whiplash moment that sweeps Heller around and leaves him unsure of what just happened.

The Labyrinth is a weaker closing story than one would anticipate for a series like this, while there is some action and development for Heller as a character, we’re left with a handful of moral compass choices and family memories. It wasn’t the high point of the 3 stories that hit, mainly because of the fast introduction and decisions made for the closure. It’s a transition leaving you to wonder the rest of the story that Prototype 2 will bring when it arrives but for those who have bought into this mini-series it might leave a bitter taste after these last issues.


Review – Prototype 2 #4 – The Survivors Part 2

Writer: Dan Jolley
Artist: Chris Staggs
Coloring: Michael Atiyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Chris Staggs with Michael Atiyeh
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Prototype 2 The Survivors Part 1 left us with an odd taste, jumping into a completely new story and another set of dilemmas to navigate through in the pages of the book. The survival group goes on a fast paced journey from isolation and self-preservation into full action trying to spring themselves loose from the heavily contaminated Red Zone of the city, given some bad luck they end up crashing short of their promised land and wind up in the Yellow Zone.

Part 2 picks up right after this, we see a darker truth to improvements of the Yellow Zone, yes people are alive but they’re still surrounded with mutants and there’s a bad air about the situation as a whole with what Blackwatch is really doing for this entire situation. The group bands together again on a final journey, the escape to the Green Zone where they can break free once again, unfortunately luck in the Prototype Universe is clearly not on their side. The situation feels lighter than ever as they execute on their plan, soaring above the patch of freedom below, soon to be their home thanks to persistence and drive. Well, almost. Fate has a different plan in mind and Conrad didn’t even see it coming, we’re left to wait for the game to come out or possibly this next set of installments to help clear up all these loose ends and get some closure.

The art is a slight improvement for The Survivors Part 2, shape shifting isn’t nearly as common although the fish eyes still tend to pop up with Conrad making for some odd moments. Overall it was a style shift and it has to be accounted for, it’s more an issue that across a series there is some level of continued style expected as well. Design did improve and color delivered the drama with moments like Conrad resigning himself for the good of those who he wished to protect the most. As a whole though it’s getting tough to live with all these cliffhanger sections, we see a sweeping rush of conflict and hope and then complete hole to be filled by the game or another installment.

If you’re following the digital releases be sure to get your issues in pairs or the series will not make much sense, one can only guess what the final arc will bring before the release of the game.

Release date: March 28, 2012


Review – Prototype 2 #3 – The Survivors Part 1

Writer: Dan Jolley
Artist: Chris Staggs
Coloring: Michael Atiyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Chris Staggs with Michael Atiyeh
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Alex has set his path in the Prototype world, issue 3 moves us back to the contamination zone with 3 new souls, they’re in the heat of the infection in the Red Zone. Blackwatch is in full force and the battles on the street are life or death struggles. Conrad, Marcie and Ami Levin are the survivors hoping to make  a break from the contamination and purge zone into some level of freedom and safety from this madness. We get a dose of the marshal law holding down the zones and the lengths that anyone would go to in escaping a daily life of not knowing if there would be another day.

[spoiler show=”Show Issue 3 Spoilers” hide=”Hide Issue 3 Spoilers”]Conrad is holding hope that his wife may find his notes and her way back to his arms, writing letters along the way documenting their struggle and stress. Marcie is relatively shallow for information and Ami seems to be the most vocal about the events acting as a biblical judgement day for humanity. Blackwatch in the Red Zone puts the living at the bottom of the priority list, as ground zero it seems as if anyone found there is suspected to be infected and must be terminated without exemption. The trio is able to execute their plan to limited success, instead of total freedom they crash-land in the Yellow Zone leaving us to wait for more. These zones actually play a key role in Prototype 2 and it’s interesting to see a little about the drama within them coming forward before the launch of the game. Hopefully the story ties all of this and the character swaps together though so we can make sense of it all by the launch.[/spoiler]


While Jolley is able to drive an intense story even without Alex, the art shift from Diaz to Staggs is strong enough to notice, there’s almost a struggle in The Survivors. Marcie tends to shape shift throughout the book as does Ami, even Conrad has many morphing moments that break down the immersion. While the color and ink hold up under the stress it’s a hard switch to make between the two issues, hopefully there’s a chance for Staggs to rebound in the event The Survivors ends up being another 2 part installment.

Release date: March 14, 2012

Link: Prototype Digital Releases


Review – Prototype 2 #2 – The Anchor Part 2

Writer: Dan Jolley
Artist: Paco Diaz
Coloring: Michael Atiyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Paco Diaz with Michael Atiyeh
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

After having his solitude broken, Alex ventures to save the ones he’s bonded with in his snowy escape. Unfortunately what he’s sought to protect might not be as pure as he thought, in fact it’s only weight to his struggle to bond with humanity after being evolved. The story loses speed in issue 2, focusing on histories and going into detail about how Alex tries to get by in these infiltration situations while going full circle on the story of everyone involved. In this issue we figure out why Alex is screwed for finding redemption in humanity, we also see the outcome of this mini plot and unfortunately while it was starting to get good we’re moving to other areas in this bridge series.

[spoiler show=”Show Issue 2 Spoilers” hide=”Hide Issue 2 Spoilers”]Alex has his crusade cut short, learning more about Flint he realizes the man he seeks to protect is an incarnation of evil, torturing and destroying people for greed. The men he’s been disassembling in the compound are small fries compared to the retired kingpin he was residing with. The impact drives Alex over the edge and sends him on revenge directed in all ways, minus Autumn, he has to save her from the horrors that her father brought forward during his time and the corruption within him. Unfortunately Alex realizes he’s entirely too optimistic about humanity and those he thought he was close with. The dawn of judgement comes forward and few if any will escape the wrath.[/spoiler]

The Anchor Part 2, continues vivid artwork and graphic detail in each panel, the melee assaults and action sequences drive the intensity of the story. The color and ink keep the tones limited to the moment with night sequences, explosions and wilderness teams without bleeding into a single pattern. Overall it’s a great read to grab for 99 cents especially if you’re interested in a mini-series to hold you over for the next month.

Release Date: February 29th, 2012


Modern Warfare 3 Strike Package video arrives

Looking to get all the information you can on Modern Warfare 3 before it launches next month? Check out this behind-the-scenes video on the Strike Package system to explain the functions and goals. With a bit of insight behind it and what to look forward to, players can get ready ahead of the launch for what rests ahead.

Check out the link directly or watch the video below!

Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer teaser goes live

With the release date of the gaming coming in just a few months the PR machine at Activision is hard at work getting the latest visuals of the latest COD out to the masses. For many gamers this will solidify their existing commitment to the franchise, for PC gamers this might fail to address many concerns about the game after the latest installment butchered the franchise.

Guitar Hero Album and Tracks Summer Sale

From now through July 12th Activision has a flurry of tracks for users to pick up, with savings running between 30 and 50% off. The sale only applies to Xbox 360 owners though, hopefully the Sony and Nintendo fans get something in the future.

Metallica – Death Magnetic

Track Packs:
Classic Rock Track Pack (Boston, Foreigner, Rick Springfield)
The Killers Track Pack
The Eagles Track Pack
The Silversun Pickups Track Pack
Victory Track Pack
Vagrant Track Pack
Motorhead Track Pack
Vampire Weekend Track Pack
Rolling Stones Track Pack

Blind Melon – No Rain
Jack White & Alica Keyes – Another Way to Die
The Shins – New Slang
Incubus – Drive
Eagles – Last in the Fast Lane
Pavement – Cut Your Hair
Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven
Nirvana – Negative Creep
Against Me – New Wave
Wolfmother – California Queen

Deadmau5 joins DJ Hero 2 crew

With the Fall approaching fast, Activision releases new information about DJ Hero 2 including the debut of Deadmau5 as an in-game character. For those new to DJ Hero 2 or the DJ hero franchise I’ve dropped some screens below, also check the DLC post to find more video with Lady Gaga and the Pussycat Dolls.