Review – Iron Fist #2 (2017) : The Trial of The Seven Masters

  • Writer: Ed Brisson
  • Artist: Mike Perkins
  • Colorist: Andy Troy
  • Cover Artist: Jeff Dekal

Iron Fist is put through a gauntlet by the council of Lui-Shi, there goal is to bring legitimacy to Lui-Shi as one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, replacing K’un-Lun after its demises. The council is taking advantage of his vulnerability, they are well aware of Rand’s situation and his need to reclaim the title of Iron Fist once again.

The council of Lui-Shi is using Danny Rand to further their legitimacy as a member of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, with k’un-Lun demise Lui-Shi hopes to gain the chi of Shou-Lao the undying. It’s a plan that can only flourish if Danny Rand is defeated, while some are sure of his defeat some aren’t as optimistic. Council member Seng doesn’t agree with letting Danny Rand into their competition because of him being an outsider.

In his own way, Danny knows he’s being used, but he’s okay with it because the goal is mutual. The question is would he have been so quick to enter Lui-Shi if he was able to use the chi of Shou-Lao, and it’s hard to say. The fact there’s a tournament involved makes it tuff to answer, one of is weakness is that he’s gullible when it comes to fighting. A trait the Lui-Shi council is using against him, two members find particular interesting are Wolf and Patience. These two seem to understand the true goal of this tournament, and that’s to united all the temples. When it comes to Wolf he understands defeating iron Fist will not be easy and shouldn’t be taken lightly, even without his Chi abilities Iron Fist is still a formable opponent.

Conclusion: I’m really starting to like this story so far, I’ve never really followed Iron Fist comics in the past, but after seeing that debacle of a TV show it made me want to go back and read past and present runs of this character.

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Review – Iron Fist #1 (2017)

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Mike Perkins
Colorist: Andy Troy
Cover Artist: Mike Perkins & Andy Troy

In Ed Brisson’s Iron Fist #1 we get the aftermath of Danny Rand’s decision to leave K’un-Lun, the mystical city is left unprotected and therefore is destroyed. Issue picks up with Danny Rand struggling to find his purpose now that K’un-Lun is gone, his connection to the chi of Shou-Lao the undying and K’un-Lun is what made him the Iron Fist. Becoming the Iron Fist, fighting and protecting K’un-Lun was the path he followed, the path of a warrior. But things have changed, and Danny deals with it by drink and entering street fights for money, just so he can feel that sense of purpose once again.

Midway in the issue he come across a fight name Choshin, from the island of Liu-Shi, he challenges Danny to fight and at first seems to hold his own against Danny, but he stops the match, admitting he would lose if they continued. Choshin offers Danny Rand an invitation to Liu-Shi, and as expected Danny is reluctant to take his offer but quickly changes his mind once Choshin offers to help him find the answers he seeks about his life without the Iron Fist.

Conclusion: After that debacle of a series “Iron Fist” I had questions about Iron Fist and so when Ed Brisson’s Iron Fist was release I figured I would give it a shot. In my opinion felt Iron Fist is more compelling when written darker, and so far, Brisson’s run is going in that direction and I like it. Artist Mike Perkins work is more on the heavy sketch and shade style which gives the issue a darker tone. All in all, this was a solid setup first issue.

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