Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition gets a massive 2012 update

So you’re a Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition fan. I bet you never saw 12 pages of update information in move by move and character by character form, all of this is coming at you for the next patch in 2012.

Because the team at Capcom didn’t want you to feel like they were holding out information, they’ve detailed every single change in such precise detail that no one will have an excuse to claim nerfed characters or hidden changes that aren’t really on that list. Get ready to have your mind blown with a huge PDF from the team.

What I can say from just a few initial browses, this list impacts every single move by every single character in the game. Amazing but a huge read, I would suggest focusing on the characters you commonly battle and use the most to avoid walls of details.

SSFIV Arcade Edition 2012 Final Change List – US