Day 5: Android 10 Billion download 10 cent event keeps going

Day 5 continues and we get a bit of a warning, last night we got a last minute slap that EA put Need For Speed: Shift on sale at the end of the night for 10 cents as well. Anything seems to go in this wild event so keep your eyes locked on the market at night for last chance deals.

Pano is great but reviews say it requires a constant data connection for it to check the license validity, a problem when you go for scenic shots in tougher locations. Asphalt 6 was something I picked up in the Day 1 sale and don’t regret, it looks amazing but it’s a little difficult to get used to, touch steering is always a bit more difficult than axis controlled steering. The Sims 3 was a pick with no hesitation, I mean it’s The Sims and it’s portable which is just deadly in itself. Age of Zombies and Apparatus also look like great picks for the day.