Review – Spartacus: Vengeance Episode 8 – Balance

WonderCon or not we’re still pushing forward with new content this weekend, we’re dropping the latest impressions from the new episode of Spartacus Vengeance last night.

After the hell in their current home has subsided we get a new development for Spartacus and the followers, unfortunately it’s not as pleasant as they might wish for given the hell fire it carries.We left off with Gannicus needing to reach a decision in this personal war that he could be satisfied with, we’re left to assume he killed Ilithiya or took her as hostage as his watcher is left sliced up and shoved in the carriage that transported Ilithiya.

The story for the escaped slaves obviously takes the spotlight for the duration of Balance, Spartacus tries to come to terms with the situation and the revelation brought to him. All the thoughts and rage at the passing of his wife cloud his mind and even those who know his story, everyone wants to see proper retribution and Ilithiya becomes prime target on how to get this done, well until that twist I mentioned. After it comes forward Spartacus is at odds with himself and what he really wants out of this mess, unfortunately any resolution is met with criticism on all sides and even his twist to turn it to their advantage carries mass speculation on its potential success.

For the Romans they’re at a standstill for progression, Glaber makes his wife key priority even as Seppia attempts to derail his efforts and even Ashur has to take a step back as one of his key recruits was slain without effort. Seppia has many issues though, her new love for Glaber takes priority over all things and blocks Lucretia from being the sage to her that she once was,  leaving only more extreme measures at her disposal to get her back into check. For Lucretia this loosening grip on the group leaves her to bring in outsiders through her own methods, with mention of targeting Varinius yet again. Her goal is a simple one, level the playing field that has been stacked so hard against her with the rise in status to Ashur and decline in trust from Glaber after pursuits of Spartacus fail to show fruit.

The episode itself is a huge turning point to the series, we see the desperation of Glaber versus the newly resolved Spartacus. The tables turn between these rivals and we see it clearly in the final minutes of Balance, we also see the enormous gap that gets established as well, no matter how far Glaber goes into the darkness he will lack the favor and loyalty he needs in such a crucial time. I would love to go on with this but it’s an episode that needs to be experienced.

Visually the quality of the episode stays true, without much violence there isn’t much to be said for the technical features directly in this episode. The scenes have drawn back inside after such a period of adventuring. Although this episode does feel like the calm before the storm so we might still be rewarded with something more given all the new recruits and how this chapter concludes.