WEBZEN & MU Legend blow out Valentines Day with beta key giveaway

Eager to boost some social interactions, WEBZEN the developer and publisher for MU Legend have decided to kick off Valentines with a beta key giveaway on their Facebook page. The second closed beta period opens the next week so they decided to make the twist on it a little interesting.

Unfortunately that does leave those with an interest to play wonder what exactly to do today but at least they’ve got you covered in a week. The upcoming beta focuses on localization, primarily for German, French, Polish, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese players. If you don’t speak any of those you can always play in English of course.

The announcement also includes a new teaser from WEBZEN that  you can catch below.

End of Nations heads into Beta, shows off in new trailer

End of Nations is rolling into beta status soon, to kick that off the folks at Trion have unveiled a video teaser to get everyone amped up about their massive online free-to-play RTS. We got a chance to sit down with the team at a preview event last month and the impressions were good, while the dynamic online was a shift back to reminders of C&C 4 it didn’t try to pretend it was ever offering base building capability.

Users will need to calculate their expenditures in End of Nations as they build their company teams to go into battle, as things heat up those 3 groups will be all that helps determine the chance of success as all out war strikes. Forgot to include AA into your ground troop package? Good luck with that one, the same applies to any group though and everyone will need to be on top of their game in team battles to push the other side into submission.

Sign up for the beta here and watch the trailer for a taste of what End of Nations is about.

Steam mobile beta arrives on mobile devices!

Always wanted to stay in touch with your Steam friends online? Have you wished you could be at a PC to make use of a sale going on? Now you can, Steam has gone mobile on iOS and Android devices in beta form. All you need is a Steam account and you can get on the list for the… Closed Beta. Yes that means you can download the app but you’ll have to wait until the invites start rolling out for them to allow you in the door. We’re even holding out for the next wave to roll out for deeper impressions on this piece of goodness.

Steam for Android | Steam for iOS

Keep in mind this also uses Steam Guard so you’ll need access to your email account registered to get fully authenticated. Further details are pretty much locked away to the preview screens they’ve launched so far. We’ll keep you posted once we get into the beta and can actually use it a little. In the meantime check out the gallery that has shots from the Android and iOS versions of the app.

Step up your game, Call of Duty Elite unveiled

There have been rumors, there has been speculation but now we can put it to an end. Project Beachhead has an official name. Call of Duty Elite… Before everyone freaks out though and goes into a hysteria that COD is now Pay to Play lets clear up some things. Keep in mind you can do it the entertaining way with this Activision / Call of Duty breakdown or you can get to the nitty gritty in the wall of text that follows the video. Actually I suggest watching it anyway for comedy factor and the teaser at the end.


Activision is bringing this in to step up their game in the COD world, often players follow the game for years and never have a way to stay in touch with other players across the 360/PS3 or PC, today that changes as it offers players the ability to track friends and their performance online through Black Ops, MW3 and future COD titles in the series. The focal point is trying to make a community out of an existing huge user base that rarely interacts outside of matchmaking.

Accessing Elite comes down to what platform you have available, the plan is to launch it via web, mobile and of course the game consoles themselves. You can track your friends while you’re on vacation or on a break from work. The idea is the COD world gets much deeper as a community and allows users to learn from the vast amount of stats floating around about each map. Elite plans to bring detailed stats abotu players, recent performance, gameplay and more across all the maps online.

For those on the fence about it and worried about the implementation, Elite plans to launch as a public beta this summer as an expansion to Black Ops, keep in mind that Elite was in early stages as Black Ops launched so the full feature set will not be available. You can check in for more info on the Elite website though to keep tabs on when the beta goes live so you can get a better feel for yourself and buddies that might not make it in.

In the end they want to bring 3 key features to the game, connecting with other players over groups, clans and tournaments. They want players to connect in a new way by having a community that never sleeps, for gamers in late night sessions they can find like minded people. For those who have certain social interests they can find those as well. Nothing is really off the table at this point. Competition is their next goal by bringing challenges that cater to hardcore gamers and casual ones that take a more relaxed approach. Finally they want Elite to train players to improve their game and bring competition in new ways with heat maps and play by play information for their last game.

What does all of this cost? For many, nothing. For those who want additional services and hassle-free game content additions they’ll be setting a price point on a Premium level offering as we close in on MW3 in November.

Call of Duty Elite Website

Quake Live leaves Beta Phase :(

ID throws a brick into the magic machine and comes out with two subscription packages to join the Quake Live free-to-play experience, well that seems to be the initial feeling about things. They are trying to make the transition smooth for those who want more updates and features, the Premium subscription will run 23.88 a year (1.99 a month) for the following.

  • 20 Premium only maps with more on the way, these include new maps and player requested maps from previous games
  • ‘Freeze Tag’ game mode
  • Exclusive premium level awards
  • Clan creation and recruitment
  • Custom Quake Live wallpaper
  • Match statistics stored for six months
  • Pro users get a step up paying $47.88 a year (3.99 a month)

  • Start your own game server, specify location and set your game mode and anyone who want to join
  • Invite up to three friends with standard/free memberships to play on any premium map
  • Exclusive Pro Awards
  • Create your own clan and join up to ten separate clans
  • Match statistics stored for 12 months
  • This also means that Pro users do inherit the perks from premium level accounts as well, no news is out if Pro players will get special maps of their own in the future. For double the price it seems like it should be the case.

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    Stardock posts Elemental Beta 3 Walkthrough

    With the elemental Beta running full steam a helping hand is always nice, the folks at Stardock have pushed out the latest piece explaining the huge jump from beta 1 and 2 to the latest Elemental build.

    Key features include:

    • Random Maps
    • Fallen Sovereigns
    • Imperial Factions
    • Create a faction
    • Fallen Races technology tree

    For more dirt check out the latest from the Elemental Game website