Blacklight: Tango Down adds World Cup themes

Today the @PlayTangoDown team will be releasing two distinct codes to followers on Twitter, one unlocks a weapon tag for Spain and the other unlocks a tag for the Netherlands. These will allow the weapons to take on a replica form showing each countries national flag to give attribute boosts when attached.

For those waiting on the PC and PSN releases, the codes are not exclusive to XBLA but players will still have to wait for those releases to get in on the action. Those just getting word of Blacklight, it’s a futuristic FPS shooter packing 12 levels, 7 game types and co-op for $15.

Blacklight: Tango Down hits XBLA tomorrow!

July 7 marks the launch of the latest shooter from Ignition Entertainment, Blacklight: Tango Down. The shooter brings futuristic combat and incredible amounts of weapon combinations to players, all while maintaining a $15 package price. Those familiar with Unreal Tournament and the Modern Warfare series will find themselves at familiar with some aspects of the game. Combat is fast and frantic much like the Unreal series, the loadout and selections are structured like a MW game.

I was able to preview Tango Down quite a few times this year, the game has an addictive quality for a dedicated online shooter. The Hypervisor allows for quick targetting while on the run, balancing out with no ability to go on the offense while it is activated. Custom loadouts mean that anyone can develop the best kit for each map. Those on the fence that are familiar with UT and MW should have no problem jumping into the action and ranking up in the virtual virtual combat field.

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Blacklight: Tango Down – Dev Diary

It’s tough being a super soldier in a digital age; with countless weapon combination’s, fast pace action and an all knowing hypervisor the battle never stops. Blacklight: Tango Down is a new game coming from the folks at Ignition Entertainment, the game packs Unreal Tournament style matches with eyecandy for all.

The latest dev diary is here for those interested in the game, with a value price there is little reason to skip over it unless Shooters just aren’t your thing.

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