VIZ Manga begins their End of Summer Sale

Everyone seems to be in the middle of a summer sale right now, today VIZ Manga has announced their End of Summer digital manga sale. From now through August 20th the company will blow out digital releases for up to 20% off on all volumes available through the digital platform including titles listed through and the VIZ Manga app.

What does all this madness mean!?!? – Over 80 different series just went on sale for up to 20% off and many of them average about 4.99 before the discount. So you can get caught up on BLEACH, Blue Exorcist, Honey and Clover and more.

For those who haven’t heard, Volume 8 of Blue Exorcist is also in the sale and this digital version is ready 3 months ahead of the print debut. Snatch it up for your collection right now if you wish.

Link: VIZ Manga super sale of the Summer!

AO NO EXORCIST © 2009 by Kazue Kato/SHUEISHA Inc.

Japanese magazine reports end for Bleach Anime series in March

The picture above has set the internet on fire in the past day, first a domestic live action movie by Warner Bros and now rumor is floating of Ichigo’s saga coming to an end for animation as well. Given they just started the final arc of the manga it’s hard to believe they’re not going to stick it out, instead it seems the XCUTION saga will be the last battle we see before the show bids farewell.

The concern is that Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full Power Ninden is taking over the slot but to this point there was no exact word on where Bleach was going. For now it seems the 366 episode will cap off the show for now. One can only hope it faces a rebirth like Naruto Shippuden had and comes back strong for the final arc in the story with less filler. We’ll have to wait and see what happens for the fate of the show in the next month, hopefully the animation team will be able to lend some insight although with Hiroki Takagi posting and talking about it actively on Twitter according to Crunchyroll it’s not looking good.

Sources: Esuteru (Japanese) | Crunchyroll

Warner Bros begins on Bleach Live Action Movie

News broke out yesterday on this story, today we have some elaboration from Viz on the situation and the involvement around this project. Given the history of conversions from Anime to film it’s a worry for any fan to see something like this come up.

We have the current creative team lined up.

  • Peter Segal (GET SMART, THE LONGEST YARD), Callahan Filmworks – Producer, with an eye towards possibly directing
  • Dan Mazeau (CLASH OF THE TITANS), Callahan Filmworks – Screenwriter
  • Michael Ewing, Callhan Filmworks – Producer
  • Masi Oka (HEROES, HAWAII FIVE-0) – Producer
  • Jason Hoffs, VIZ Productions – Producer
  • Branon Coluccio, VIZ Productions – Executive Producer

There’s no word on what involvement Tite Kubo might have if any, one would hope they look to him for some direction so that it doesn’t completely blast the fans away by going the wrong direction.

I would love to be behind this prospect but I can’t help being skeptical on how this venture is going to turn out. Even in Japan they haven’t attempted a live action.

We’ll keep everyone posted as Viz turns out updates on the progress.

Image Credit: Faylin/Tachi

San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Sunday Gallery

The final day of images are live, check out the gallery below. Cosplay, Collectables and more are all inside to close out the 5 days of madness that is SDCC. Also I fixed the gallery system (finally) so everyone can actually preview images instead of loading the raw files.

The winner of the LIMBO contest will be announced shortly, hopefully everyone participated that had interest.

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Raw cosplay gallery – Anime Expo 2010

Hey guys, just wanted to drop an update with shots from the show this year, some good cosplay out there but oh my goodness the first day is slow at AX 2010, I’m not sure if AKB48 and MAX 2010 killed the crowds but by 6pm the South Hall was pacified into submission for crowds and enthusiasm. Yikes.

Also, check out part 2 here

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