Day 7: Android 10 Billion sale continues at 10 cents

Repeats are starting to come up again, will we see Minecraft again before the final day for those who missed out? We’ll just have to find out!

SoundHound is back which is a good second chance offer, also it means good things for a popular blowout on day 10. The offerings are a little tame compared to the past days of Sims and NFS but there are some good potential picks. Blackberry fans will no doubt enjoy Block Breaker 3 Unlimited coming into the 10 cent offerings, it’s a simple but addictive game with some spruced up visuals.
Keep in mind even some of the simpler titles like Block Breaker are a bit picky for compatibility, the Rhyme failed the compatibility check taking it out of the running. Chances are I’ll be picking up SoundHound and SUPER KO BOXING! 2 and calling it a day.