The Darkness, Bloodstrike and Danger Club sell out for Image Comics

Image is having a heck of a time keeping up with demand these days, at the end of the week they were pinned down with 3 books hitting the printers again to satisfy demand from the public. Joining the casualties are the following.

  • Danger Club #1
    • Distributor level sold out before it went to stores on April 4th, already in press again and should be out by May 2, just in time for fans to catch issue 2 when it arrives on May 16.
  • Extreme Relaunch Bloodstrike #26
    • The book launched March 28 and was out of ┬ástock shortly after, the second wave will arrive on April 25th, the same day as Bloodstrike #27 so you can catch both copies if you missed out on the launch.
  • The Darkness #101
    • Hit stores on March 21, sold out and went into second printing, should be available on April 18th, the story takes up after Artifacts #13 and goes into the second half of Jackie’s arc after he’s made it this far in life.

Image is having a great time with so many popular titles coming out of their doors right now, hopefully the re-launches continue this trend, it would be great to see these thrive again.

Link: Image Comics News