Sneak Peak: Spider-Men #5

How will the amazing Spider-Man get back to his own reality? Can they move on knowing there not alone in the universe! What will become of Peter Parker and Miles Morales,Will the encounter change them forever?

Writer:  Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller (cover):  Jim Cheung
Artist:  Sara Pichelli


First Look: Spider-Men #4

Mike Deodato Variant Cover

Early in June history will be made when Peter Parker meets Miles Morales in Spider-Men, a limited series by Brian Micheal Bendis and Sara Pichelliit will be part of the Spider-Man’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Each Spider-Men issue will feature a variant cover by top artists who have been involve with one or both Parker and Morales, Issues #4 is due this August  Mike Deodato of the New Avengers gives his take on this memorable occasion.

Check out this exculsive first look at Deodato’s work and get ready for Spider-Men #1 coming June 13!