Review – Secret Avengers #27 (AvX)

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Renato Guedes
Colors: Bettie Breitweiser & Matthew Wilson
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover: Alan Davis, Mark Farmer & Laura Martin

*Clarification – This story takes place before Avengers 26 and 27 in the AvX storyline.

A beaten and bruised crew emerges on Kree, hoping to find time to do repairs and tend to the injured of their group under secrecy from the government of the planet. All seems to be going well enough until we see Captain Marvel call two of his Kree allies on the Secret Avengers team into action, from here the goal is established that all Avengers will fall to his reborn might.

With this call to arms we see another faction emerge in the battle for the Phoenix Force, the Kree allies of Protector, Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel group up on behalf of the planet to control and harness the Phoenix for what is said to be the next evolution of the Kree people. Life isn’t so simple though, while it’s not outlandish to see this come up, there’s another force at work speaking to the Kree and driving them directly into sacrifice instead of salvation. On a normal day those in the Secret Avengers might not have such a hard time, in this case they’re fighting with anything they have after being crushed in space when trying to contain the Phoenix Force in a deep space challenge.

The twist with Marvel is certainly interesting, he’s looking for redemption within his people for all that he’s done in the past, clouded by pride and likely mind control he goes out hoping to strike down the Avengers and inspire faith. He dreams of more for his people as he lays blow for blow, but the romantic view of life and his people will only last so long before the truth starts to rise to the surface and pop the visions he thought he knew so well. There is a darkness lurking but time will only tell if Marvel becomes aware to it and is able to react for the good of the universe.

Renato Guedes lays down great art through the book, highlighting expression and movement and pages of horrible pain to Thor and others as they get slugged around by Captain Marvel. It’s really just a brutal series of events in this issue but with the right attention that’s alright because the dialog and story still sprinkle in as it happens without feeling awkward.

Release date: May 23, 2012


Captain America & Hawkeye #629 preview art arrives

Captain America and Hawkeye are teaming up again, with so many conflicts they’re willing to put some of it aside for the greater good. Cullen Bunn and Alessandro are on board to help launch the new book later this month (April 25). Their adventure is a bit abnormal, they’ll be fighting dinosaurs and other prehistoric friends while trying to retain some mutual ability to work together in the thick of it all.

Some words from the writing duo on this new character mashup.

“When I originally described this arc, I said something along the lines of ‘Captain America and Hawkeye fight a bunch of dinosaurs,’” Bunn notes. “That was [both] an oversimplification and a bit of misdirection on my part. What they face is much, much worse than just a bunch of dinosaurs. An evil thought long-destroyed is awakening beneath the mountains. It becomes readily apparent that they should have called in [all] the Avengers from the get-go.”

“I’ve always liked Stegron,” says Bunn. “He’s a fun dinosaur guy with a mad scientist’s brain. More importantly, though, his particular power-set made him a perfect fit for the story I had in mind. This is a strange, creepy adventure for Cap and Hawkeye [and] it’s Stegron who sets everything in motion.

“On the surface, Cap may be a little too ‘stuffed shirt’ to be versatile, but nothing could be further from the truth,” Bunn insists. “[That] may be the public persona, but Cap is just as human as the next person. He has his moments of doubt, humor, awkwardness and self-reflection.

“In this series, we’re seeing how Cap intersects with other heroes. [His] partners may enter these team-ups with preconceived notions. In some cases, Cap may live up to their expectations. In others, he may surprise them.”

For those wondering, this will not end up as a steady pairing with Hawkeye and the Captain, instead it will evolve as a group event series allowing Captain America to interact with many heroes in the Marvel Universe and develop his character even more.

Link: Marvel News

Marvel explains all about AvX in What The–?! Pt. 1

So you were really wondering how Avengers vs X-Men started? Well don’t worry, Marvel has found a creative way using action figures to sum up how this all started up and to hint at the untold damage to come when Captain America impersonates Jean Grey.

I know, it’s a mess, just check out the video and you’ll see. It’s action figure magic combined with hardcore drama.

Sega lands Captain America Video Game contract

Coming in 2011 movie fans will get a shot at the Captain in the latest game from Sega. Captain America: Super Soldier will give players a deviation from the movie storyline to allow for unique experiences and new adventures. Check out the full brief below, Next Level Games is handilng development which should prove to be interesting as their last game was the new Punch-Out on the Wii.

“Videogame players the world over can now become Marvel’s iconic Super Hero Captain America,” said Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SEGA Europe and SEGA America. “Captain America: Super Soldier puts players in the boots of the ultimate Super-Soldier, wielding Captain America’s legendary shield. Working closely with Marvel ensures we’re delivering the calibre product that gamers and comic fans deserve and it’s a partnership we’re proud of here at SEGA.”

Players will become Captain America as he faces the Red Skull and his army in an epic third- person action adventure set in the darkest days of World War II. Wielding Captain America’s legendary shield, gamers will engage in free-flowing combat and acrobatic platforming to infiltrate Hydra’s mysterious castle and battle the infamous Iron Cross, the forces of Hydra, and a host of nefarious enemies serving the Red Skull. As the First Avenger himself, players must defeat the evil scientist Arnim Zola and his wartime experiments, combining powerful melee combos and shield attacks to devastating effect.

Captain America: Super Soldier combines a highly athletic combat system with fluid platforming and a highly tuned suite of shield attacks, as Cap explores a massive castle turned military installation. His shield can be employed in numerous ways: taking out multiple enemies at once, deflecting incoming fire back at enemies, solving puzzles, and scaling walls. Players will be able to launch shield-first into the fray with the superior force of the world’s first Super-Soldier at their fingertips—and they’ll need every bit of that strength to overcome a castle that’s both an acrobatic playground for the Captain’s physical prowess and a house of mystery with enemies and danger at every turn.

The original story for Captain America: Super Soldier is being penned by noted comic, film, and TV writer Christos Gage. The primary writer for the Marvel’s Avengers: The Initiative series of comics, Gage has written numerous books for major Marvel characters, including Siege: Captain America, Iron Man, X-Men, Spider-Man, Civil War: House of M, and Union Jack.

Gage wrote his original story for Captain America: Super Soldier so that the setting exists within the same world as the upcoming movie of the same name, but he infused the game with immersive twists designed to enhance gameplay with all-new cinematic action sequences.


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*Update: New screens, developer information added (Next Level Games)