DC Universe Online gets a Holiday Upgrade

With DCUO going free to play, many users have hopped on board for the adventure. Today the team is rewarding those who have joined the fight against evil with a special holiday bonus available this season title Seasons Greedings.

Larfleeze is on the warpath after Santa leaves him with not even a box of coal this year, he’s hiding holiday goods throughout Gotham City and Metropolis until he can ship them back to his home territory. Players must quest to find the stolen goods and team up with Hal Jordan to set this season right again, even Sinestro will get in on the madness surrounding the Lanterns this time around.

The full change log is here

Game Update 7: Season’s Greedings Features: 

  • Larfleeze Sightings: Players can receive a Feat if they can spotLarfleeze lurking about Metropolis or Gotham City once a day for, of course, 12 days in a row.
  • Watchtower PVP Map: Players can battle it out in a new 5v5 death-match arena located in the Watchtower.
  • New Holiday Marketplace Items:
    • Festive Winter Hat – Do you have a jolly side? Have you been wanting to show off your festive spirit? Does your head get cold in that brisk winter air? If so, then this Festive Winter Hat is for you!
    • Reindeer Antlers – Oh, deer! Declare your appreciation for these beloved holiday animals by wearing your very own set of Reindeer Antlers.
  • New Holiday Vendor Items:
    • Holiday weapon appearances to give your weapon a sweet new look
    • New Holiday Elf outfit set
    • Snowman form trinket
    • Holiday snowglobe grenade

The update is already live and free for all levels of players in DCUO, I would suggest getting started now while everyone else is ready to team up to find those goods. Sit it out too long and others might be tired of running through to find all those items.

If you don’t have DC Universe Online and would like to know a little more, check out the homepage.

Day 8: Android 10 Billion 10 cent sale reaches overdrive

Wanted to call it yesterday but today helps at least confirm it, we’re seeing a huge visit of top products from the start of the sale. Today SketchBook Mobile, Shazam, Flick Golf and more return. Check out the full list and it might be time to get those hopes up for last chances at big items.

There is a slight shift, the Color & Draw for kids is a tablet version of the app released earlier, no other shifts just cleaner visuals for larger screens. Everyone should keep fingers crossed while  hoping for Minecraft and possibly even Sims 3 to make a return in the final days. I’ll finally be picking up Flick Golf, the response seems good and even Train Conductor 2: USA. See you guys tomorrow with more info from Day 9

Killing Floor Holiday updates and Free-to-Play Weekend arrive

The holidays are here and it’s time to get busy, while all the new releases slow down the team at Tripwire are here to bring Twisted Christmas 2 over for all the good little Killing Floor players from December 7th through January 4th. Packing new levels, music, and of course weapons it will keep players busy for the next month. To help stimulate the servers the game is also going on a free weekend on Steam from December 8th to the 11th so anyone can get a shot at all the new holiday goodness and the classic holiday enemies making a return.

For those curious on some details for the Twisted Christmas 2 event we have a few tidbits to share.

Making a return

  • Christmas enemies (replacing standard models)
  • Santa’s Evil Lair (Map)
  • Baddest Santa (character unlock)

New additions for the Holiday Update

  • New achievements for 2011
  • The Ice Cave (Map)
  • Steampunk 2 DLC pack


  • The Sharpshooter gets a shiny .44 Magnum revolver – good for dual-wielding for even more stopping power.
  • The Commando picks up a US Army surplus M-4 Carbine, with a nice, new red dot sight fitted.
  • For Demolitions, we’ve removed the sight and added the under-slung M-203 single shot grenade launcher. Wonderful all-purpose weapon!
  • Support Specialists can get their hands on a semi-automatic combat shotgun.
  • Berserkers can go all Scottish, with a massive two-handed Claymore. Perfect for the holiday season…
  • Following on from Horzine’s earlier experiments with healing darts, they have now provided the Medic with an MP5 machine pistol, mounting a dart-firing device.
  • Ripped from the arm of a dead Husk the Firebug gets his asbestos-covered hands on the fireball launching Huskgun!!! Charge this baby up and watch the zeds explode in a ball of flames!

Tripwire does warn that Baddest Santa will only be unlockable during this event so try to not miss out, with this being the second shot at obtaining him this might be a last shot at the unlock. If you’re curious for more information about killing floor check out the Holiday 2011 page.