Current Round-Up of the Recently Revealed SDCC Exclusives…More To Come!

It’s almost that time of year again where deodorant is sparse and perspiration is aplenty.  Comic-Con is right around the corner, July 21st to the 24th to be exact.  There is some news, although undoubtedly, over the next few weeks more news will surface and we will quickly see how in debt we will be by the end of July!

The most buzzed about so far has to be Hasbro’s Cobra Commander and Starscream exclusive.  You read that right, G.I. Joe AND Transformers all in one!  Cobra Commander flying around in Starscream, crossin’ over just blowing everyone’s mind.  The price for this has yet to be released but chances are it’s not going to be cheap.



“That’ s no moon, it’s a space station.” Well, not quite but its still pretty cool.  Hasbro is also releasing a gigantic Deathstar.  The Deathstar is really just the box, inside the awesome box are 12 Star Wars figures.  These are not your run of the mill “Return of the Jedi” figures, they are “Revenge of the Jedi” figures.  Hasbro has been releasing a retro Stars Wars line for awhile now and these are obviously in line with that.  The line for this exclusive will be around the entire convention center (maybe I exaggerate) so get it if you can!



Mattel is offering everyone’s favorite part of a S’more, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  This guy is huge, 20”, and super adorable.  He is a bit pricey, $70, but c’mon he’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!!    Those who not be attending Comic-Con are not out of luck,  Mattel always offers their exclusives(after the convention ends) on their website for those who are not able to attend the convention.


  • Young Justice Superboy in Cloning Chamber-$20.00
  • Hot Wheels Back to the Future vehicle (still being kept under wraps)-$35.00
  • Hot Wheels Franken Berry Vehicle-$20.00
  • DC Universe Swamp Thing (Con exclusive comes with 2 mini-figures)-$30.00
  • Voltron-Blazing Sword Voltron-$30.00
  • Masters of the Universe Classics Polly Pocket 3 figures-$20.00
  • Masters of the Universe Classics Queen Marlena-$25.00
  • Green Lantern Kilowog-$25.00
  • Green Lantern Carol Ferris Barbie-$35.00
  • Monster High Ghoulia Yelps-$20.00


  • World War Robot Heavy Bramble Limited run of 300 -$65.00


  • Gremlins Gizmo Comic-Con Edition with accesories-$?

Entertainment Earth: Booth #2343 These can be bought at the convention or can be pre-ordered at


  • Marvel Legends Modern Heroic Age Thor 6″-$?
  • Dark Purple Sentinel-$?
  • Indiana Jones Figure Gift Set (includes Indiana Jones, Toht, Marion, Satipo, Indiana Jones with German Disguise, and German Mechanic)-$?

Sideshow Collectibles:

I will be updating as more news comes in!

Impressions: G.I. Joe – Rise of The Cobra

It’s a bit hard to review movies, often is it that people go from weighing everything for what it is to putting up benchmarks for everything. I can appreciate a dramatic movie if I’m in the mood for one, watching the scenes and the script flow with grace. I wouldn’t use that piece as a benchmark for expectations and probably never will. With that gem lets jump into G.I. Joe.

The 2009 movie brings a toy series and television show to life using big action sequences, one-liners and plenty of CG to take us into that surreal world that is G.I. Joe. For me the movie played well for what it was, we got a modern feel with nano-technology gone awry in the hands of Cobra. Cobra soldiers and nano-warheads launched into the fray pushing the Joes to their limit, attacks taking place all around the world through the power of Cobra. As with many movies the enemy equipped themselves with the most powerful of weapons and simply through training and execution were the Joes able take on Cobra through each battle that came across their path.

I thought the movie was a decent showing, I saw it and digested it and I didn’t want those hours of my life back. I liked the way they handled the scenarios and the actors weren’t too cheese-ball in how they played the story out. I think the biggest technical frustration was in the application CG. Normally CG can get bad but post-production makes it digestible, some of the early sequences of the movie seemed just poorly handled and broke the immersion.

In the end I would say go and check out the movie at a matinee price if you’re still not sure still. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad movie and it is a decent way to spend a few hours of your day. Just don’t come in expecting some breathtaking story line because if you do you clearly forgot your crazy pills.

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