Day 10: The final day of the 10 Billion download 10 cent sale oh no!

We’re here, day 10, for some reason the app market at the time of writing online says day 9, so it’s a double day for the moment. In the meantime the Day 10 specials are already available on phones so we’re rolling the news out and I’ll update as needed for games that might pop in later in the day.

It’s a big bang closing event with Sentinel, Heavy Gunner and so many other games helping highlight the potential of 3D gaming on the Android platform. Many still have the idea of simple 2D gaming but programmers have already gone to the next level. Also Camera ZOOM FX and Star Chart are probably two of my favorites. There’s a lot of winners to pick from on the final day and Google made sure to end the sale on a high note. With that said jump in and get picking away on this day 10 sale!

Day 8: Android 10 Billion 10 cent sale reaches overdrive

Wanted to call it yesterday but today helps at least confirm it, we’re seeing a huge visit of top products from the start of the sale. Today SketchBook Mobile, Shazam, Flick Golf and more return. Check out the full list and it might be time to get those hopes up for last chances at big items.

There is a slight shift, the Color & Draw for kids is a tablet version of the app released earlier, no other shifts just cleaner visuals for larger screens. Everyone should keep fingers crossed while  hoping for Minecraft and possibly even Sims 3 to make a return in the final days. I’ll finally be picking up Flick Golf, the response seems good and even Train Conductor 2: USA. See you guys tomorrow with more info from Day 9