SDCC 2010 is coming

For those unaware, Comic-Con 2010 is about to arrive, each year the show packs endless interviews /panels and showings from the Comic / Animation / Film / Television industries and more. It’s a showcase for many fan related medias and we’re proud to be there again to dish the latest dirt.

Also it helps to shoot a ton of cool pictures for everyone to see. 😀

SDCC 2009 Gallery 1

SDCC 2009 Gallery 2

Just a taste of what was in store last year when time was a factor and I was running double time. This year should pack a different flavor with actual reports from what goes on over the course of the 5 day event (Wednesday – Sunday).

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Radical Comics

I just did a recent feature with Radical Comics for my primary site, covering some of their titles and touching on how the company has taken a unique approach to ordering online with them. Instead of taking up annual rates for each series, the company has taken up individual title ordering, collectors can pick from limited edition covers and back issues on their website and get them delivered in high quality without having to worry about bent corners or poor condition.

Some titles that stood out were FZVA, Freedom Formula and Hotwire. incarnate was a fun book as well but the art inspiration brings too many other manga characters into mind and somewhat kills the read. Personally I can’t wait for FZVA to pick up as it is based around the popular website and all the goodies that were created over the years for fans of Zombie and Vampire fiction.

Nathan Fillion For green Lantern!

I saw this video a while ago and have been in a nerd coma since seeing it. Everyone should see this fan made trailer for the Green Lantern. If you are a fan of awesome, you will enjoy its geniusness.

As you may have guessed, it stars Nathan Fillion in outstandingly brilliant casting as GL. The video quality is quite impressive and is the result of lots of hard work by Jaron Pitts of Texas.

Captain tight pants back in space!

15 years too late for me.

I stumbled across the greatest team up in documented history. Pb and J are blown out of the water by This completely awesome pairing.

Of course I am talking about Hasbro and Marvel.

Anyone born in the 80’s was raised on a steady diet of ghost busters, transformers and GI Joe. Of the three, GI Joe by far had the most action pose potential. Marvel toys were never the most agile of figures. They moved like they had all four limbs in a cast. And then over starched their undies.
For years kids just used the Joes and pretended they were comic heroes.

Hasbro had the GI Joe license and the Marvel line was handled by Toy Biz. Hasbro had the superior play quality and Toy biz had the detail…  but it was like playing with a detailed block of wood.

Action figure collector’s prayers have been answered. Hasbro unveiled it’s Marvel Universe line of figures.

Go web go!

Look at that maneuverability!

The first wave includes:
*Black Panther
* Bullseye
* Daredevil
* Human Torch
* Translucent Burning Human Torch
* Extremsis Iron Man
* Stealth Iron-Man
* The Punisher V1
* Silver Surfer
* Classic Spider-Man
* Wolverine (X-Force)

Iron-man and snake eyes? Cobra might as well pack it in.
Iron-man and snake eyes? Cobra might as well pack it in.

That is a very nice first wave to start your collection. Finally Iron-Man can take down cobra!