ComiXology goes HD, includes Social integration

With the latest iPad hitting retail it’s no shocker that everyone is trying to update and make use of the new hardware, ComiXology is rolling out CMX HD to bring high-resolution content to the new iPad for a select group of titles. Expansion will be inevitable and the company notes they’re already working on updating their catalog to the new standards hoping that HD plays a large part in their next milestone of purchases and sharing between comic fans.

In addition to the upgraded goodness of crisp art, CMX HD will also allow readers to share comics with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Email form to spread the word, it’s a unique way to keep friends updated on your tastes especially when the holidays come around and they go into panic mode. It’s also a solid way to turn those on the fence over to comics or more specifically digital comics through ComiXology.

Here’s a full taste of the app log, enjoy and chase it down if you’re already holding on to an iPad HD. If not just continue enjoying your collection and know that your SD titles will be getting a nice boost in the future as well!

CMX-HD Comics
Now featuring High Definition capable comics for the new iPad — with twice the resolution. Look for the CMX-HD badge in the store to find these HD comics and graphic novels.

Facebook Sharing
Finally, users also have the option of sharing comments via an individual’s Facebook wall or Timeline.

iOS 5 Integrated Twitter Sharing
Comics now uses the new Twitter APIs on iOS 5 to enable social commenting on any Comic Book.

iOS Email Sharing
Users also have the option of sharing via Email.  The Email share view displays the iOS app email compose view, including an HTML formatted email.

In all cases, including Twitter, if no network is available then the user will not see any share options.  If an account is not yet set up for the chosen share method, then Comics will alert the user to setup that particular sharing account.

The “Read Now” Button
Immediately after purchasing a comic book that begins downloading, users will be presented with a “Read Now” button (replacing the former “Downloading” button).  Now users can begin reading comic books without waiting for the entire download to complete.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements 
Additionally to the above feature enhancements we have made substantial improvements to bugs, crashes and stability in the Comics App.

ComiXology Spider-Man Marvel Monday + Wednesday releases

ComiXology is back with another Marvel Monday blitz and a sneak peek at the Wednesday releases coming to your Computer,iPhone,Android or anything else you can access their catalog with. This time it’s 99 cent issues for Spider-Man in all his glory, check out our link to the sale and get in while you can on his universe.

There’s a new blitz coming just for this leap year from the ComiXology folks, we have the current list so give it a look and apologize to your wallet and bank account in advance before the arrivals hit.

Same day print releases:

  • BOOM! Studios
    • Hellrasier #11
    • Steed and Mrs. Peel #2
  • DC Comics
    • Batman: Odyssey Vol. 2 #25
    • DC Universe Online Legends #24
    • Gears of War #22
    • Justice League #6
    • Legion: Secret Origin #5
    • Spaceman #4
    • The Shade #5
    • The Unwritten  #34.5
    • Thunder Agents Vol. 2 #4
  • Dynamite Entertainment
    • Green Hornet #22
    • Kevin Smith’s Bionic Man #7
    • Kirby Genesis Dragonsbane #2
    • Lord of The Jungle #2
    • Robocop Roadtrip #3
    • The Last Phantom #12
    • Voltron #3
  • IDW
    • G.I. Joe 2: Movie Prequel #2
    • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Annual #1
    • Infestation II: Team Up One Shot
    • Joe Hill’s The Cape #4
    • Magic The Gathering #2
    • Star Trek: Ongoing #6
    • Transformers: Autocracy #4
  • Image
    • Green Wake #10
    • Hack/Slash #13
    • Invincible #89
    • Netherworld #4 (OF 5)
    • Orc Stain #7
    • PIGS #6
    • Samurais Blood TP Vol. 1
    • The Darkness #100
    • Vescell #6
    • Walking Dead #94
    • Xenoholics #5
  • Marvel
    • Amazing Spider-Man #680
    • Astonishing X-Men #47
    • FF #15
    • Marvel’s The Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week #4
    • Secret Avengers #21.1
    • Twelve #10
    • Ultimate Comics Ultimates #7
    • Ultimate Comics X-Men #8
    • Twelve #10
    • Venom  #13.4
  • Vertigo
    • The Unwritten #34.5
Back Catalog releases
  • Antarctic
    • Ninja High School #75-79
  • Arcana
    • Lucas GN
    • My Best Friend\’s A Booger GN
    • Nieves GN
    • Old School GN
    • Ralph Filmore GN
  • Archie 
    • Archie & Friends #148-150
    • Betty #179-181
  • Aspen 
    • Soulfire Vol. 2 #6-7
  • Bluewater Productions
    • Vincent Price Presents #21 – 23
  • BOOM! Studios
    • Too Much Coffee Man Facsimile Edition #2
  • Cryptozoic
    • Warcraft: Legends Vol. 5 GN
    • World of Warcraft Death Knight GN
    • World of Warcraft Mage GN
    • World of Warcraft Shaman GN
  • com.x
    • Bluespear GN
  • DC Comics 
    • Batgirl (2000-2006)  #7-14
    • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #85-94
    • Batman: Shadow of the Bat #75-82
    • Countdown Presents: Lord Havok & the Extremists (2007-2008) #1-6
    • Countdown: Arena   #1-4
    • Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood (2007-2008) #1-5
    • Final Crisis  #1-7
    • Hellblazer (1988- )   #147-149
    • Justice League of America (1960-1987)   #186 – 199
    • Nightwing (1996-2009)  #93 – 100
    • Teen Titans (2003-2011)  #63 – 70
  • Dynamite Entertainment
    • Sherlock Holmes Year One #1-3
  • IDW
    • G.I Joe: Cobra Civil War – G.I Joe Vol. 1 GN
    • G.I Joe: Cobra Civil War – Snake Eyes Vol. 1 GN
  • Image
    • Savage Dragon #132-134
    • Witchblade    #32- 34
  • Markosia
    • The Superfun Adventures of Jax #1-3
  • Marvel
    • Moon Knight  #7-10
    • X-Factor #33- 38
    • Daredevil  #66 -75
    • Wolverine #6-9
    • X-23  #1-6
    • Deadpool Corps #7 -12
    • Punisher  #7 – 8
  • MTV Comics
    • Divination #2
  • Oni Press
    • Wasteland #27-28
    • Super Pro K.O. Vol. 2 GN
  • Red 5
    • Dead or Alive #2
  • SLG
    • Amity Blamity #4-5
  • The 99
    • The 99 #18
    • The 99 Arabic #6
  • Top Shelf
    • Lower Regions
    • Monkey Vs Robot Vol 2 GN
  • Vertigo
    • 100 Bullets #76
    • Fables #100
    • Hellblazer #147-149
    • Jack of Fables #50
  • Zenescope
    • Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Neverland Hook #3
    • Grimm Fairy Tales- Return To Wonderland 2010 Annual
    • Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 3 GN

comiXology kicks off a Presidents Day weekend sale

Rounding up their own personal favorites, the team at comiXology has a special roundup of authors in their weekend 20% off sale. Brubaker, Bendis and Millar and more take part in a specialty sale sure to catch some eyes.

We have some series titles in the sale that might catch your eye.

▪ Casanova
▪ Casanova: Avaritia
▪ Casanova: Gula
▪ Criminal Vol.1
▪ Criminal Vol.2
▪ Criminal: The Last of The innocent
▪ Criminal: The Sinners Vol.1
▪ Fortune & Glory
▪ Incognito
▪ Jinx
▪ Kick-Ass
▪ Powers
▪ Scarlet

Before you get too eager, keep in mind the sale kicks off tonight at 11pm EST, 8pm PST, until then you’ll just have to hold out. Prices are noted to be available through the web store but no word is specified on platform specific apps also supporting it. We’re assuming so but we’ll be able to update tonight when it all rolls out.

Links: comiXology | Sale Page

comiXology and IDW expand digital footprint

If you’re a digital comic fan you’ve no doubt heard about comiXology the comic reading app that allows you to read your favorite series anywhere you’re at. Today though they’ve worked with IDW to personalize the offering even more. Fans can now download direct apps for their favorite series on iTunes, given the support of comiXology to other platforms I wouldn’t put it out of consideration for Android users to get a similar option later.

Titles included in this mix:

New and old purchases through comiXology will sync to the designated app allowing you seamless integration of your existing collection to these apps. On top of that, IDW will launch digital releases on the same day as their print releases to make sure that people will not have to wait to read their favorite series. Pricing will remain full cover price value though for new comics. No further comment is out about old releases.

comiXology is really taking over the landscape, with options available on all major platforms and it being bundled with the Kindle Fire they’re taking the lead for ease of access to your favorite reads. I wouldn’t mind having a dedicated Doctor Who app or other specifics on my phone, hopefully they do something similar for Android in the future.