The Serious Sam Collection and a retrospective by Rich Knuckles

You thought you knew hardcore when you played MW for the first time, or when you managed your way into BF3. Fact is, you never knew hardcore at all because everyone seem to have forgotten about Sam… Serious Sam. The hardcore bastard with a love for killing everything that Mental can throw at him came back at the end of 2011 with a new game and tons of action for PC gamers. With BFE and the indie series already out for sale on various digital channels there was only one more thing Croteam and Devolver Digital could do, The Serious Sam Collection is a result of that.

Check out the video to get a full taste for how epic this really is. After that, head over to Steam and get in on the goodness because it’s that damn amazing.

Serious Sam is checking that list and checking it twice in a new video

We see holiday wishes from our friends all around the net, none of them have been as metal as what you’re about to watch. Serious Sam is the definition of hardcore action and this double kick anthem of brutality and Croteam is dropping him to under $30 for everyone to close out the year. If you were ever on the fence about jumping into the game, this might push you over the edge into doing it.

Get Serious Sam 3: BFE from either of these locations: Steam | Get Games

Serious Sam 3: BFE is here, load up for a hell of a ride

While we don’t have a review to show you of the game at this moment, we do have an amazing trailer to motivate you to jump out and try the game as soon as humanly or even supernaturally possible. Check out Sam as he shows everyone some of his best moves and one liners that you can share with him in BFE.

Serious Sam 3: BFE is out right now for $39.99. Actually no it isn’t… it’s $35.99 if you buy it now on Steam, see you’re already getting a savings just because the game is that crazy. I should warn that if you cling to cover based shooters like a security blanket that you’ll absolutely hate what this game will do to you emotionally. Run, gun and kill everything in your path if you’re going to do it right.

Update: Scratch all of that. $31.99 if you buy it from Get Games