Black Fire 2 Mod touches down on Crysis 2

Black Fire 2 is ready to rock on Crysis 2, packing a huge variety of engine changes and texture swaps it might be the best mod to have in your collection. Keep in mind this is a big swap and some major changes to textures have left them bare of Tessellation for now, if you can stomach that I suggest checking out the mod. If you’re still on the fence I suggest watching the youtube demo and getting your mind BLOWN AWAY.

Crytek did a good job with the DX11 patch but this really kicks the life out of that patch and leaves it for dead. Download it here (Translated) it’s a 9 stage process from what I can see.

Gamescom videos!

We have an array of videos to post from Gamescom today, including Crysis 2, Guild Wars 2, some video from Mini Ninja’s and the 5 billionth Batman Trailer of the summer. 😀

Check em out below.

Guild Wars 2:
[stream flv=x:/ width=500 height=280 img=image-preview.jpg bandwidth=med hd=x:/ skin=plain /]
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