Review – Hellboy – Hellboy in Hell #3 -” A Fight For The Thorne, Winner Takes All”

Mike Mignola Cover

Story: Mike Mignola
Art: Mike Mignola
Colors: Dave Stewart
Cover Art: Mike Mignola
Published by: Dark Horse Comic

Since arriving Pandemonium Hellboy has been shown a lot of his family’s legacy, guided by his uncle who explains the responsibility his father had in Pandemonium and the of sacrifices he made in order to keep Hellboy alive and out of the hands of those who wanted the throne.

In the beginning of the issue it is explain to Hellboy that his birth was going to change Pandemonium, just minutes after he was born has father called upon a great power to replace his right hand with The Right Hand Of Doom.  Being afraid of what could happen should hellboy live the other princes of Pandemonium sent angels of Destruction to Wipeout him and his family,  the plan failed due to Hellboy  accidently being sent to earth.

Moments later he is taken to the tomb of his father Azzeal who appears to be trapped in a Iceberg, this is when it gets interesting , Hellboys two older brothers appear and they tell him that how they were waiting for his arrival for some time now they comment on how being with humans has made him soft and he no longer should have the right hand of doom, A fight breaks out between them  with both brothers trying to take his arm, meanwhile his father  who is alive inside the iceberg tomb is watching his sons battle it out,  we find out that Hellboy is his favorite son the one he put all his trust in.

As the battle continues more is reveal about his arm and what power it possesses , his uncle tells them that with the arm and sword of his father , the winner would have control of their fathers army, a army powerful enough to bring down hell or heaven., he also says that the winner will also need someone wise to guide them. The fight takes a shocking turn when there uncle interrupts and takes out one of the brothers, but seconds after he along with the last of hellboys brothers are swallowed by a huge worm like creature called Leviathan came from underneath them.

Finally in the end of the issue Hellboy meets another form his past and is given news that may change the future of not only pandemonium but of his as well.

Finial thoughts: Hellboy In Hell #3 is a really good issue it reveals alot of his past something I was always curious about, What really stands out to me is how well written this arc is, nothing seems rushed you can tell Mike Mignola is taking his time in each issue every panel is well layout and easy to understand the dialog between characters is easy to follow you know who is saying what, the art on the other hand is sometimes inconsistent some characters look familiar to one another at times but it’s not a big deal  its just noticeable, overall this a good issue and one worth picking up!

Release Date: February 06, 2013

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Darkhorse’s Hellboy In Hell #1 Sells Out!!!

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In response, Dark Horse is reprinting the acclaimed first issue. The reprint is available for reorder now, with an on-sale date of January 30, just 1 week before Hellboy in Hell #3 goes on sale.

After saving the world in The Storm and The Fury, but sacrificing himself and Great Britain, Hellboy is dead, cast into Hell, where he finds many familiar faces, and a throne that awaits him. After several years away, Mike Mignola returns to write and draw Hellboy’s ongoing story. It’s a tale only Mignola could tell, as more of Hellboy’s secrets are at last revealed, in the most bizarre depiction of Hell you’ve ever seen.

HBYIH #1 FP VARIANT FC FNLPraise for Hellboy in Hell:

“Hellboy in Hell #1 is indescribably good. No amount of hyperbole can do the book justice. Mike Mignola is back, and better than ever.” – Newsarama

“Like H.P. Lovecraft, like Robert E. Howard, like William Hope Hodgson, Mike Mignola has a unique voice and vision that many will attempt to imitate and all will fail.” – Comics Bulletin

“Unlike the homogenized pin-up art that saturates many high-profile comic books, this is a mainstream title with a truly unique vision that you won’t find anywhere else.” – Complex

“There’s no denying this simple fact: it’s great to have Mignola back at the drawing table again.” – Comic Book Resources

“The creator has lost none of his touch, delivering page after page with cinematic action sequences, haunting imagery, and inventive layouts that all contribute to the sense that Hellboy is on the cusp of something huge. The thought that we’re going to regularly see Mignola in the artist’s chair is even better.” – IGN

Hellboy in Hell #2 arrives on sale next week (January 2nd) at fine retailers everywhere.

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Review – Hellboy – Hellboy in Hell #2 ” In Pandemonium A Throne Awaits For Its King”

Mike Mignola Cover

Story: Mike Mignola
Art: Mike Mignola
Colors: Dave Stewart
Cover Art: Mike Mignola
Published by: Dark Horse Comic

After falling deeper into the heart of hell to a place called Pandemonium which is the oringinal home world of Hellboy form there the issue opens up more as Sir Eric exlpain’s to him that his presents there has caused the princes and minsters of hell to fleed in fear of has return, thinking he would come to claim his throne, As they countiue through Pandemonium they reach a citadel and behind it the throne and crown of Hellboy’s father which now is rightful his to claim,But hellboy respectful declines saying he doesnt want any of it.

As they make it to the end of the citadel Sir Eric zaps Hellboy to another part of pandemonuim but this time he is greeted by another who shows him The River Cocytus which is the place things form earth fall down too, in that river are fish which turn out to be souls wanting to be judge by The fisher of Souls who is said to have build Pandemonium with his own hands, as they watch the fisher work smashing away on a human like figure a curious hellboy asks what he is making to which the guide anwsers saying “The great Army of Hell, your Army”. Once again Hellboy makes it clear he wants no part of the throne, But to him dismay he is taken to his place of  birth and shown though telepathy other importing events….

Final thoughts: Like issue #1 Writer Mike Mignola keeps it simple and straight foward once again giving us a glimpse of Hellboys linage reveiling some secrets the Right Hand of Doom may have. What I like most about Mignola is that he understands the significance of story development and pacing for character as well diverse as Hellboy something I find refreshing. Not alot is going on in this issue as far as action but the main story more then makes up for that, while I’m a big hellboy fan I’am however a fan of quality well written comics and this is turning out to be one of those

Release Date: January 02, 2013

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Dark Horse’s Camilla d’Errico HelmetGirls!



Camilla d’Errico is a powerful voice in pop surrealism, her work combining diverse influences in imagery is both singular and hauntingly familiar. HelmetgirlsCompelling and deeply personal, Helmetgirls documents Camilla’s art and lifestyle brand that fuses manga, steampunk, and fine art into an original and meaningful aggregate.

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Rick Remender, Tony Moore, and Jerome Opeña’s Fear Agent was a critics’ darling long before the X-Men joined the Avengers. Published first by Image Comics,Fear Agent came to Dark Horse in 2007 and stayed through the series’ end in late 2011. It follows the adventures of Heath Huston, a first-class drunk, an interplanetary alien exterminator, and the last of the Fear Agents, the band of Texans who once defended Earth from an onslaught of aliens seeking its annihilation. After our “hero” has been stripped of all that he loved—his home, his family, and his world—Huston spends his hours putting himself in constant danger for low wages and little thanks, with a bottle of whiskey to keep him company.

This epic tale is told in three major parts: Heath’s origin as a young father fighting an alien invasion, his time as a middle-aged, broken-down alcoholic alien exterminator, and his old age, as the last man alive who can stave off robotic conquerors.


Fear Agent was a six-year-long labor of love that Tony, Jerome, and all the collaborators dumped themselves into, and it’s extremely gratifying that the series is breaking through to a new audience. It’s nice to know Heath Huston will live on.”

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Review – Hellboy – In Hell #1 – “Death was only the beginning”

Mike Mignola Cover

Story: Mike Mignola
Art: Mike Mignola
Colors: Dave Stewart
Cover Art: Mike Mignola
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Hellboy In Hell #1 Is the continuation of The Storm and The Fury Tales, after sacrificing himself and Great Britain, Hellboy is cast into hell where many of demons and monsters he had faced are there waiting on his arrival, Mike Mignola is back as writer and artist for this story arc.

In the beginning of the issue we see Hellboy fighting a dragon in what looks like hell, after stabbing it in the chest with a sword both him and the dragon are seen crashing into a pit, inside a unknown being grabs and pulls out his heart stating “If I’m bound for hell…I will not go alone”.  After that we see the Baba Yaga and an Sir Eric are talking about Hellboy slaying the dragon and his run in with a demon named Nimue (The one who pulled out his heart), Sir Eric tells Baba Yaga his plans of taking Hellboy with him saying that his story is not over yet, Baba Yaga warns him of what trouble it will cause once Hellboy is released and is he ready for that burden. Meanwhile Hellboy inside the pit is confronted and attacked by a collections of various monsters, with the help of Sir Eric the warlock he is saved and they teleported to what looks like a old monastery. There Hell tells him that one the demons that attack was Eligo’s a duke and knight in the living world who was shamed by Hellboy and cast down to the pit once Hellboy defeated him, the conversation is cut short when Eligo appears and attacks Hellboy pushing him through a doorway..

Final thoughts:  Hellboy In Hell #1 is a ongoing story with multiple arcs, similar to the Conan comics also release by Dark horse. New readers my not understand what’s going on in the beginning of the issue because of the multiple story arc tie-ins . Writer Mike Mignola keeps issue #1 simple and straightforward for the most part making it relatively easy to follow for new readers like myself, On the other hand hardcore fans my not like that it’s a little simplistic. In the end Mignola writing is good enough to keep the readers wanting more.

Let me say I do recommend readers to checkout  past issues so you can get a clue on certain things, besides that Hellboy In Hell has alot of potential and I can’t wait see how Mike Mignola unravels this story.

Release Date: December 05, 2012

Links: Preview | Order 



Dark Horse Presents: Conan The Barbarian – Motion Comic

Geek And Sundry have just launched the Conan the Barbarian: Queen of the Black Coast motion comic. Watch Brian Wood’s take of Robert E. Howard’s fan-favorite “Queen of the Black Coast”. As Conan turns his back on the civilized world and takes to the high seas alongside the pirate queen Bêlit, setting the stage for an epic of romance, terror, and swashbuckling.

Emily The Strange Returns – In Your Face In Full Color!

Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger teams up with cowriter Mariah Huehner (True Blood, Angel) and rising artist Emily Ivie (The Locked MazeRotsterarsil) for a brand-new, full-color miniseries titled Emily and the Strangers, featuring limited variant covers by rock-poster legends!

With the help of her trio of troublemaking cats, Emily is determined to make the most rockin’ song the world has ever known and win a legendary haunted guitar . . . but can she do it solo? Only one thing is for sure—what Emily wants, Emily gets . . . sometimes.

Now, Emily and her strange new bandmates are hard at work writing new songs and recording their first album, with big plans for 2013!

An Emily the Strange feature film is currently in development, with Chloë Grace Moretz (Let Me InKick-Ass) in the role of Emily.

Fans of Emily are welcome to stop by the Dark Horse Booth #1528 at New York Comic-Con 2012 for a signing with Rob Reger at 5 p.m. on Friday October 12th!

Praise for Emily the Strange:

“If the White Stripes, Edward Gorey and Tim Burton had a baby . . . that would be Emily.”—

Emily and the Strangers #1 is on sale January 30, 2013!

Dark Horse Deluxe Large-Scale Mass Effect Reaper Replica!

Dark Horse Deluxe announces a brand-new phase of collectibles inspired by one of the most highly decorated franchises in the history of games, Mass Effect™. The first collectible to introduce this series is a limited-edition, large-scale replica of the Reaper known as Sovereign, which will be on public display at the Dark Horse booth (#1528) at New York Comic Con. Set for release on June 26, 2013, this premium replica will be offered at a retail price of $349.99.

Fans can preorder the strictly limited, 18.5” tall replica at the BioWare store today! Each piece will be individually numbered and will include an in-game bonus item for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer*!

This craft is the flagship of the rogue Spectre Saren Arterius. Responsible for leading a devastating attack on the Citadel in the original Mass Effectgame, Sovereign is an enormous sentient dreadnought larger than two kilometers in length. The Dark Horse re-creation of Sovereign also has a sculpted base depicting a devastated city and planetary surface to convey its huge scale.

The replica will be solicited to the trade in the Dark Horse Deluxe section of the November cover dated issue of Diamond’s Previews. While the final edition size has yet to be determined, it is certain less than 1,000 of this high-end collectible will be produced!

*This in-game item will only be available for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Mass Effect 3.