Zooniverse Free Comic Book Day Sneak Peak goes out

While we’re late on the updates, Aspen has some panel previews for Zooniverse, a new title coming to Free Comic Book day in May, we’re closing in on the annual event and the art in this freebie looks impressive.Peter Steigerwald is hard at work on this title and we have a work-in-progress series of art that goes from pencil to ink to color.

Link: Aspen Blog

Review – The Guild: Clara (One-Shot)

The Guild: Clara (One-Shot)
Written By:  Felicia Day and Kim Evey
Art: Ron Chan
Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover: Howard Chaykin with Jesus Aburto
Alternate Cover: Greg Aronowitz
Back Cover: Ross Campbell
Published By: Dark Horse

Felicia Day has done such an amazing job with The Guild and it’s characters that from the very first page they are captured with such precision, such that if there were no accompanying art you would know exactly which character was saying what.  As each of the characters speaks you hear the actors saying the lines.  This one-shot focuses on everyone’s favorite self-absorbed, oblivious but likable Clara.

We begin this issue with Clara having made false promises to her understanding and patient husband, George. Without giving too much away George takes away the computer until Clara does what she promised.  We see Clara at her finest, shes a bad parent, shes narcissistic and shes selfish, yet somehow shes charming and you love her!  We get to see flashbacks of Clara from baby to high school which are all over the top scenarios and are hilarious.  As the flashbacks are unfolding she is also doling out motherly advice in a way that only Clara can.  Her husband appears in the flashbacks and his story is unexpected and entertaining.

This comic is DEFINITELY recommended, it was funny, charming and endearing just like Clara!

Release Date: September 21st 2011

Legend of Neil Season 3 strikes the web

After a huge opening at Comic-Con 2010 this year the team is hitting the ground running with the web release of episode 1 of The Legend of Neil.

Check out the full clip below!

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Girls Gone Genre panel hits Comic-Con 2010

While the first part of the event name makes one think of scantily clad young women, the panel isn’t about that. Girls Gone Genre brings out women who are integral parts of the entertainment industry, focusing on questions for newcomers to the field and how it feels to swim with the sharks.

The Panel will take place in room 24ABC on Friday July 23rd from 5-6pm, the panelists include:

  • Felicia Day – Writer/Producer “The Guild” (web series and comic), Actress “The Guild,” “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Dollhouse,” “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.”
  • Kathryn Immonen – Writer: “Patsy Walker: Hellcat,” “Runaways,” “Heralds
  • Laeta Kalogridis – Screenwriter/Producer: Shutter Island , Ghost in the Shell, Bionic Woman, Avatar
  • Marti Noxon – Screenwriter/Producer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Mad Men, Fright Night, I Am Number Four
  • Melissa Rosenberg – Screenwriter/Producer: Dexter, The Twilight Saga
  • Gail Simone – Writer: “Wonder Woman,” “Birds of Prey”

Atom invades Comic-Con 2010!

Atom.com is hitting Comic-Con hard this year with screenings of new shows and new returns. Legend of Neil – Season 3 and The House that drips blood on Alex will both be screening with panels at SDCC this year.

Details on both events:

The House That Drips Blood On Alex” Screening And Panel On Saturday, July 24

From 7:30-8:30 P.M. With Cult Movie Legend Tommy Wiseau (“The Room”), Co-Stars Joey Greco (“Cheaters”), iJustine (Justine Ezarik) And Director Brock LaBorde

“Legend of Neil – Season 3” Screening And Panel On Saturday, July 24

From 8:30-9:30 P.M. With Creator Sandeep Parikh, Stars Tony Janning, Mike Rose, Felicia Day (“Red,” “The Guild”)And Moderator Alex Albrecht (“Totally Rad Show,” “Diggnation”)

Each Q&A will follow the screening to ensure no one misses out. For those who can’t get in on these screenings or panels, the cast and crew will be available at the Atom.com/Spike TV booth (#3345). Posters, masks and more will be available to those who pass through.

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