Maxis goes inside SimCity with a video on the GlassBox Engine

SimCity is coming back in a big way, the new game is slated to attack a new generation of gamers on the PC in 2013, there’s a lot of road to clear between now and then and Maxis is determined to demonstrate their efforts so far in this latest video. The clip demonstrates the power of the GlassBox engine driving the entire experience for users. The goal of GlassBox is simple, everything around you is active and acts as a messenger to the larger game engine, all the changes and choices you make feed back to the larger simulation engine active and shape your destiny and the destiny of your city.

It’s an interesting look at what helps shape a game like this and how much complexity rests under the hood and is never seen. Check out the clip below for part 1 and we’ll keep you posted when more clips go live.

Atari brings the #pongdevchallenge to your door

Atari is coming up on the 40th anniversary of Pong, as a celebration they’re inviting fans, developers and more to create the ultimate pitch to rebirth Pong in present day. The prizes are pretty rich, offering up to $100,000 and revenue sharing options with PR and marketing support.

The details:

  1. Come up with a cool new idea for a Pong game!
  2. Fill out the entry form by clicking the ENTER NOW button and include at the very least a design document for your game idea! If you have a playable, you can also submit a link to the build.
  3. A group of semi-finalists will be selected and asked to create a short playable/demo and promotional video for review. Submission instructions will be provided.
  4. Upon selection, finalists will be required to complete development on their games and deliver submission candidates for review.
  5. Atari SA, a panel of industry judges, and the Atari community will vote for the top 3 winners and, in addition to having their game released, will be awarded prize money based on their position.
  6. Grand Prize Winner will be selected and announced by August 2, 2012.
  7. As an added bonus, the finalist’s game that is chosen by the Atari community will be picked as the Atari Community Choice.  More details to follow on the Atari Facebook page or the Atari Twitter feed #PongDevChallenge

There’s no doubt the fight will be a tough one, with Atari, Mike Schramm, Nolan Bushnell and Dave Castelnuovo as judges anything could happen as you mix formal corporate with an indie with a man who made the game itself. Remember to enter in by April 15 or you’ll see your dreams and rewards passed up.

Link: Atari Developer Challenge