Disney Infinity 2.0 lands on PC Today

Dying to get into Disney Infinity 2.0 but you don’t have the funds to get started? Well there’s a free starter edition for free on the PC. If you want more characters you’ll have to buy them in-store (comes with redemption code) or through their web shop but there are options to enjoy the game.

Currently downloading it to see if they’ve addressed common issues like local co-op for the PC (not possible with 1.0) so we’ll get a larger slate of impressions next week. For now grab a copy and get started in the new Marvel Infinity world.


Missed Free Comic Book Day? Dark Horse has some digital goodies for you!

Free Comic Book Day was this weekend, not everyone is lucky to have a local shop or a day off for the event though. For those that didn’t make it into the celebration we have some goodies from Dark Horse for everyone to share in. Buffy/Guild and Star Wars/Serenity are free for a limited time to catch and enjoy in your collection. Keep in mind after May passes the downloads will no longer be available to your account. If you’re on the fence about these freebies we did give short reviews on the issues. Buffy/The Guild | Star Wars/Serenity


Click a comic above to be taken to the Dark Horse Digital site for a free read of either comic

Norman Osborn saga goes 99 cents today

Norman Osborn has been quite a busy figure in the Marvel Universe, if you’ve missed out his happenings during Secret Invasion you can catch up on it all today using the Marvel Comics Digital App for Android and iOS.

Comics in the sale:

At 99 cents per issue it’s quite a steal, although I do suggest looking into the companion books for Secret Invasion instead of just reading the main saga as it gets pretty fun. Heroes doubting heroes, a mass infiltration of the Earth by the Skrull Empire in a way never imagined before and in the middle of it the human race and a ton of confused Marvel heroes trying to make sense of it all as the world gets flipped upside down on them.


Skyrim Content Creation Kit goes live, packs High Resolution Textures too!

It’s on now, the race to convert files over to handy packages for the content creation kit. On top of that, Bethesda has gone forward with their own texture mod for the game given that your system can tolerate it. I’m currently running the 2K texture pack but I’ll remove that and do a comparison gallery of all 3 to give you guys an impression of what it all looks like in the end.

I’d give you a link to the update but all you need to do is let Steam do it for you. For any additional details check out the official Skyrim website for more.

*Update: Changed out video, Bethesda direct feed keeps dumping errors

Day 10: The final day of the 10 Billion download 10 cent sale oh no!

We’re here, day 10, for some reason the app market at the time of writing online says day 9, so it’s a double day for the moment. In the meantime the Day 10 specials are already available on phones so we’re rolling the news out and I’ll update as needed for games that might pop in later in the day.

It’s a big bang closing event with Sentinel, Heavy Gunner and so many other games helping highlight the potential of 3D gaming on the Android platform. Many still have the idea of simple 2D gaming but programmers have already gone to the next level. Also Camera ZOOM FX and Star Chart are probably two of my favorites. There’s a lot of winners to pick from on the final day and Google made sure to end the sale on a high note. With that said jump in and get picking away on this day 10 sale!

Day 9: Final days of the Android 10 Billion download 10 cent sale!

Normally I’m not this excited about sales, but seriously… 10 cents. If there’s a chance to promote and take part in it then I’m going to.

Today we have a few returning guests but not as many as I anticipated, a total of 11 apps are in the fray for download.

We had SlideIT yesterday with their keyboard app and today we get the counter to that with SwiftKey, both are solid apps out there but it might come to user preference in that situation. MX Moto comes off as an Excite Bike type racer and I haven’t exactly been moved on the other titles so I’m just testing out Collapse! today until something else grabs my interest.

Shop away while you still have time, tomorrow is the end of the sale and the end of the party on Day 10. Unless Google does something else crazy leading into Christmas itself.

Day 8: Android 10 Billion 10 cent sale reaches overdrive

Wanted to call it yesterday but today helps at least confirm it, we’re seeing a huge visit of top products from the start of the sale. Today SketchBook Mobile, Shazam, Flick Golf and more return. Check out the full list and it might be time to get those hopes up for last chances at big items.

There is a slight shift, the Color & Draw for kids is a tablet version of the app released earlier, no other shifts just cleaner visuals for larger screens. Everyone should keep fingers crossed while  hoping for Minecraft and possibly even Sims 3 to make a return in the final days. I’ll finally be picking up Flick Golf, the response seems good and even Train Conductor 2: USA. See you guys tomorrow with more info from Day 9

Day 7: Android 10 Billion sale continues at 10 cents

Repeats are starting to come up again, will we see Minecraft again before the final day for those who missed out? We’ll just have to find out!

SoundHound is back which is a good second chance offer, also it means good things for a popular blowout on day 10. The offerings are a little tame compared to the past days of Sims and NFS but there are some good potential picks. Blackberry fans will no doubt enjoy Block Breaker 3 Unlimited coming into the 10 cent offerings, it’s a simple but addictive game with some spruced up visuals.
Keep in mind even some of the simpler titles like Block Breaker are a bit picky for compatibility, the Rhyme failed the compatibility check taking it out of the running. Chances are I’ll be picking up SoundHound and SUPER KO BOXING! 2 and calling it a day.

Day 6: Android 10 Billion 10 cent sale gets more goods

Seriously this is madness but they’re managing to trump each day with new goods still that really do hit all audiences. Here’s the list from today.

Luckily I held off on posting right away, when the change hit, BackStab HD wasn’t part of the list, it joins as a sword fighting adventure in the days of early England and the Royal Navy. It’s also one of the few titles that even recent phones might have difficulty running the game as it seems limited to the absolute top of the current generation. If you’re adventurous you might be able to work around the requirements of this game.
Selections today are few, SimCity, Jenga and possibly Great Little War Game are on the selections. After the flood of racing games so far, Raging Thunder just doesn’t seem that alluring although it does get praise for control and gameplay. Endomondo Pro is solid if you’re on a tighter regimen too.

Day 5: Android 10 Billion download 10 cent event keeps going

Day 5 continues and we get a bit of a warning, last night we got a last minute slap that EA put Need For Speed: Shift on sale at the end of the night for 10 cents as well. Anything seems to go in this wild event so keep your eyes locked on the market at night for last chance deals.

Pano is great but reviews say it requires a constant data connection for it to check the license validity, a problem when you go for scenic shots in tougher locations. Asphalt 6 was something I picked up in the Day 1 sale and don’t regret, it looks amazing but it’s a little difficult to get used to, touch steering is always a bit more difficult than axis controlled steering. The Sims 3 was a pick with no hesitation, I mean it’s The Sims and it’s portable which is just deadly in itself. Age of Zombies and Apparatus also look like great picks for the day.