Day 4: Android’s 10 Billion download party keeps rolling

The hits just keep coming, we also get a sign today that Google may allow for repeat performances of products. Paper Camera makes a second showing today in the lineup.

Check out the deals of the day for Android users:

Picked up Shazam, if I had a tablet I would most likely also grab Spirit HD and Sentinel 3: Homeworld, it might be a little too tight on my phone though. Baseball Superstars has some praise but also complaints of game data reset for new seasons.
Google will continue to roll out the goods all weekend so keep posted here for more deals.

Day 3: Android 10 Billion download celebration keeps rolling

They weren’t kidding about blowing out apps for 10 cents for 10 days, today we have an all new flood with a favorite for Custom ROM users on Android as well. ADWLauncher is one of the alternative foundations to home screen UI’s, add in its the premium EX version and it’s quite tempting to have around.

Didn’t have many picks or suggestions out of this, originally looked at Tetris but the reviews are poor around it. Might look into ADW and Homerun Battle though as picks for the day in this latest release. We’ll keep bringing you the sale lists as they come so check back tomorrow.

Source: Android Market

Day 2: Android 10 Billion download celebration continues

We’re in day 2, the consumers are restless for more and we’ve found the next lineup for you guys a little earlier than yesterday.

All of the above apps are 10 cents each and a new list will go live tomorrow with even more offers. Again I nabbed up Fruit Ninja, Reckless Racing and Star Chart for myself. I suggest getting in on it before losing this batch.

Android kicks off 10 billion download celebration with 10 cent apps

Android is becoming a force in the market, with so many phones coming in at all consumer levels the platform has managed to rapidly conquer the field. Google is celebrating that success though as they’ve closed 10,000,000,000 downloads in the market since the launch of the platform, most of  those falling in 2011 as it made up almost 7 billion added downloads this year.

To celebrate they’re putting popular games and apps on sale for a limited time at 10 cents flat.

Keep an eye on the Android Market for any other deals that might pop up. For now this is the official list.

Personally I just nabbed, Minecraft, Asphalt 6, Paper Camera and SketchBook Mobile so I didn’t wait too long.

Update: The Android market notes this will last for 10 days, keep posted for the next update when it hits

This months must have game for the PS3 is… a playstation game?

If you have never played Xenogears when it was on the playstation, you are missing one of the greatest RPGs to ever be released.

The game was tough to find if you weren’t an early adopter. It wasn’t at all uncommon to see ebay listings over 100 dollars. The release as a greatest hits made it much easier to get a hold of.

Now it is available on PSN!! The 10 dollar ticket price is well worth it considering the cheapest it is currently on amazon for is $44 plus shipping.