Axe Cop for President… of the world in 2012

We’ve seen the mass compilation releases of Axe Cop flowing in, this weekend at ECCC 2012 we got word that Axe Cop is setting sights on higher position though and it might not even be planetary. Axe Cop at the peak of power following Bad Guy Earth has only one direction left to go and we’ll see it this summer.

As commander of the whole world it’s a tough place for Axe Cop, the bad guys are out of the picture there’s only one frontier left to venture into, space. Yes Axe Cop is taking the fight for justice to space and everyone better watch out. It really is a tale we could only find from such a young mind. There is a key thing to note, this is a pretty noble effort to make it a continuation and not just a sequel comic so expect the same awesome fights, story and other elements that make this a priceless series.

For those wondering, you only have to hold out for a few more months, Axe: Cop President of the World #1 heads out on July 25th, 2012 from Dark Horse Comics. We’ll have more details on the book and our early coverage when we get closer to that release. In the meantime, enjoy the poster art for the book.

Link: Dark Horse Blog

Avengers vs X-Men #0 sells out, second printing on the way

Marvel certainly has their hands full with AvX, the company announced that they’ve run out of copies of #0 to Diamond but there will likely be retail chains still holding onto a small pool of them still. As a result Marvel is going back into printing and putting out a new variant second edition to help cater to fans eager to catch how this new saga is going to kick off. Given the issue helps elaborate on The Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers leading into this it’s no surprise that everyone is grabbing it.

Frank Cho is heading up the cover for the second print variant, hopefully this one lasts a little longer than a day otherwise Marvel will really be in trouble with the fans. Honestly while I like the current issue 0 cover I really want that variant because it looks awesome. This is going to be a hard series to follow if the art keeps to this level of temptation in each issue. Check out the full size image to the right for a better look.

Link: Marvel News

Avengers Vs. X-Men #2 preview pages arrive

Avengers Vs. X-Men is going full throttle and we already have a teaser of the pages coming at you next month for AvX #2. The universe rests in the balance with some of the highest stakes yet, the Phoenix force is heading at full speed toward the Earth and it can only get uglier as The Avengers storm the beach of Utopia taking no compromise.

As a sweet bonus, those who buy the series will also get a digital copy on the Marvel Comics app as a bonus to it all. Exclusive behind the scenes information and AR support will allow fans to experience the story in new ways.

Link: Marvel News

First looks: Avengers #25 and Wolverine & The X-Men #9

Marvel has two new treats leading into the epic battle of AvX we have the images for both books and are laying the out below.

Wolverine & The X-Men #9

Captain America arrives to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning to motivate Wolverine to take to the front lines with the Avengers. It’s not an easy decision and it’s one that will set the stage for the upcoming battle if he does go against his own roots or will he go with Cap and send waves of debate through the air? We’ll have to read to find out and watch it all unfold with just a week left until April hits and AvX kicks off in full force.

Link: Marvel News


Avengers #25

Avengers assemble! The impending danger of the Phoenix Force is getting closer, the possible doom has led the Avengers to suit up and rise to action to save the Earth. The problem is which will rise and which will fall split, Captain America is working to bring the group into battle but we’ll have to see where it all goes from here.  The preview pages at least tease a little about all this tension before the big debut next month.

Link: Marvel News