Review – Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher #2

Richard Corben Cover

Story: Richard Corben
Art: Richard Corben
Colors: Richard Corben
Cover Art: Richard Corben
Published by: Dark Horse Comic

Richard Corben’s finale installment of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of usher comes to its conclusion in this issue, with the first issue ending with Roderick’s sisters death will something similar happened in this finale?

This issue starts off with Weber and Allen taking the mysterious painting of Roderick sister down to the manors basement, as Roderick says a few creepy things, Weber who is now suspicious of whats going on and remembers what the woman to told him the first day he was there, makes him later return to the basement, he finds a letter form her saying that if anything was to happened to her that he should destroy the painting no matter what.

after opening the coffin and looking at the body Allan realize that the girl was murdered and wasn’t actually dead in the beginning. Allen then confronts Roderick about it with ensures a fight, Allen then grabs the painting and throws it into the fireplace enraged Roderick angrily attacks Allen meanwhile in the basement Roderick’s sister is seen getting out of the coffin and making her way up. As the house starts to crumble Allen and Roderick continue to fight as the house falls apart around them, fight is cut short by Roderick’s sister who starts to regenerate in front of both them, she then grabs Roderick and they both fall to there death’s

Although this story is strongly written  and more creeper then the original by Edgar Allan Poe, it does seem a bit rushed especially this issue even the art work looks rushed, when I read the issue I literally said ” huh”  at the end because of how quickly it ended, but with that said it still looked fantastic even though it was so short

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Release Date:  June 19, 2013


Review – Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher #1

Story: Richard Corben22815
Art: Richard Corben
Colors: Richard Corben
Cover Art: Richard Corben
Published by: Dark Horse Comic

A sickness resides in the house of Usher. Its history is cursed, its tenants plagued by abominable love, and it’s hallways lined with coffins and the rotted dead.

The Fall of the House of Usher #1 is Richard Corben retailing of the classic Edgar Allan Poe story, Just like the original it tells of Allen ( Narrator in the Original) experiences in the house of usher when he vists an old friend Roderick Usher. Corben stays true to the original by making it dark and creepy, like poe’s adaptation it’s about a man visiting an old friend only to find out that he’s become mentally unstable for example there’s a scene where Roderick has his sister posing nude and maliciously scold’s her the entire time, it’s a tale of obsession and how it effects your mind. While there are some similarities to poe’s version there’s also differences, one them being the fact that Corben combine another one poe’s short story The Oval Portrait which also deals with obsession

For the character design, Corben uses a caricature art style making the characters look almost clay like. His Roderick Usher who has a oversize nose that takes up half his face and big ears to go along with it. Sometimes the artwork is a little inconsistent in some panels Roderick almost looks like Hugo Strange of Batman; the color scheme throughout the comic is dark and smooth with a earth-Tone feel to it.

Final Thoughts: Because I’m unfamiliar with Richard Corben’s recent and past work, I can’t really say if this is his best or worst comic he has done, But I can say that it is a nice adaptation one that Poe fans should give a read.

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Release Date:  May 15, 2013