Dark Horse unveils NYCC 2014 Exclusives

Collecting exclusive releases from NYCC 2014? Maybe you’re just a huge Game of Thrones fan? Well, Dark Horse has you covered with some really cool offerings this year. Covering Elder Scrolls fans, Avatar fans, Witcher fans, Mass Effect fans and of course Game of Thrones fans.

As with all convention exclusives, this is a one shot deal, grab it while you can or say goodbye until you possibly catch it on eBay one day.


Marvel Collectables: Bruce Banner Collectible Figure

Are you looking to add to your Avengers collection figure set, Well Hot Toys and marvel has release an exclusive Bruce Banner/Hulk figure base on the Avengers movie.


The 1/6th scale Bruce Banner Collectible Figure specially features:
– Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in The Avengers
– Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles and skin texture
– Body with over 30 points of articulations
– Approximately 30 cm tall

Eight pieces of interchangeable palms including:
– One pair of fists – One pair of relaxed palms
– One pair of open palms
– One right palm for holding Chitauri scepter
– One left palm for holding glasses

Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted Costume:
– One purple shirt
– One brown blazer
– One pair of brown pants
– One pair of brown shoes

– One Chitauri scepter
– One pair of glasses
– One watch – Figure stand with Bruce Banner nameplate and the movie logo.

For more Marvel.com

NYCC 2013: Dark Horse announces it’s Exclusives


New York Comic Con, the largest pop culture event on the Eastern Seaboard, is right around the corner, and Dark Horse is bringing you the latest and greatest in exclusive comics and Dark Horse Deluxe products!


The Star Wars #1 NYCC 2013 Exclusive (Limited Edition of 1,000)

Before Star Wars, there was The Star Wars! This is the authorized adaptation of George Lucas’s rough-draft screenplay of what would eventually become a motion picture that would change the world.

Price: $5.00

Availability: Two per person, while supplies last


Elfquest: The Final Quest Special NYCC 2013 Exclusive (Limited Edition of 500)

Elfquest is a winner of the Golden Pen Award from the Young Adult Advisory Committee. This special, an oversized prologue to the Elfquest: The Final Quest series, marks thirty years of Elfquest action and adventure!

Price: $10.00

Availability: Two per person, while supplies last


Domo Qee NYCC 2013 Exclusive (Limited Edition of 1,000)

A 2.5-inch Qee version of Domo unavailable anywhere else, packaged in a color box.

Price: $9.00

Availability: Four per person, all days

Make sure to stop by booth #1636 to check out all this awesome stuff, only available at New York Comic Con 2013!

Remnant Knights introduces Full Metal Alchemist items

Everett, WA – July 17, 2013 – On the eve of San Diego Comic-Con 2013, GameSamba is excited to announce that the worlds of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the free-to-play anime inspired MMORPG Remnant Knights will collide! Starting next week, fans of the hit anime series will be able to purchase official FMA: Brotherhood costumes to cosplay in-game as their favorite characters, decorate their RK dorm rooms with FMA swag, and travel Continue reading Remnant Knights introduces Full Metal Alchemist items

CBS Reveals SDCC Exclusives and Talent for 2013


Unique Promotional Products From Star Trek, NCIS, Dexter® and The Twilight Zone Will Be Available at Premier Pop Culture Convention

Continue reading CBS Reveals SDCC Exclusives and Talent for 2013

Dark Horse & Deep Sliver presents “Metro Last Light”



The next generation of video game comics arrives from Dark Horse and Deep Silver this May! The Gospel According to Artyom, a Metro: Last Light digital graphic novel, is a unique collaboration between Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky and Dark Horse Comics.

Metro: Last Light is a first-person-shooter video game and the highly anticipated sequel to the extraordinary Metro 2033. In the year 2034, a nuclear war has turned the world into a postapocalyptic wasteland. In Moscow, the tunnels of the Metro have become a new home for the former inhabitants of the city. Within the catacombs, they fight for their survival, fending off hordes of hideous mutants born from the toxic atmosphere, as well as other factions desperate to take control of what little hospitable land remains. As they fight, they also search for a doomsday device that could be the key to their victory. A civil war is inevitable. During these dark hours, the players will embody Artyom and become the last light for all of mankind.

Telling the story of Artyom between the fateful events of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, the digital graphic novel The Gospel According to Artyom is available exclusively to customers who preorder Metro: Last Light through Steam and other selected retailers worldwide.

The Gospel According to Artyom’ is in fact the last chapter of Metro 2033 and the first chapter of Metro: Last Light, linking both stories together and giving an unexpected insight on what really happened in the beginning of it all. Reading it will change your understanding of my saga,” said Dmitry Glukhovsky.

The novel Metro 2033 served as the inspiration for the creation of both video games, and Glukhovsky personally contributed a huge volume of dialogue for Metro: Last Light. Glukhovsky’s novelsMetro 2033 and Metro 2034 have sold more than two million copies worldwide. In 2013, his latest book, Metro 2035, will be available outside of Russia.

For more information and a list of participating retailers, visit EnterTheMetro.com.

Metro: Last Light is set for release on May 14 in North America and May 17 across the rest of the world.

Aspen Comics heads to C2E2 with exclusive prints

C2E2 is on the way and Aspen has goods for those attending, 3 signed and numbered C2E2 prints for fans. The posters are 13″x19″ and look pretty hardcore. Unfortunately we only have the collection image available and not individual samples, those of you hoping to have mini memento pictures are out of luck on this one.

Check out the posters below, if you’re attending good luck and hopefully you can catch them before they sell out.

Link: Aspen Comics Blog

The Walking Dead Compendium at ECCC 2012

There are many amazing things in the comic world, busts, figures, variants and of course the stories themselves. Emerald City Comicon fans get a taste of something that combines most of that goodness into a timed exclusive shell. The Walking Dead Compendium, it’s enough to make you want to travel to Seattle just to grab it. For those like us who can’t do such a thing, we have some pretty pictures courtesy of Skybound and they really are something to see. While the first shot at this book will only be available at ECCC, the rest should be ready in time for San Diego Comic-Con later this summer.

Details on the release:

  • Available at Booth #310
  • 48 issues covered in this first volume
  • Over 1,000 pages of Walking Dead goodness
  • Hard cover with gold embossed logo
  • New cover by Charlie Adlard
  • Limited to about 100 for ECCC
  • Price: $100.00

Links: Image Comics | Skybound

Image gears up with exclusives for Emerald City Comicon

Emerald City Comicon at the Washington State Convention Center is coming up on March 30 – April 1, if you’re going to be in Seattle at the time or live in the area you can catch these goods from Image Comics.

Bloodstrike #26 is one of their first offerings, a relaunch title from Tim Seely and Franchesco Gaston, the exclusive cover version will be available at Image booth #310 for $5. The Activity #4 will also be on hand in #C-09 with a special night vision cover for $10, goggles not included. Skullcrushers will have limited variant editions at the Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund for issue #13 in #C-11 for $10 each and it will be available before the regular retail release hits shelves. Finally, Alpha Girl #2 will have a convention exclusive cover, while this won’t be released before it hits retail it’s still equally as collectible and cool though and will be at the Image booth #310 for $5.


The Walking Dead fans will get a huge treat as the ECCC exclusive T will be available with a custom illustration by Charlie Adlard, mens and womens sizes will be available at the ECCC show booth #514, sizes will set you back $20, if that isn’t your thing, you can get an Image Heroes shirt with the program guide cover image on it for $20 but it only comes in unisex form.


If shirts aren’t your thing at all you can score that image on an 11×17 poster for $20 but it’s limited to a run of 300 so get it fast or you’ll just be staring at the sample poster. Jeremy Haun will also have an exclusive The Darkness print with Jackie on top of the Space Needle overlooking the city. It is signed by Jeremy Haun for $20, the print is also in 11×17 form and limited to 300 copies.


The Infinite Horizon will also be on hand in all its glory, the retelling will take place in a near future scenario and carries 186 pages of goodness, on top of that, Image is releasing it to ECCC fans before the April 11th release date so fans can enjoy the tale early for going. It packs a $20 tag and can be found over at #P-03.

If none of that sells you, the new Image / Shadowline series Debris will have a free poster at the Image booth #310.