Review – Inhumans vs X-Men #6

  • Writer: Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule
  • Artist: Lenil Francis Yu
  • Colorist: David Curiel
  • Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu

Marvel’s Inhuman vs X-Men event has seemed to hit its climax, the war between mutants and inhumans hasn’t turned out for the better. Many of the inhuman’s died, all because of a lack of communication between the two groups.

Emma Frost’s grief gets the best of her, we see her transition into hate and anger which in turn cause’s her make decisions that in dangers the X-Men, she no longer cares about saving mutant kind, Emma wants revenge for Cyclops and is hell bend on killing Black Bolt, who she blames for Scotts death. But its revealed that Cyclops wasn’t killed by Black Bolt, he was killed in an accident way before the discovery of the Terrigen Mist.

Young Cyclops reveals that Emma had been lying to everyone for months about it, Storm confronts her about it and she doesn’t deny it, in fact she becomes more unstable. If not for Ahura and the Ennilux, the war would’ve gotten more out of hand.

The down fall of Emma is also the rise of Madusa, she really evolved as a leader in this crossover, with all that was going on Madusa never wavered when things looked grim for them. Medusa’s growth was one of few things that I found enjoyable in this crossover, as for the final battle between the two groups, I found it to be a little lack luster. There was no real lost amongst the two teams, granted Ahura did lose a ship full of Ennilux, but in actuality their deaths played no real significance overall.

For me Inhumans vs X-Men is an average crossover at best, the story reminds me too much of AvX’s, on top of that you never get a real present of danger in this crossover, even with Emma going full on crazy at the end. Marvel had something good with this event, but because it focuses more on action instead of the narrative this crossover is miss.

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Release Date: Out Now


Review – Inhumans vs X-Men #5: What’s Next?

  • Writer: Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule
  • Artist: Lenil Francis Yu
  • Colorist: David Curiel
  • Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu
Courtesy of

The Inhumans have gotten the upper hand on the X-Men and finally located and release Black Bolt from, my biggest issue with this run is how the X-Men despite having a legit reason still come across as in the wrong, while you can debate whether or not that’s true, you can’t overlook this one other problem I have with this crossover, and that’s X-Men/ Mutants turn on each other way too quick. Again, some fans may not see it that way, but for me that’s how I see it.

Inside the World, an artificial time altering environment, Jean and Fantomex continue to battle it out with Karnak, who in the process finds lockjaw and frees him. Back in Limbo Gorgon and Colossus fight concludes with Colossus getting the best of Gorgon, at the same time Madusa and the other royal family members find Black Bolt but are confronted by Havok who threatens to take out the inhuman leader, Havok warns Medusa and company about Emma Frost who he states is the real fight, Back in New Jersey Iso and the other young inhumans decide to help Forge build and use his machine in order to stop the Mist, Grid warns ISO that helping Forge goes against everything Medusa and the royal family have been fighting for.

Sypnapse and Reader teleport to The World and find Karnak meditating after surviving his battle with Jean and Fantomex, together the three of them try to wake up lockjaw. Cyclops, Ms. Marvel, Grid and the others fly to Iceland, but are quickly confronted by the full X-Men team, Back in X-Heaven Colossus finds Havok siting and is surprise when Havok tells him he let Royal family leave with Black Bolt.

The action picks up at end of the issue when the inhumans and Cyclops have it out with Emma and the rest of the X-Men, as they two teams fight Magneto becomes impatient with the senseless fighting and decides to step in.

Conclusion: Now that the younger Inhumans are going to help Forge stop the Mist, I’m interest on how this will affect the Royal family in the future, Medusa feels as if the X-Men have crossed the line attacking New Attilan and taking Black Bolt, when this conflict finally ends you can bet a rift between the inhumans and Mutants will be bigger than before. While still entertaining it still feels less important of an issue , compared to the AvX or House of M events.

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Review – Inhumans vs X-Men #4: Time is running out!

  • Writer: Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule
  • Artist: Lenil Francis Yu
  • Colorist: David Curiel
  • Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu

Are the X-Men in the wrong? If you think about it, they have a legit cause, a threatening mist is poisoning all mutants on the planet yet it still feels as if the X-Men are in the wrong. You may ask the question as to why it seems that way, and the answers simple just look at the last pass crossovers, the X-Men haven’t been a shining example of heroes in the past so when they do have an actually cause to fight it still feels like they’re in the wrong.

The Royal Family finally find a way out of limbo, Iso and Inferno gather the new inhumans and devise a plan to infiltrate Muir Island using Mosaic’s unique ability, he tries to take control of Magneto but because of Magneto’s experience with mind control the possession doesn’t last long and he is spotted causing him to steal a aircraft for a quick escape. Meanwhile the royal gets free and with help of Johnny Storm set a fire around the mansion in order to keep them from attacking them, but Medusa and the rest of the royal family are confronted by Colossus.

When Mosaic returns to New Jersey he tells them the Royal family is in Limbo, and he also tells them about the Terrigen clouds are more dangerous then what they initially thought, this revelation has the younger inhuman’s questioning whether who is right and who is wrong

Conclusion:  When you have two groups believing what they’re doing is the right thing your almost certain conflict will happen, and this crossover brings that issue to the forefront once again. This is an issue that’s similar to what’s going on in today’s society more than ever, you have two teams fighting because they believe each other’s race is in danger and that there’s no other way. But because Ms. Marvel, Inferno, Iso and company are on the outside looking in they see it differently and that’s putting doubts in what they should do next.

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Review – Inhumans vs X-Men #3 :Where’s Black Bolt!

  • Writer: Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule
  • Artist: Lenil Francis Yu
  • Colorist: David Curiel
  • Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu & David Curiel

After escaping Wolverine (X-23), ISO and inferno find themselves face to face with the original Wolverine (Logan) and fight between them breaks out, surprisingly inferno holds his own against Logan even going as far as knocking him out. With logan out for the count the two capture Forge and blow up his machine, back in limbo the Royal family are coming up with a plan for escape. The young inhumans inferno and ISO come up with a way to get help against the X-Men, they decide to get in touch with Kamala Khan Aka Ms. Marvel who they know can get other inhumans to help them.
The meat of the issue is when Young Beast, but before that we see Jean Grey and Karnak are in what looks like an illusionary world, Kanrnak sees through the illusion and escapes but is quickly confronted by Fantomex.  I said before the meat of this issue is when young and older beast chat with the X-Men, with forge gone the X-Men can’t get rid of the Terrigen Mist, the McCoy’s are trying to come up with another way but Emma and the rest of the X-Men believe the time for action is a must because once the royal family gets free things will become even harder, with Emma hint that if Black Bolt is freed all hell will break loose.

The reavel of Black Bolts capture and hinted release is sure to make things a bit more interesting in the future, with the mist still lurking around the teams’ main focus is getting Forge back as soon as possible, but with ISO and Inferno gathering inhumans to help recapture New Attilan, the X-Men could have major issues going forward.

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Release Date: Out Now


Review – Conan The Slayer #5 & 6

  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Artist: Sergio Davila
  • Colorist: Michael AtiyehCover
  • Artist: Admira Wijaya
  • Published by: Dark horse Comics

After Killing his father Kyrlo and saved by his mysterious benefactor, Kyrlo has taking refuge in an old temple and now seems to have regretted killing his father, consume with anger of being passed over as king Kyrlo was tricked into helping the mysterious sorcerer with knowing it. The Sorcerer used his hate and anger Kylro had for his father against him, in the end Kyrlo’s traitorous actions got him and his brother killed, while at the same time putting Conan, Oksana and the Kozaks in danger from undead warriors of the past. Issue #5 ends with Conan coming face to face with the mysterious Sorcerer/ Necromancer

With tribe leader gone along with his sons the lord of Kharwarizm, Jehungir Agha sets forth a plan to take out the Kozak tribes, he sends assassins who attack during Taraslan’s pyre and quick begin to exterminate the Kozak tribe, During the battle the body of Taraslan rises, covered in flames Taraslan grabs the leader of the assassins and burns him to a crisp. When it’s all said, and done the Kozak name Conan their new leader despite his refusal. Conan becomes conflicted about the responsibility of leading the Kozak tribe and decides to take a walk through the woods and comes across a blood trail, at the end of the trail Conan is shock to find a half-eaten human corpse, in the background we see a humanoid beast looking at Conan from within the trees.

Conclusion: Necromancy is heavily at work here, at least in these latest issues (5&6), it seems as if the true main antagonist is pulling the strings using necromancy and the prime suspect has to be Ghaznavi, the priest who Jehungir Agha has working for him. What makes this issue work are the multiple potential sub-plots going on within this issue and for upcoming future, Cullen Bunn doesn’t just focuses on Conan but

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Review – The Paybacks #1

26259Writers: Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal
Art: Geoff Shaw
Colors: Lauren Affe
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover: Geoff Shaw and Lauren Affe
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Running around in the superhero business isn’t easy, gadgets, cars, jets and other equipment aren’t exactly easy to come across. Paybacks looks at the other side of the superhero world with what comes after your series goes bust or those great crimes turn out as pretty mundane. We see a vibrant cast of ex-heroes now acting as repo heroes that invade and reclaim all those wonderful toys and locations for their boss to help work off their own debts. It’s complicated to say the least but it carries a sense of action and humor that let it flow with sitcom quality.

Issue 1 of The Paybacks brings our team into the world of Night Knight and his amazing Unicorn. Saving the day while his mansion and secret lair get completely ransacked by the repo team. It’s a unique situation for sure, the lovely Night Knight isn’t quite a front-page hero although his situations are far from light-hearted or even innocent. It’s a welcoming introduction, pitting the classical hero pondering their profession and the world while they’re largely unaware of the rummaging through their estate until it’s too late.

Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal do a great job bringing the central characters to life while also slowly teasing the lives of the Payback team to readers, no one hogs up too much space to confuse the narrative and with the backstory coming in tidbits, it seems we’ll learn all about the team in due time.

Geoff Shaw and Lauren Affe bring to life the Night Mare and the world of The Paybacks, I think that’s how it goes… That said it’s a traditional presentation with sharper angles that accent the bodies and pages but it’s not so serious and rigid that punch lines and awkward moments can’t shine. The panels feel natural and the characters compliment the twists and quirks of the storyline as the moment itself catches them by surprise.

We’re only getting a tight sampling of The Paybacks in issue #1 but it’s enough to capture interest to see where this story and their radical lives and workplace hazards turn next.

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Release Date: September 16, 2015


Review – King Tiger #1

22470Script: Randy Stradley
Artist: Douglas Wheatley
Colors: Rain Beredo
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Douglas Wheatley and Rain Beredo
Publisher: Mike Richardson
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

King Tiger is on the scene, a mystic warrior able to combine combat and sorcery to take on supernatural foes and worlds. Or at least that’s the general idea, our first issue takes us to Nevada with a cult on the move and lingering tales of false hope sedating our true instincts flow as Milo and Tiger prepare for their next challenge.

While some have super mysterious lairs and otherworldly escapes, Tiger calls Rikki’s place his home base. Her large mansion / villa in Nevada plays host to pools, cars and incredible space. It pays to run around as a supernatural warrior these days, Rikki is a laid back, independent and handy to solve her own troubles while also tackling the needs of Tiger and she has the cashflow to handle anything else that comes up. We learn little bits about Milo including his experience on the streets and that he’s frankly seen some stuff in his time so he feels reliable. The story on Tiger isn’t so easy to come across, he prefers to hide his origins and details of his powers, after coming to America he spent a bit of his time gaming casinos and using his powers in a less noble fashion until facing a lynch mob from the casino staff.

King Tiger has a refined delivery, the pacing highlights multiple timelines and situations while able to keep a parallel storyline. Tiger and his friends operating in their latest situation while evil deeds run deep within the desert and brew for them. Characters come with their own quirks and the art delivery helps match up the script just right, the way we experience characters like Milo and Tiger, seeing their expressions and gestures after this storm that precluded the issue. It’s a unique blend of story and illustration as many pages carry dialogue along instead of landscapes or action and speedy moments.

Douglas Wheatley goes to work on illustrating the world of King Tiger, the mansion, the portals to other worlds and times and all the perks that come for Tiger when living with Rikki. Rain Beredo works to help complement this with careful choices in ambience, the world does not simply glow, it uses focal points throughout the pages to help direct the reader from their eyes just wandering. In simple daily life scenes and especially in action we see a careful hand guiding the experience along by pencil and brush.

Overall, King Tiger #1 delivers on a promising story arc for readers to enjoy, certainly there’s a mix of mysticism, supernatural and just plain messed up scenarios that should capture readers of the genre.

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Release Date: August 12, 2015


Review – Midnight Society: The Black Lake #1

Story and Art: Drew Edward Johnson
Colors: Lizzy John
Letters: Steve Dutro
Cover: Drew Edward Johnson & Lizzy John

Monsters, mayhem, mysticism and SCIENCE! All of these rest within the pages of Midnight Society, a pulp comic embracing the supernatural fabled creatures of the world. The story from Drew Edward Johnson brings a deep blend of science and monster fiction to life, shrinking devices, flying packs and mystical monsters fill the world and the explorers around the globe are on the warpath to make their name in history while basking in the fame of society.

The story takes readers into the efforts of two such explorers, looking to find the answers to one fabled creature, knowing they risk toying with forces well beyond their control as they go on the pursuit. It’s a challenge of explorer curiosity and responsibility, are findings simply for educational use or something to tag and exploit as a trophy? Where are the lines and limits to a frontier as new as this or is it simply a case of wild freedom.

Johnson pursues these questions while spinning a world deep in pulp themes, from the language to the setting, it’s a complete throwback while embracing some alternative history freedoms where old-time science fiction comes to life and mystical arts are alive and well when need be. Johnson sets Matilda Finn on her mission to find and save the lives of those lost within The Black Lake and gives her challenges that will place her into her toughest situations of her career as a secret agent so far.

Lizzy John and Drew Edward Johnson do well as a duo in this book, bouncing off each other through the pages with detailed illustrations and intense color selections to help sell the emotion of each panel, going from drab darkness to vivid moments of fight or flight that capture the eye. Johnson delivers a heavy amount of detail with characters and creatures alike, allowing each page to read with even more detail than the dialogue itself as eyes and body gesture speak volumes in each panel.

Overall Midnight Society: The Black Lake is a welcome addition into the Dark Horse line-up, it certainly shows promise early on with upcoming installments sure to help show mysteries about Matilda and her employers.

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Release Date: June 10, 2015


Road to Madden Bowl XXI

So Madden Bowl XXI is over, but the road to it was fun and pretty interesting and something I planned to post about, let’s kick it off and run down the timeline.

November 7th, 2014 I wake up to an email invite from GM to sit in on the Connected Car Expo and experience some Q&A and also stay around to check out the LA Auto Show, after CCE there would be some other events including a Madden Competition and a GT6 event down in Hollywood. It was new but it wasn’t out of my wheelhouse, I focus on tech and I’ve been a car and racing enthusiast for ages. I opted in to join in on a new experience and see what I could do in a show like that.

Flash forward to Day 0, Connect Car Expo, meeting the GM team that invited me to the show and getting the thing started. The big promo for the morning, car connectivity, not just through navigation systems and media players in cars but going further with 4G / LTE and hyper awareness of where the car can go. Behind us in the lobby seating zone, a GMC Canyon with 4G sits, it also has a full LCD screen mounted in the tailgate and an Xbox One with Madden connected online. Showcasing the lower latency and ability to play anywhere, it’s a cool feature, probably the greatest tailgate experience if you can swing it too.


After hearing about many predictions and projects of integrating tech and the driving experience we head out, check out the GMC Canyon in further detail, looking at the interior, talking wi-fi hotspots and Onstar connectivity to the phone for full control of the car. After a quick hop in the cars we head off to Luxe City Center and it all begins, writers and editors for other publications gather in, we snack, watch TV’s get setup and find the details of the competition, the winner of the qualifier will represent GMC in Madden Bowl XXI in Scottsdale, AZ. The room falls a bit silent, I feel the nerves in my hands come alive, I start tapping my feet, I’m eager. I haven’t dedicated myself to football games in a while but I feel confident enough to give it a challenge.


After a few rides out test driving and shooting photos of the Canyon we come back, some of the numbers for competitors have dwindled down and it all begins. Paired off we play rounds in our bracket until we come to a finale. It’s a strange thing of course, start with relative ease or calm, as the time passes on the hands sweat, the lean forward becomes more clear, breathing focuses and the eyes study the screen while those nerves start to betray with eagerness and hyper activity. It’s a closer match in the final, felt like I was barely going to scrape by on it, with everything on the line though the plays started coming together and the final score hit.


It was a blank moment, surreal in every sense, everyone excited and I was trying to figure out what happened. I play matches in other games all the time online and at arcades but nothing quite matched up to what just happened because of how big the future of it was. I celebrated a bit, was given a bag of cool goodies including a copy of Madden 15 on Xbox One and the future was all in my hands.

After my days for the LAAS wrapped up I headed back, took a few days and studied the pricing online, given Black Friday was around the corner there were early deals all over, I snagged a base Xbox One (AC Unity Ed) for about 300 at Fry’s with a coupon. From that point on I spent near daily practice on Madden, using my team from the event (Bengals!) learning better play calling, getting more hours in and studying better formation usage so that I wasn’t using spray and pray. While things like the Madden coaching suggestions were a nice starter guide it didn’t make a ton of sense if I was going to play on a bigger stage though.

I studied and talked with Tech2k about my options, about how to target my matches on tighter clocks, what formations would work best and how aggressive my style would be. We went over last-minute adjustments on the line, hot routes and more to create windows where there might be a lack of them.

Finally January was at a close, tons of matches had closed in Madden 15, I had the game pouring out of my eyeballs and we were on the flight to Scottsdale. I was nervous, feeling nauseated and trying to reinforce that I just spent the last few months nonstop playing Madden in dedicated practice periods and in any free moments I had. My Xbox One packed in my carry-on with me and I’d keep going until the final that night.


After landing it was clear, no going back, there’s no tomorrow it was all on the practice and the final event. We loaded up in a GMC Canyon All-Terrain that GMC had set aside for us to get around in and headed to the hotel. The hours ahead included some mexican food, tea and somewhat sleep deprived practice. After a short nap and a bit more play it was time to head down to the big show. Unfortunately it was also pouring buckets.

IMG_0029  IMG_0127  IMG_0113 IMG_0104   IMG_0078 IMG_0039

We played that night, a Super Bowl inspired theme with open mods to the teams and playbook. The Madden Bowl fell into 2 areas, the main pro / celebrity area on stage and tents on the back section where we played out of the back of a Canyon, it was an odd scenario, it all started that way and it was all ending that way. As the rain came down we played on though and eventually in the battle of EA vs GMC… well.



IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0773 IMG_0774 IMG_0777

I guess that says it all right? It was a harder challenge going Seahawks vs Patriots given I hadn’t really practiced using either, my opponent was someone who felt at home in their game, trying to make quicker calls, playing tough and scoring early. We went in 5 minute quarters and in those first 2 I wasn’t able to make it happen. In the second half we kept going, those nerves were alive again and I was full of bad reactions, random tosses of the ball still and I wasn’t connecting. With some calm breaths and focus I found my pocket though, a blitz where I went play action with a decent pass, there wasn’t anyone in the backfield and it charged home. I didn’t get too eager, with the game tied I played it safe and kicked.

The remaining game was wide open and it would be on my defense to hold the ball in the midfield to avoid a field goal. As we clashed on it was a universal sentiment that we would probably head into overtime, both sides seemed pretty confident as our defenses allowed little traction and the punts were piling up. On a lucky break through the Seahawks came to life for me, we broke through in the last-minute, Lynch being a critical point breaking through just enough for the conversions, it was adding up, with slants and rushing helping edge us up we got a clear pass that forced me to stop the clock. It was a 38 yard shot, well within the kicking range of the match. Launched off it was a good shot and we left 5 seconds on the clock. After the punt and kneel there was one play left, a long bomb Brady hail mary shot, with no room to get any play in it was the only one in the bag, he shot off and connected but the deep defense was there and plowed him out around the 40 leaving our matchup to end.

The entire experience was surreal, I still look back on it now wondering if that just really happened. Then I look over at the Xbox One and it’s an obvious reminder yes it did happen and it was very exciting. Winning with GMC was a really cool thing that I can mark down and always remember. It’s a testament that with time and effort you can pull off amazing things and that any opportunity has the potential to bring so much more.

IMG_0274 IMG_0285 IMG_0314 IMG_0333 IMG_0365 IMG_0371

Weekend Ride: GMC Canyon SLE All-Terrain

Tons of things have gone on for the members at BAMFAS in our daily lives and careers, this past weekend we worked with GMC on a hands-on weekend with the 2015 GMC Canyon SLE in Phoenix. This article isn’t a total review but a bit of a diary of experiences with the Canyon over the 5 days we had with it.

*Full disclosure: Vee / VeGiTAX2 was a representative of GMC at Madden Bowl XXI in Phoenix.

First Glance

We came across our SLE 4WD after arriving by plane, the Quicksilver Metallic finish stood out in a line of new and used cars in the lot. It catches light and stands out with a crisp finish, the metallic flake balances with the paint to catch the eye without being overkill, many silver finishes often fall on the flat side, creating a dull appearance that feels lackluster. While many cars are doing this more, trucks don’t always get the same treatment, GMC put a solid blend in on this color to really catch the eyes.


Once loaded up with luggage in the crew cab to prevent any rain from reaching the luggage we were on the move, the dash immediately boots up as the driver enters the car, allowing the nav / user interface to run post with enough time before they pull out of the car. It’s a good consideration to those on the go as the system is ready before the driver is on the move. Features like the backup camera engage automatically by response to the transmission choice, the moment reverse engages it kicks on with guidance pattern to help new drivers understand if they’re on the right angle to get out. As a new driver to the Canyon it was a nice help, the radius adjusting on the fly in response to my wheel angles.


Once we were on the move it was easy to feel the power of the 3.5L V6, it packs 305hp with 269lb-ft of torque and has no problem picking up the pace as needed, getting on the freeway it rolled on the power quickly to the drivetrain, the key of course is the same with any manual to apply the acceleration equally. For those who might be heavier on the gas, the manual mode also allows for more control by letting drivers wind out the gears to their desire vs having the automatic try to catch the proper gear to match the acceleration profile.


Personally I enjoyed both options, not for power purposes but to feel a closer level of control while cruising as someone coming from manual cars. It’s not about winding out gears but just being able to feel things out while enjoying the ride, after a long day though it’s nice to slip into drive mode and leave that up to the automatic to handle. When taking things off on the trail it’s certainly understandable that drivers would want more control of their car also and this completely plays to that area.


It poured the first few days in Phoenix, while it was fun driving in RWD mode, the interest was putting that All Terrain feature to use, slipping into automatic 4WD mode allowed the Canyon to use best judgement while traveling over wet and puddled surfaces. While running on gravel and pavement we hit many scenarios but regardless the Canyon kept traction on without slip. Regardless of higher speeds on the freeways with sections of flooded underpasses on a fresh first rain or on gravel roads and dirt sucking up water and making puddles the Canyon handled the terrain without issue and in total comfort.


With a smooth ride and stable response the key was the steering using the upgrade packages for the all-terrain mode. Luckily the Canyon demonstrated smooth control, fairly generous turn radius and strong grip around the long bends without a lean. Those who get used to the dimensions fast will have no issues in parking lots or tight spaces, the steering response is quick for a higher profile vehicle without having a large dead zone or too much play in the wheel. Even with the electric steering the car still translates the road to the driver without feeling dead or clouded.

With smooth control and ride the Canyon of course finishes rounding out the package with a braking kit that allows for smooth speed reduction and quick response in tight moments. While we didn’t push the truck into extreme braking we did have our share of stop and go not just in commuter traffic but in high pedestrian areas and wet weather which tested the response over the days.


While the Bose audio system within the SLE is very enjoyable, the feature of the GMC Canyon is the cabin sound or really, the lack of sound. The truck minimizes road noise to allow for a smooth ride experience, instead of hearing every element of the road and nature in the drive there’s a quiet experience that allows for passengers and the driver to talk, enjoy the scenery, use the hands free system or the radio. It’s a genuinely welcome experience for those coming from older models or other brands that have heavier cabin noise that catch winds and rough pavement sounds.


The audio system in the Canyon allows for multiple levels of compatibility, aside from the radio, it allows for XM reception and bluetooth connectivity for media sync. The sound is rich and smooth even at higher volume levels without distortion. The combination brings a rich sound field with nice bass and welcoming midrange, the higher range does suffer somewhat but a bit of tuning with the head unit can fix that.


One of the big features of the GMC line is the Professional Grade quality, as such stitched leather throughout the cabin welcomes drivers and passengers in the SLE, it’s a comfortable seating zone for the driver while the passengers can enjoy the stitched leather and metal accents throughout the truck interior and take in the features of USB charging, WiFi hotspot and bluetooth connectivity to share music and heighten the experience while riding along.

During the ride it was pure comfort, the electric seats allowed for quick adjustment depending on the time of day and level of traffic with materials that ensured a comfortable ride during the journey. Despite any rougher bumps or terrain, none of managed to really translate to the seating itself.

IMG_0063 IMG_0049


IMG_0053 IMG_0075

For many it’s easy to claim a top quality interior experience but it’s always clear at some point where the plastic or the vinyl comes into play at just the wrong point. In the case of the Canyon these elements exist when needed (who would really have a leather wrapped 12v port?) and they’re carefully used to keep up the design goals.


Our Canyon drive was a positive one, with over 400 miles put on in mixed freeway and street driving we didn’t even go through a whole tank. With a V6 pushing 305hp and variable driving through the experience it was very enjoyable having power and fuel economy on our side. The Canyon provided a smooth ride in multiple driving conditions and a comfortable experience through not only the seating but the low noise cabin and responsive climate control and automated 4WD and even lighting system.

After being in other class competitors like the Frontier and Tacoma I can say it’s a very different feel in the Canyon, the ride is stiff enough for off-road but not so much that it’s jarring to the ride, it takes the hits and works hard to make sure everyone has the best ride possible. For those looking to find a truck that delivers comfort and functionality the Canyon has the best of both worlds, a comfortable interior for the family and a functional design and power to take on bigger workloads.