Review – Mom & Me

Writer & Director: Ken Wardrop
Studio: Uncork’d Entertainment

Mothers day is around the corner and a new limited release movie is landing early to remind many of us about those unique relationships with the mothers in our lives. Mom & Me joins Joe Cristiano in his pursuit for motherly stories from Oklahoma, deemed one of the manliest states in the US. It’s a mixed series of emotion, hearing tales of childhood discipline, discovering later in life friendships and growth and more.

Just over an hour in clips and stories the experiences sweep across the board, while generally upbeat the tales do have darker periods which adds a unique dose of honesty to the film. While there are segments of love and respect from many, there are also tales of frustration and rebellion and the realizations that eventually came from those conflicts which brought about new appreciation and growth.

Young or old there’s an interesting crossover of experiences throughout Wardrop’s film and the cameos that highlight the interactions between those callers and their mothers. Not everyone has a happy ending, some had bouts of violence, drugs and other life struggles that they faced but the unique theme is, in the end, their mothers persevered and came back when their kids still needed them most and those moments etched themselves into the minds of those men.

Overall Mom & Me brings viewers back to their own memories with their mom or significant parent in their life. The reflections bring smiles and pull a tear or two out while listening to stories of care, persistence, struggle and forgiveness. For Oklahoma listener’s there is little doubt about the impact and position their mothers had in their lives and how it’s shaped them after realizing the power the relationship brought to their lives. It’s hard to say it’s specifically a feel good piece, there are so many windows for viewers to reflect on the past, the present and the future and where they stand themselves.

The filming highlights multiple dynamics of those relationships told while cutting itself short enough to not overstay its welcome. As a VOD title or a casual film to catch it would deliver a worthwhile experience and that’s what makes it stand out given the timing of the release, allowing viewers to take a moment to let it all soak in after it’s all said and done.

The Avengers play closer slot for Tribeca Film Fest 2012

Marvel is going all out with The Avengers, today the team announces they’ve secured the closing spot to the festival and will air a special screening there for the event on April 28th, the promotion will allow local heroes from police, rescue and armed forces to sit in on the screening and meet the cast. It’s a nice gesture by the group at an event often out of reach, it’s a huge treat though as they’ll get to catch the actors behind the magic on the screen as well.

Joss Whedon of course was excited at the news and had this to say

“Showing at Tribeca is both an honor and a double homecoming for me, who grew up in Manhattan, and for the movie, which wrapped production there.  I’m thoroughly psyched to be closing the festival with our intimate little think-piece.”

For the rest of us the film will still be on schedule to release May 4, 2012 but hey if you’re going to Tribeca and know someone at Marvel, maybe you can sneak in.

Links: Marvel News | Tribeca Film Fest

MINUTEMAN World Premiere at Comic-Con 2010

With a week left until the start of Comic-Con 2010 there’s a flurry of information coming out to detail the latest additions to the show. Today we get wind that MINUTEMAN has joined the 2010 Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. The war thriller will make its debut on Friday July 23rd at 1:20PM for all to see with no word about a repeated screening.

Some words on MINUTEMAN for the masses:

The film revolves around Captain Lance Deakin who, after returning to civilian life as a Texas rancher, is haunted by flashbacks of MINUTEMAN, a hyper violent video game he was playing while on tour in Iraq. Exhibiting strange powers in real life, Lance is pulled deeper and deeper into the vortex of his memory, slowly realizing that the military turned him and his men into brainwashed super-soldiers to perform top secret missions. While Lance is desperately trying to piece together what happened to him, Lance’s former comrades are closing in on him and Becca, his fiance, to take them out. Lance is quickly running out of time to uncover the truth and save the woman he loves.

MINUTEMAN, the Video Game has been designed by Southern Methodist University’s Guild Hall graduate students and Longhorn Skull Productions, LLC. It is an interactive war game that shows the film’s Minuteman characters in combat action. Cutting between the video game and the movie enhances the mystery, power and adrenaline rush of the film.