AMD and NVIDIA Launch new 7000m and 600m lines… kinda

Anandtech has a reveal today on the new 7000m and 600m lines from AMD and NVIDIA, if you’re thinking about getting a new notebook in the next few months this will be a read you don’t want to miss.

Today AMD brings news of their 7600m, 7500m and 7400m series chips to market, for budget users hoping for a little entertainment this is your average chip you might see, the new line has one problem, it’s based on the 6000m series of the same rank. If you’re eyeballing notebooks at Best Buy and hung up on the 7650 vs the 6750 you’ll only have to worry about the CPU pairing not the video as they’re the same base chip with a possible bump in core speed. As it turns out, AMD is having issues getting their new 28nm based line into production which is what has sparked this shift.

NVIDIA is no better, we get news from the same piece that NVIDIA is doing a paper launch of the 600m series chips. In this case the full specs are available showing each spec is identical in performance and features. The 635m, 630m and 610m are all rebadged from the 500 series. If you’re looking for a reason to upgrade now, these will give absolutely no benefit if you already have a similar numbered model.

Anandtech has detailed charts for each product line and the news is disappointing for any hardware fan. While it’s nice for them to keep the number system limited, a rebadge tends to act as a trap for the consumers that don’t do the research. We would recommend anyone to just get the model that strikes them the best for the better price point. Why waste money on a 635m when the 555 might be $150 cheaper in a similar or better system, we can’t give you a reason really.

Anandtech: Introducing AMD’s Radeon 7000M and NVIDIA’s GeForce 600M Mobile GPUs

NVIDIA strikes back – GTX 590 arrives!

AMD launched the first punch with the HD 6990, bringing impressive performance in an extreme package. Shortly after we heard about the GTX 460X2 coming into the battlefield to return fire, NVIDIA was not content with just that and instead released the 590 upon the world.

It’s a 1024 CUDA Core beast packing 3GB of GDDR5, the company claims a pair of GTX 580 chips are running on a single board thanks to refined cooling technology under the cover. Unfortunately all of this performance does come at a cost to make it functional in the real world.

GPU core speed is cut to 607MHz
Shader speeds are 1.2GHz
Memory speed is 3.4GHz

While many may look and say “that’s a ton of power!” it is true but it is also scaled down from the glory that the 580 was living in. It can swing the best of blows with the 6990 in every app while coming in about $10 cheaper, many reviewers seem to feel that the money still might be best spent on the AMD card.

Unfortunately extreme power comes with equal cost, a few reports have come in from reviewers that note the card is able to overclock but that it requires extreme patience and many BSOD screens to get to a stable speed. When considering the idea of more extreme overclocking the card has been known to pop fuses as a security measure while rendering the card inoperable.

In a sense it’s like a poorly cooled supercar, it hauls like no other but it likes to overheat and leave you stranded while the competition blows past.

If you’re still up for getting the latest from NVIDIA though check out the links below and maybe see who is still offering a lifetime warranty on their cards so you can get back into action fast without too much hassle.

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