Dark Horse Announces: Monsters! & Other Stories A Graphic Novel by Gustavo Duarte!

“There are few artists with such classy and elegant style as Gustavo Duarte.”—GABRIEL BÁ (DaytripperThe Umbrella Academy)

Dark Horse continues to expand its Originals line, offering some of the most unique comic book storytelling experiences on the market today. Next up, Gustavo Duarte spins wordless tales brimming with humor, charm, and delightfully twisted horror in his American graphic novel debut Monsters! & Other Stories.


Oversized beasts, in the short story “Monsters!,” wreak havoc on civilians and cities in the tradition of Godzilla and King Kong. In “Có!,” an alien abduction disarms a gentle farmer, and in “Birds,” two business partners run from fate, only to find themselves hopelessly unable to change the future. 

Beautiful illustration and evocative storytelling fill every page of this unforgettable collection that brings together Duarte’s works, which were previously only available in his native country of Brazil.

 “It is a joy and an honor to have my first book published in the USA by Dark Horse,” said Gustavo Duarte. “It’s really cool to have Monsters! published by the company that has produced the work of so many guys I admire, like Mike Mignola and Eric Powell, among others. I hope this is the first of many.”

 Duarte’s Monsters! & Other Stories arrives in finer comic shops everywhere on January 15, 2014, and will carry a cover price of only $12.99 for 152 beautifully illustrated pages!

Check out the exclusive first look at Monsters! & Other Stories on Comics Alliance

Marvel Graphic Novels Head to Google Play

Marvel is going digital in a big way, this week you can enjoy Graphic Novels from the company on your Android Device in a new way thanks to their new assortment of titles.

Sample list of titles available:

Marvel plans to continue rolling out new content week by week for the platform and it means even easier access than before for Comic fans, you just need to flip open your storefront and grab what looks interesting. If you’re curious to the complete listing check out Google Play and see the goods.

Review – Dotter Of Her Father’s Eyes

By: Mary M. Talbot and Bryan Talbot
Published By: Dark Horse

I had no idea what to expect with this graphic novel but it sounded interesting so I decided to give it a shot. It juxtaposes the story of Mary, the daughter of a Joycean scholar, and Lucia, the daughter of James Joyce. Both girls have big aspirations and dreams for their lives. Unfortunately, both Mary and Lucia grew up in eras where girls had a slew of restrictions forced upon them. Seen and not heard was a favorable line to follow when it came to women. Mary, spending a good chunk of her youth vying for her father’s love and approval, eventually had to come to terms with the fact that it just wasn’t going to happen. Lucia on the other hand began her life having a good relationship with her father, the acclaimed writer James Joyce. However, as time went on their relationship became more and more soured and strained as did her relationship with her mother. Both girls for the most part attempt to follow their dreams, one with greater success than the other.

Both stories are interesting and often times extremely heartbreaking. Lucia’s fate is tragic, while Mary’s life seems to have turned out quite well. Dotter Of Her Father’s Eyes manages to tell the story of two girls and their familial issues while at the same time finding an interesting way to give a mini history lesson. My only complaint is the art, I wish it had been a little more complex. It’s always nice to have more detail so that the reader can really see and feel the character’s emotions through the art. However, the way the art is laid out is really nice, Lucia’s story gets illustrated in blue’s, Mary’s current story sweeps in with color and her past fades into black and white/sepia tones. This was a unique way to aid in telling a story and I really enjoyed it!

Release Date: February 8th, 2012