Captain America #10 preview pages arrive

By the time this releases, we’ll be buried in AvX related news, with that said we’re headed into a war zone with Captain America #10, the Avengers are on full duty as Hawkeye attempts to take on a wild Falcon in the streets. Steve Rogers is knocked back after losing his Super-Soldier Serum and looks to Sharon Carter as his only possible hope to get his power back.

It’s a tense fight in the panels below, if you’ve been hoping to shield your eyes from spoilers it’s already too late. See what happens when a crazed Falcon does battle with Hawkeye in the middle of chaos.

Marvel adds 10 new pictures from The Avengers movie

As if it wasn’t hard enough holding out for that May 4th release, Marvel has 10 new shots of the cast for the movie to tease everyone with. Some decent action shots all around although the stills of Chris Evans still have me really wondering about that Captain America suit. Hopefully it works better in action than it does right now.

Check out the pictures in the gallery below, we’ll add any extras as Marvel releases them.

Link: Marvel News

Secret Avengers #24 preview art goes up

So close right? Preview Art… just with no words. Hawkeye is weighed down by the outcomes of the last issue leaving the group to question his ability to still act as a responsible leader for the group. The Secret Avengers are stuck in the center of the Earth as Father and his group help spread the robot evolution. Only Venom can possibly save the squad but even that is a gamble for everyone.

The pages themselves are interesting, I’d love to know what’s going on but that will have to wait until March 28th to figure out what Lady Deathstrike is up to in that whole scene they have going on. Check out the gallery below for some extreme teaser shots from the book.

Link: Marvel News – Secret Avengers Sneak Peek