Review – Mass Effect: Homeworlds #4 – Part 4 of 4

Story: Mac Walters and Sylvia Feketekuty
Script: Jeremy Barlow
Art: Omar Francia
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Anthony Palumbo
Alternative Cover: Mike Hawthorne
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

The final installment of the Homeworlds series is here, we jump in with Liara T’soni before the Mass Effect 3 storyline kicks off. Functioning as the Shadow Broker she seeks every shred of information possible to stand a chance against the Reapers. It has become an impossible task for her to find the information that she needs but her persistence and connections are what carry her onward to find even the slightest glimmer of hope.

In Homeworlds #4 we see Liara pushing the limits of her relationships, associations and more and it’s finally wearing on her. We get a sense of her mental fatigue processing so much endless data, we see the juggled commitments and those she’s personally tied to expressing their concern of where this is all going. Although one has to admit, if the entire universe was on the brink of annihilation this wouldn’t be all that surprising or unexpected to come across, it’s just the gravity of the situation hasn’t come crashing down yet.

With desperation growing, Liara goes from authority to fresh game, Cerberus may be partnered up with her but it doesn’t take much to signal them to put a knife in her back if an opportunity presents itself. Their own personal quest for information has clashed with her with the Reapers going into higher activity. It’s an interesting exchange and Liara continues to use the knowledge and skills that got her where she is to show who the force is in this deal. For her, burning a few bridges is nothing if it means saving the universe from ceasing to exist, she just gets even tougher and heads forward even stronger than before.

We leave with her story going straight into Mass Effect 3 and conclude this arc of Homeworlds stories.

Release Date: August 29, 2012

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Review – Mass Effect: Homeworlds #1 of 4 – Hell On Earth

Script: Mac Walters
Art: Eduardo Francisco
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Cover: Anthony Palumbo
Alternate Cover: Mike Hawthorne
Letters: Michael Heisler
Published By: Dark Horse

The next installment into the Mass Effect universe takes place in 2186, days after Earth’s Reaper invasion. Life on Earth, as well as life on other planets are moving en mass to the Citadel in hopes of finding a safe haven. We soon see James Vega and quickly learn some of his back story including his tumultuous relationship with his dad and how that impacts James who is trying to make a better life for himself. His father seems to be standing in his way and James’ loyalty to his dad is making it hard for him to move on. His dad knows exactly what he is doing to James and doesn’t seem to care. After making some tough decisions and with some help and advice from his Uncle Emilio, James takes control and changes his life forever.

Mass Effect: Homeworlds is a four-part series that will focus on one character per issue. Each issue will be written by the writer who wrote the character in the game. I like this format, it gives the reader some insight into the stories of these characters. The dialog was good and the story itself was compelling. The art, like all the previous Mass Effect comics is great. This was a very good, interesting read and I’m excited to see which character is up next!

Release Date: April 25th, 2012

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