Marvel and PDP launch new iPhone 4 cases for comic fans

Marvel has quite a history with comics, today they’re sharing a bit of that history in a new way thanks to a partnership with Performance Designed Products. Their new clip cases for the iPhone 4 deliver a bit of protection to your phone and also some amazing comic art that has helped push Marvel into the hearts of fans all over.

The current line:

  • Venom – Lethal Protector #1 (Mark Bagley)
  • Amazing Fantasy #15 – Spider-Man (Steve Ditko)
  • Wolverine #1 (Frank Miller)
  • Invincible Iron Man #1 (Gene Colan and Mike Esposito)
  • The Incredible Hulk – Eve of Annihilation #116 (Herb Trimpe and Dan Adkins)
  • Journey into Mystery – The Grandeur and the Glory #124 (Vince Colletta)

Unfortunately these are isolated to the iPhone 4 right now, hopefully Marvel can help bring these to other phone models in the future too. Kind of a shame to see sweet work like this isolated to just a small pool.

Check out the gallery below for larger shots on all the current models.

Link: Marvel News |PDP

Marvel brings Avengers TV Spot Brings Helicarrier and Agent Coulson Poster

Avengers stuff is going crazy this month, between AvX and the new Avengers movie it’s getting heavy. First up, Agent Coulson gets a new movie poster, he’s a right hand man to Nick Fury and a huge part of helping the team organize to take on their latest threat.

No word on the movie poster availability like the Lego one but here’s to hoping it’s out there anyway. With that said, check out the video below and enjoy the poster resolution we have available.





Lego and Marvel prepare Avengers movie posters for launch day

Select movie locations across the nation will get a special treat next month when The Avengers hits theaters, Lego and Marvel partnered to create a promo poster using Legos to recreate the main characters from the movie. It’s pretty awesome but supplies are limited so I’d start asking around at your theaters to find out who will be supporting it.

If you’re curious check out the image below and sample shots of the Avengers Lego kits rolling out for the movie!



Marvel adds 10 new pictures from The Avengers movie

As if it wasn’t hard enough holding out for that May 4th release, Marvel has 10 new shots of the cast for the movie to tease everyone with. Some decent action shots all around although the stills of Chris Evans still have me really wondering about that Captain America suit. Hopefully it works better in action than it does right now.

Check out the pictures in the gallery below, we’ll add any extras as Marvel releases them.

Link: Marvel News

World War Hulk goes into 99 cent mode today only!

Hulk gets around in the Marvel Universe, today you can follow some of those tales with a special 99 cent sale this week for the World War Hulk issues. The catch? You need access through the Marvel Comics App

Available titles:

Get to see Hulk react as he returns from a long exile on a distant planet, his wrath is unable to be calmed and former allies face his rage and determination to see the end to the Earth after such a painful judgement that was executed upon him. It’s going to get ugly and you’ll have to read on to see how this turns out for the Marvel Universe.
If you don’t already have the app, get it on iOS or Android today so you can catch those deals!

Marvel and AMC launch Avengers movie marathon May 3

Looking to catch The Avengers on May 4th but you’re not entirely up to date? Have an entire day to take off prior to the midnight showing? You’re in luck as Marvel and AMC are partnering to deliver a May 3 marathon of movies bringing everyone current and showing off The Avengers at 12:01AM. The entry cost? $40 but if you’ve missed out on all those films you might want to play catch up anyway before seeing the big show.


May 3rd @ 11:30AM

  • Iron Man
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Iron Man 2
  • Thor (presented in RealD 3D)
  • Captain America: The First Avenger (presented in RealD 3D)
  • Marvel’s The Avengers (presented in RealD 3D)

Order your tickets now and check out the collectible gear you get as well. – AMC (as of posting there’s about 6 minutes until the window opens)

Participating AMC theaters

Atlanta, GA
Avenue Forsyth 12

Baltimore, MD
White Marsh 16

Boston, MA
Boston Common 19
Liberty Tree Mall 20

Chicago, IL
River East 21
South Barrington 30

Cincinnati, OH
Newport on the Levee 20

Columbus, OH
Lennox 24

Dallas, TX
NorthPark 15
Parks at Arlington 18

Denver, CO
Highlands Ranch 24

Minneapolis, MN
Rosedale 14

New Orleans, LA
Elmwood Palace 20

New York/New Jersey
Empire 25
Garden State 16
Kips Bay 15
New Brunswick 18
Palisades Center 21

Norfolk, VA
Lynnhaven 18

Omaha, NE
Oakview 24

Orlando, FL
Altamonte 18
Downtown Disney 24

Philadelphia, PA
Cherry Hill 24
Neshaminy 24

Phoenix, AZ
Westgate 20

The Bamfas Deals of the week

In an effort to get you over the mid week snooze fest known as Wednesday, we have put together the weeks best deals and must haves. We all want things but this is the stuff you didn’t know you wanted. Spend smartly because we don’t offer lay away.


The Bamfas #1 weekly want:

The Umbrella Academy PVC Figure set

This incredibly detailed set of 6 is a must for fans of the series. The characters look as you would imagine, right down to Diego’s beard. Not only are the figures themselves awesome but the packaging is one of the best we have seen. The stylized umbrella dome is not only aesthetically impressive but also helps cast the right shadows over the figures to give an overall gloomy look.

Deal details: 40% off right now for $23.99 on []


The Stinky free deal of the week:

The Avengers Cologne set

There are four in the set with a range of scents from citrus to whatever Hulk smells like. We haven’t actually had a chance to smell them yet but they come with distinct scents for Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. The boxes and bottles are uniquely styled for each Avenger also.

Deal details: $59.99 for the set from [Jads International]

The Gold medal for cheap-skating deal of the week:

Samsung WEP460 Bluetooth Headset

The WEP460 is pretty versatile. The ear hook is removable to allow use in either ear and has volume control on the unit itself. The manufacturer claims up to eight hours of talk time and 7 days of stand by on a single charge.

Deal details: $2.99 Seriously. []


The who needs two kidneys deal of the week:

The world largest Scrabble game

Also known as words with friends unplugged. This massive scrabble game is for the board game enthusiast who is cursed with too much money and too little eye sight.

Deal details:  $12,000 (!) [HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER]





Avengers assemble at Comic Con after all?

Marvel has already admitted to having no Avengers panel in Hall H this year. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be any Avengers about.

The Hall H presentation last year was nerdgasm worthy but it was only seen by a few thousand. That is just not fitting for what
Marvel/Disney has planned for Earths mightiest heroes this year.
Early reports are claiming a Massive Viral marketing campaign that will encompass the entire show floor unlike anything SDCC has seen before. Shield will be on hand with vehicles, providing “security” and even a recruitment booth. Also, much like last year with Odin’s throne, set pieces of varying sizes will be on display. There is even a rumor of the helicarrier bridge set piece being on hand.

There is also word that various cast members from The Avengers will be lurking about as there availability allows. (They are still filming)

Speaking of film, There is a word of a first look teaser trailer!
Now filming is only a about two months in so it probably wont be very long or in depth.

There of course has been no confirmation from Marvel/Disney and it is unlikely they well confirm or deny anything before the show.