Review – RAGE After the Impact

Writer: Arvid Nelson
Penciller:Andrea Mutti
Inker:Pierluigi Baldassini
Colorist:Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist:Stephan Martinere

RAGE is here and already tearing up the gaming front, what we have in this review is the TPB launching this week on October 19th. After the Impact has a simple task, explain some of the history, unfortunately that story is full of death, chaos and corruption and makes anyone having a bad day think twice. Readers join in with The Authority in full swing and Doctors Kvasir and Cadence as the primary characters, Earth has just gone to hell and there’s little choice left for how to live.

The art is solid, instead of a bleak and drab color style, the team went with pure hues to keep the spirit of the pages alive. A healthy departure from the drab muted style that can sometimes plague darker storylines and worlds. RAGE also features a variety of characters with some of the gangs and mutants teased for the first time as well in full glory. Overall the full refinement of each character page is a relief, the panels come off polished without excessive line strokes to clean up characters which is a nice departure.

For those looking for some back story and a way to have the perfect RAGE collection, this is your comic. In fact, this is a great way to get into things before even starting the game as the story is able to personalize the experience.

Release date: October 19, 2011


RAGE and Dark Horse Comics team up

RAGE is coming, not just in game form or in daily response to ill omen. Rage is coming in comic form thanks to Arvid Nelson and Andrea Mutti to show off the post-apocalyptic future of the game and explain a bit about it. Dark Horse Comics has a history of taking on the unlikely candidates in the comic realm, giving chances to young artists a chance to tell their stories and even experimenting with unique fiction from abroad.

Rage is set to span 3 issues and act as extension of the game universe that the storyline might miss when it debuts later this year. Readers will be treated to a story of survival of survival at all costs with military factions in control of the wasteland known as Earth.

For those wondering how messed up and dark this world is check out some of the game screen shots to give an idea of what’s in store. After that just hold on until June 22nd for the first issue to arrive in stores and continue each month until September when the game will be released.

Quake Live leaves Beta Phase :(

ID throws a brick into the magic machine and comes out with two subscription packages to join the Quake Live free-to-play experience, well that seems to be the initial feeling about things. They are trying to make the transition smooth for those who want more updates and features, the Premium subscription will run 23.88 a year (1.99 a month) for the following.

  • 20 Premium only maps with more on the way, these include new maps and player requested maps from previous games
  • ‘Freeze Tag’ game mode
  • Exclusive premium level awards
  • Clan creation and recruitment
  • Custom Quake Live wallpaper
  • Match statistics stored for six months
  • Pro users get a step up paying $47.88 a year (3.99 a month)

  • Start your own game server, specify location and set your game mode and anyone who want to join
  • Invite up to three friends with standard/free memberships to play on any premium map
  • Exclusive Pro Awards
  • Create your own clan and join up to ten separate clans
  • Match statistics stored for 12 months
  • This also means that Pro users do inherit the perks from premium level accounts as well, no news is out if Pro players will get special maps of their own in the future. For double the price it seems like it should be the case.

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