Review – Daily Espada I PC

In a not so far future, reality shows have evolved. The whole family joins together in a couch to watch Daily Espada, a show that involves participants fighting monstrous Brazilian culture creatures for various prizes. You, with your family’s interests at heart, decides to give it a shot. But is it what your family really needs? Your daughter is not too happy about it. Well, doesn’t matter, you can’t turn back anymore. In this game, only winners are allowed to leave.


Daily Espada is game of which players assume the role of a man who enters into a bizarre game show in order to with prize money to support his family, with crazy Brazilian mythology monsters, you must survive while dealing with personal issues, like a dealing with a daughter who isn’t supportive of your decision to enter the game show. In 2D action players will encounter monsters like the headless Mule and many other Folklore characters.


As a 2D action side scroller Daily Espada isn’t a unique game nor does it bring anything different from games that are similar, first off the boss battles are pattern based, so if you’ve played games like Mega Man which exclusively features pattern based A.I., then this game will be familiar once you start playing.


The game starts you off in office floor with multiple rooms without a weapon and you must enter the first room where you find a sword and then a gun in the second room, your main source of power is your protective armor, it allows you to transform as well as pull off faster and longer combos, unique bosses are found in every room you enter, treasure chests are located in each room also each chests has a key that help you unlock more rooms, experience  is gain through chests and boss battles.

The controls are simple you have a sword2015-10-12_00011 attack, gun attack and an energy attack, you can unlock moves and combos as you play along, a high point for me is that you can chain attacks, players can jump in with a sword strike then switch up and unload a couple of shots, then attack again with a sword strike then finish it off with an energy attack. Some energy attacks are varies from a gun blast barrage to an all-out fury attack with your sword, but heads up most of these attacks are hit or miss so making sure you’re in the right position is important or you’ll be open for an attack.

At a certain point in the game, you are asked an important question that will impact the characters future with his family, I found that twist to the story a bit intriguing especially at the time it’s presented.

Visuals / Audio:2015-10-13_00001

Daily Espada is heavily inspired by the 80’s retro era with its sound and graphics, Pidroh developers tried to make it an authentic as possible game show game with the enemies dropping one liners and threats. The problem with that is that it doesn’t fit, the audio seems out of place at times and the voice actors sound bad, I found myself scratching my head at some of the voices.

The background music of the other head isn’t as bad, it gives off that retro vibe the game is shooting for.


Indie games are always a hit or miss, and Daily Espada is a hit for its $9.99 price tag. Gamers should be entertain with its fast pace action and simple jump on controls.


Overall: 6/10

Review – I Shall Remain I PC


Set in an alternate timeline, the Nazis release a deadly virus on US territory. As one of the survivors, you must fight off Zombies and gather allies as you travel. I found the story to be alittle uninteresting for the most part, but then again it’s a post-apocalypse ARPG so you shouldn’t expect much when comes to story telling



As an ARPG game, I Shall Remain combines role-playing and strategic aspects to it which makes it unique, the game features a real-time progression system similar to a standard RPG game, you can upgrade/ enhance your weapons and add tons of abilities to your character as you play along. Being a top down shooter with no gamepad support, the controls are standard PC, W,S,A,D with the mouse controlling your characters view of vison, the controls are similar to games like Gauntlet and Diablo. For most part the game plays smoothly, there are a few bugs, like when zombie you trigger a zombie event which causes a herd of zombies to charge at you, I had hit box issues a few times.  The difficult settings are easy, normal, hard, and impossible, if you want a real challenge play with impossible settings with hardcore mode on, hardcore mode makes the game more challenging for the simple fact that if the player dies then the game is over and you must start over, I gave this a shot but after dying a few times I gave it up. Because it has realtime rpg like elements boss battles are more in your face, for example you can be walking a find a herd of zombies which triggers a boss battle, that’s one the things I found different and fun about this game.



Visuals / Presentation:

I shall remain has good visuals, must notably the lighting, they truly do a good job making the dark enough to give you a since of the unknown despite it being a Top-Down shooter, usually games like this the field of view is so wide open it makes the game extremely easy, but Scorpius Games    do a great job making dark enough for players to keep their attention strictly on what’s in front of them and what the character can see through his or hers flashlights radius. The graphics are solid as well textures look nice and detail, the music also contributes to the games eerie and creep environments


The game features 3 modes, Prologue, Story Mode and Survive. The prologue mode is like a demo/ tutorial which helps the player get familiar with the game, Story mode is basically the core game, players play through the main story, and finally Survive mode which is exactly what it sounds like, you must try and survive as waves of zombies attack, each wave the infected get stronger and a bit more challenging.


I Shall Remain is a entertaining ARPG game with good visuals, modes and an in-depth leveling system makes the replay ability of this game high which is always a plus. So if you’re looking for a game with good reply value with a low price tag then I Shall Remain is the game you need.


Overall: 7/10

Review: ( PC) Prismatica

Prismatica is casual puzzle game from Loomus Games, inspired by games like think Rubik’s Cube and Dodecahedrons. Because Prismatica is a straight forward game this review will no depth to it for the simple fact it’s so straight forward, the controls are simple beginners and veteran puzzle gamers should catch on very quickly. What Prismatica has going for it is that it’s visually deceiving when player reach the later levels.2015-09-24_00004 2015-09-24_00003

The more you advance the puzzles get harder and more challenging, each puzzle is labeled under a roman numeral 1-4 with each level having 12 puzzles a piece, layouts randomly scramble before you start but not before giving you a glimpse of what the puzzle should look like when solved you have to twist and turn to align each color similar to that of an Rubik’s Cube, when a players solve at least half of the puzzles in each numeral the next level is unlocked,


So if players wanted to they can jump straight to the hardest puzzles and try them out, but be warned it gets extremely difficult so be prepared to stare at your screen aimlessly on some layouts. As complex some of the puzzle layouts may look, if the player works out the basic logic then it makes the game less challenging.

Prismatica is one of those games players can get lost in once you start rolling, again it’s a casually game so if you need to kill sometime then this game is perfect, so casual mobile gamers will love this game.



Desura jumps into digital distribution and Linux support

Today you can get a game from a variety of services, basically your own investigation is your only limit. What’s a bit of  a pain is finding such a company in the Linux arena though, today that issue ends as Desura jumps into the fold with dedicated Windows and Linux community support.


The twist here comes from the basis of the store, this isn’t another shop focused on bringing you another way to buy Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3, instead it caters to a mod and indie community often overlooked or pressured out of the game due to high costs from the mainstream store fronts. It’s a cool alternative and the prices seem fair. The Desura site notes that developers take control of how they present and expose their games, the community also drives feedback by raising awareness of stand-out mods and games that should really get a spin. It’s a unique ecosystem where the team tries to play a completely external role to the main growth of the site.

With IndieDB and ModDB support pushing the team and some Windows support in there it seems like this might be a rare gem for indie and Linux gamers hoping to make their lives a bit less stressful when it comes to supporting and exploring the community. You can download it now for both platforms and get rolling.