Skybound unveils The Walking Dead issue 100 cover

Skybound and USA Today teamed up to talk about the cover for the milestone 100th issue of The Walking Dead today, while it will not be coming to shelves right now the wrap-around cover is still something to admire and start pre-ordering for. The interview has some gems talking about the art though, if you’re a TV show watcher or behind on your issues in the series and don’t want spoilers I suggest you escape now while you still can.

From the interview:

“You can’t see it, but (hero cop) Rick is actually holding a birthday cake in his hand. Or, I guess, his only hand,” creator Robert Kirkman says of the cover to Walking Dead issue 100, out July 11 from Skybound/Image Comics.

Issue 100 falls right in the “dead center” of what he calls the “craziest” story arc so far in the comic series, a bloody affair that finds Rick and his group of survivors thriving in a (seemingly) safe community, much like they did at the prison — a place of refuge that was hinted at during the second season finale of the Walking Dead TV series.

The cover will have bodies littered across it, showing prominent figures from the comic series as the landscape, it’s not inspiring but in the wake of all they’ve faced it would be hard to expect Rick to ever be able to see the upside to all of this. The article mentions even The Governor makes a reappearance in the corpses and Lori as well.

The Walking Dead hits #100 soon and according to Kirkman there’s no sign of this story losing steam anytime soon.

WonderCon 2012 – Community Panel / Q&A

Community is back, if you missed out on the return from hiatus be sure to try to catch up asap. We had Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown and Ken Jeong as cast members with Dan Harmon in the commander seat. We see some twists for this second half slate of the show going so far as to even work with product integration, while some shows use it in a corny way that pokes fun, Community is taking this an entirely new way by having full control of the IP in question. In the case of Season 3 we see Subway step into a mysterious episode to screw with Shirley and her ambitions for a sandwich shop.

The panel moved on to talking about character relationships and developments. We find out that Shirley and Pierce aren’t destined for a long relationship, also finding that Chang is about to go nuclear in his storyline as pathetic Chang, power monger Chang and security guard Chang all merge into a single beast. The story itself promises to turn Greendale on its head with what he unleashes on the students and the study group.

Other character mash-ups include a return to talking about Jeff and Shirley at a greater length, with their pasts settled they can resume gossip rants and a unique friendship that only they really had from Season 1. Dan also described how Brita came into action, noting that feedback painted the perfect character description as the woman who women hate to be around. She keeps going and never learns from the mistakes that come into her path along the way.

Dan Harmon notes the results from the debut last week sang well with the entire crew and they were pleased to see so much love and support for the show. There was a minor apology though, noting that there will be an episode out-of-order coming into play as it opens up and comments about a good winter break. The team wanted to give returning and new viewers a solid punch with what Community is about. On the topic of things to expect we were also teased with costumes and celebs or famous people they feel that resemble them.

Finally one of the most important parts, Dan Harmon pitched Community at 70/30 for chance of renewal, the big opening numbers last week seem to help cement that Community has the power draw the fans in for the live airings. Keep watching and lets keep the Greendale cast going strong.

WonderCon 2012 – DC The New 52 Panel

DC is on a hot streak after relaunching their brands with a fresh start in the world, the New 52 have taken the world by storm and this year we’ll see the introduction of 6 more titles. Here’s a quick breakdown for the returning franchises.

  • Batman Inc. returns with Grant Morrison at the helm
  • Earth 2 starts up with James Robinson
  • Worlds Finest kicks off thanks to Kevin Maguire
  • Dial H (for Hero) returns as well with China Miéville leading the way
  • GI Combat The war that time forgot runs with J.T. Krul
  • Ravagers steps it up with Ian Churchill after leading up fans with mentions in other comics

With that said we got a small dose of major releases coming up for 2012 from the New 52.

  • Batman – Bruce is set to turn the tables in a battle for Gotham against the court in a heated story shift. (Issue 9)
  • Swamp Thing – Anton Arcane returns, we start to develop background on the characters that we were not given before. The showdowns that occur from here out set up the Animal Man crossover coming soon.
  • Dark Knight – Greater challenges ahead for Batman, Greg Purwitz and Finch are going to raise the bar to super heights in details and complexity for the story. Few details other than a strong working bond between the writers.
  • Flash – Weather villain conflicts continue, we’ll see Heatwave strike soon and a new spin arrive in the next few issues leading to a bigger battle.
  • I Vampire – Justice League Dark crossover coming, Adam Bennet is dead at this point (whoops), as a result we’ll see stronger lead enemies coming forward in the story. Apocalypse level events start coming down on the world as things start brewing more, vampire hunters strike and then Zombies arrive. Yeah. Zombies. It’s a minefield of new story to read through and the final teaser of Stomwatch really set off the crowd.
  • Nightwing – The Night of Owls is coming, Gates of Gotham and Tomorrow People are all huge events about to hit Nightwing hard in the coming issues.
  • Superboy – Wonder Girl drama comes to a head, her long loooong lost flame still holds her heart in all of this. Those who think they know who it is are likely to be mistaken, even RR isn’t in the picture for candidates.
  • Teen Titans – Wonder Girl origins takes off, road trip to reveal so much about everyone involved. Those left at the HQ get hit with people questioning their ability to have powers at such an age and actively participate in crime fighting with their lives on the line.
  • Red Hood – Flight attendant meeting turns into a larger encounter in issue 2, Blackfire appears into the mix.
  • Suicide Squad – Hunt for Harley Quinn comes to an end, just as that wraps up they take on an immortal as one of their biggest challenges so far and take a step back to develop the stories on the whole group. New characters will join the mix and drama in the loyalties of the squad come into play.
  • DCU Presents – Vandal Savage line picks up by introducing his daughter into the story, a clash comes in trying to figure out what side he rests on and the history of his ways and kills over such a massive span of history. Father daughter tensions rise up in this chapter.
  • Captain Atom – power is on the rise in his head, the issue of the messiah complex comes into play and his alternate selves start coming into the picture.

The panel touched on a little bit of everything and the panelists tried their hardest to deliver a solid impression of what’s coming up with the new series items and the changes in store with the relaunched books.

WonderCon 2012 – Eric Powell Panel

Today, WonderCon attendees had the opportunity to meet with Eisner winning author and all-around good guy, Eric Powell and Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters collaborator Tracy Marsh. Powell began his panel today at WonderCon by eating pie (which I am sad to report was apparently not very good), swapping personal stories and playing a game of Eric Powell trivia with the crowd. He didn’t really have any news on the upcoming (hopefully) Goon movie aside from the fact that it’s still a go with David Fincher and Blur however financing is still a problem. Eric did seem optimistic about this though so that’s something us Goon fans can cling to. He also reported that a Goon mask ($59.99) will be coming out soon and he was able to show us a picture. Eric did talk about an upcoming project but was unable to tell us anything about it other than that he promises it will be “awesome.” (and thus better than pie!). Despite his inability to share Goon related details with the crowd, Eric did discuss his thoughts on the trajectory of the comic industry and his life with a roller derby girl. Throughout the panel, Eric commented on how technological glitches and health and safety concerns over sharing pie with the audience “ruined” the panel, but Eric’s accessibility during the panel and at his booth (where I was super excited about him signing some comics from my Powell collection!) allowed us to learn a little more about the kind of motivated, grounded, fireworks (he spent $600 on em’) loving person he is!

Links: The Goon Mask | The Goon Movie Petition