Review – Orchid #10

Script: Tom Morello
Art: Scott Hepburn
Colors: Dan Jackson
Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover: Massimo Carnevale
Published By: Dark Horse

The battle has begun and things are not looking so good for our band of Shadow Rebels. Enzio is overwhelmed and relying on Orchid to finish her mission of killing the heartless, disgusting Tomo Wolfe. Thanks to their explosive expert, Westin, Orchid and her army have penetrated Wolfe’s fortress and are on their way to destroy him. Wolfe, unaware of Orchid’s arrival has just learned that Barrabas has turned on him and is wreaking havoc in Fortress Penuel. His day quickly gets worse as Gletkin, Wolfe’s mindless drone of a right hand man tries to restore order but fails miserably when Wolfe gives the order to find Barrabas and kill him. Wolfe, as his world is unraveling, soon learns that they have a new secret weapon, a traitor to the Shadow rebels! What would a revolution be without a few hiccups? Still, nothing will stop Orchid and her crew and she may have a few tricks up her sleeve as well.

The Shadow Rebels fight has reached a fevered pitch with only a couple of issues of this amazing comic left to go. Everything is coming to a head, death on both sides, small triumphs, big losses. Who will come out on top? Like every past issue this one is excellent and exceeds expectations. The writing is poignant and the art is impeccable. The end of Orchid is bittersweet, I can’t wait for the conclusion but not having an issue to read every month is to put it simply, gonna suck! At least there are a couple of issues left and it’s going to be a helluva ride!

Release Date: October 17th, 2012

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Review – Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #10 Apart (of me) Part 3

Script: Andrew Chambliss ands Scott Allie
Pencils: Cliff Richards
Ink: Andy Owens
Colors: Michelle Madsen
Cover: Phil Noto
Alternate Cover: Georges Jeanty with Dexter Vines and Michelle Madsen
Created By: Joss Whedon
Published By: Dark Horse

The real Buffy has been brainwashed (at least with the jumbled brain she has left) by the scheming Simone and RoboBuffy is doing her best to fix the big ol’ mess created by Andrew. The two Buffy’s are at odds as the real Buffy believes she’s got it all figured out. Simone has an evil plan, and now that she thinks she’s figured out what’s going on, Buffy has become an integral part of it. Real Buffy, in her confused but confident state, thinks it’s a good idea to go along with this unfortunate plan. Meanwhile, Spike and Andrew make a discovery of their own and realize RoboBuffy has been gone longer than expected. They set off to find her and with some luck they find her (them?) and Simone. Simone, in her perpetual aggro state refuses to let Spike, Andrew and the bugs ruin her plan, Spike on the other hand has his own plan. While all of this is going on, Detective Dowling is dealing with his own demons after feeling the fallout of having to kill his zompire partner. He is assessing his life and trying to make some tough decisions. Will Simone carry out her evil plan and will Buffy finally understand what’s really going on? What’s in store for Detective Dowling’s future? Does all of this seem really confusing? The answer to the last one is yes, but it becomes much clearer once you read the whole issue!

This issue was good, but I did have to read it twice to follow along. Once I got it, I enjoyed it. I loved the cover, I thought it did a really great job of capturing the uncertainty of Buffy’s mindset right now. The dialog was good, and the interaction between the Buffy’s was particularly interesting. There is some Spuffy action, but nothing that we wouldn’t have seen coming. Simone has potential but this time around I found her more annoying than anything else and I hope we either get a better villain or that she becomes more interesting along the way. I can’t say this was my favorite issue but I have faith that it’s going to get better!

Release Date: June 13th, 2012

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Review – Uncanny X-Men #10

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Pencils: Carlos Pacheco & Paco Diaz
Ink: Cam Smith
Color: Guru eFX
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover: Adam Kubert & Chris Sotomayor
Published by: Marvel Comics

Unit is on the move and Hope is right in his path, given his current path of destruction her very life could fall into the balance. The X-Men while teamed up with the Avengers split off to save their most precious friend and ally from her doom and possibly the death of mutant-kind. Time is everything and the whole unit with Cyclops rushes in to save the day, unfortunately being too quick to attack leaves a vulnerability that shatters them as they engage in combat against Unit. It’s a tough and painful battle to read through, even at their best they’re severely outclassed against this super machine, instead of cheering them on it was cringe inducing each step of the way. Fortunately it does wrap up so the story can meld with AvX, although it is strange to have both the X-Men and the Avengers on the same side for even just a moment knowing what has already come their way.

The issue moves with a quick pace, Hope is stunned to be taken in such a swift motion and the X-Men launch into battle mode but it’s not enough. Unit is thinking so many steps ahead of them it’s difficult for any tactical advantages to come forward, even their strongest allies against a force like this are nullified by his quick calculations and strength. Really they are in a case where they’re outclassed and largely uninformed about their opponent and it rips at them as they fight desperately to stop him. It’s a solid read as it steps aside from the usual idea of dominance and team work saving the day for the group, instead of just a single ally shaken, the whole group falls victim.

As a prelude to AvX it’s a solid issue, it was easy to feel bad for the X-Men against Unit given how far above their level he was. There is a mystery that will leave readers hanging though, before it’s over there’s a special twist with Hope and Unit that hasn’t even been touched upon in the other books yet, what will the super being ask of her? What does this mean for his own containment in the universe after this encounter? It’s a solid read and wrap-up to the tag team story between the Avengers and X-Men on this case.