Review – The Amazing Spider-Man #687 – Ends of the Earth

Writer: Dan Slott
Art: Stefano Caselli
Color: Frank Martin Jr.
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover: Caselli
Variant Cover: Gabriele Dell’otto and Perkins / D’armata
Published by: Marvel Comics

The end is at hand, Spider-Man and company have fought through numerous obstacles trying to find Doc Oc including the Avengers in this latest battle. With so little time left there’s absolutely no time to fool around and there’s still so much to do with the launch of the rockets coming at any moment to possibly save the world or send it spiraling into doomsday. Spidey has managed to recruit even Mysterio into the fold using his mass desire for wealth as a motivating force to help put an end to the games and save the planet and his billions.

Unfortunately this issue puts the heroes at a huge road block and they rise to the limit to do what feels like the impossible, the drama of Sable, Widow and Spidey is balanced with the humorous behavior of Mysterio as he bounces around. It’s not to say they make Mysterio a stupid or slapstick type of character, it’s actually a witty relief of a character joining up on a side he feels he has to out of personal interest more than a moral interest. The pace of this last section of the story is intense and it drives home the sense of urgency and desperation to do whatever it takes with who and what is available in this final hour.

The wrap-up to the issue feels a bit forced, you have a massive build up that doesn’t manage to deliver as much as you would think in that final moment when it’s all there. I understand there’s the classic moral decisions of Spider-Man in his series but I guess you can’t expect a huge throw down with a villain on his death-bed clinging to his final moments that can barely stand on his own power. Overall it’s an impressive arc and I’ll be going back into the past releases to catch up on the full story as I joined late into the releases.