Love that Joker… a 99 cent DC Digital Comics Sale for April Fools weekend

The Joker is a curious guy, robbing for everyone and giving to whoever he pleases, usually himself in most cases. This weekend he’ll help DC push out over 80 issues that have him as a feature star in them for only 99 cents. It’s a 3-Day sale so don’t worry about missing out, just be sure to catch the issues when they go on sale tomorrow (March 31).

Some notable issues for the sale:

  • Batman #1
  • The Killing Joke
  • Death in the Family
  • Emperor Joker
  • Going Sane

Unfortunately the rest of the list will not be available until the sale goes up, you can try to shuffle your way through the DC Comics comiXology page though to make up your best guess list.

Update – Gotham City Impostors pushed back to February

So we’ve heard about Gotham City Impostors for a while now, unfortunately today we hear a sad tale from WB where the game is been pushed back to February now with no specific date of when to expect it.

It’s an unfortunate setback for the game as it is set to pit 12 players head to head in mock super hero and super villain teams using licensed material from the Batman franchise of course. Xbox, Playstation and PC users will be able to get access to the game as a downloadable title and battle it out to their heart’s content. I saw the game in action at E3 2011 and it looked decent enough but unfortunately we’ll have to hold out a while longer to see if it’s worth jumping into.

For more info keep an eye on the Gotham City Impostors homepage for details. Otherwise check out the video below to get an idea of what feels like a Batman themed TF2 massive shooter.

Batman: Arkham City gets a Launch Date

Mark your calendars for 10/18 in the US because it’s all going down in Arkham City this year. Warner Bros just passed word that the Dark Knight will be arriving to consoles worldwide in October.

For those in other territories we can break it down further.

  • October 18 – North America (PC/PS3/360)
  • October 19 – Australia (PC/PS3/360)
  • October 21 – Europe and other territories (PC/PS3/360)

We have a few new screens to celebrate the moment, for those like myself who haven’t finished Arkham Asylum yet, it’s time to get to work because now there’s a timer counting down finally.

The Scarecrow arrives in DC Universe Online

Not one to keep people waiting, Dr. Crane is here to guide the lost souls in DC Universe online into their greatest fears as we approach Halloween. While the game has been delayed into 2011 the teasers do seem to indicate the wait will be well worth it as characters are added and the game world is polished up with extra tweaks.

Check out the statement and pictures below:

Jonathan Crane was a skinny, awkward kid who got bullied often because he reminded people of Ichabod Crane, from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. As he grew older, Crane became obsessed with the essence of fear, hopefully in an effort to conquer his own phobias. This obsession put him on the academic fast track at Gotham University.

But Crane sabotaged his career by using his students as unwilling subjects in his dangerous fear-based experiments. He was dismissed from the university by the board of regents for his unorthodox methods. In an act of revenge, Crane put his knowledge of fear to work, creating a fear gas, dressing himself in straw and sackcloth and adopting the guise of The Scarecrow.

His quest to heighten and instill fear in Gotham has often run afoul of Batman, attempting to root out any anxiety or phobia that would bring him down. But Batman has faced him down countless times and in the process, Crane has become victim to an ironic type of fear, chiropteraphobia…
…Fear of bats.

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