Review – X-Men Legacy #268 (AVX)

Writer: Christos Gage
Pencils: David Baldeon
Inks: Jordi Tarragona
Colors: Brian Reber
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover: Mark Brooks
Published by: Marvel Comics

If you haven’t caught the latest AVX this is going to be a bit of a mess as it takes place right after those events. If you are current then lets jump into the fray.

The Phoenix Force has chosen 5 hosts for the moment, the chosen ones moving to remake the world in their personal vision for humanity or living creatures in general. We See a glimpse of the immense power as Cyclops touches down in a war-torn region and slams down authority on a feud running for over a quarter century. In a brief moment he disarms the factions and flexes the might of the Phoenix to all in his path to show ultimate power in the situation, within seconds it’s established that War is outlawed under their watch.

The rest of the comic takes a lighter tone though as Frenzy is the heart of the story along with the trio of Celeste, Irma and Phoebe playing backup to the mission. The 5 hosts are out shaping the world in an instant and the rest of the team has to work around it to make sure all the loose ends are tied up too, it’s just that Frenzy is a bit more vocal about the situation compared to the others especially given the methods they’re using to execute it. We see some of her past conflicts come to light and also see her beliefs in building strength and growing from the environment no matter how bad it is for them.  It’s a unique break in the story that speaks to her rough life domestically and in her own gender and condition, seeing it shine through to others helps break the tension and allow her to rise above to help those impacted similarly.

For anyone hoping to see tons of action from the new X-Men hosts it’s a short-lived run, we get a few pages but the rest largely revolves around Frenzy as she takes on her mission and tries her best to get the heck out of there as fast as she can just from a pure distaste for the war and behavior going on.


GrimmSpeed introuces new goodies

Always a goodie for car enthusiasts when new parts get announced, GrimmSpeed is launching quite a few new pieces for Subaru fans today. Check out the info below for more details and ordering information.

Subaru Oil Cap

Sleek and arriving in 4 colors, it replaces the OEM cap with a touch of style, coming in silver, blue, red or black. Performance gains? None really, unless your current cap is broken, in which case it’s a solid replacement with some style. The notes include that it allows room for intercooler piping or other cables around it. Perfect for the holidays coming up.

Price $59.99Click here

Legacy GT Master Cylinder Brace

The brace is finally here for 05-08 Legacy models without the VDC equipped, it looks beefy and for $99 it’s not a bad price when it comes to reducing firewall flex when hard braking comes into play. Check out this page by GrimmSpeed for some clarification on how it reduces that flex.

Price $99.99Click here

Impreza License Plate Delete

A final handy item from their release list is the front license delete plate, helping polish up those mounting holes on the stock bumper. A bit pricey for my taste but for the Subaru fanatic in your life it might be a good present to grab before they buy it.

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Tron Legacy – Comic-Con 2010 Trailer

While we’re a little late to the game with it, here is the latest teaser for Tron Legacy from SDCC 2010. Looks pretty good for a new age successor, we weren’t able to get in the Hall for the panel so we’ll leave it at this for now.

[stream provider=video flv=x:/ hd=x:/ embed=false share=false width=530 height=298 dock=false controlbar=over bandwidth=low autostart=false /]

TRON: Legacy coming to SDCC 2010

The time is almost here, as San Diego Comic-Con 2010 draws closer all the juicy information spills out for the masses. Tonight word of TRON: Legacy has hit the web with a date and time for those eager to see the latest developments and teasers at the show.

At 11:15am on Thursday July 22, Disney will open the doors to Hall H and allow lucky visitors to seat themselves for a panel discussion with the filmmakers and stars from the film. Joe Kosinski, Sean Bailey, Steven Lisberger and others such as Jeff Bridges, Garret Hedlund and Olivia Wilde will be present. Patton Oswalt will direct the Q&A for the panel and play host to announce each glimpse at the film.

For those who don’t line up at 7-8am or earlier to get into Hall H, Disney will have an interactive TRON booth on the floor at aisle 3712 to preview new merchandise and apparel for the new movie. Disney Interactive Studios will also have the new TRON: Evolution video game on hand for everyone to play.

If you have a ticket and the means to get there in time, the panel should be a great way to kick off SDCC 2010.

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