DC Zero Hour sale approaches (4/14/12 – 4/16/12)

Looking for a discount weekend to catch up on your inventory? DC Comics has a deal for you then, this weekend for 3 days they’ll be kicking off a massive Zero Hour saga sale through their comiXology storefront for 99 cents per issue! All 70 books and limited series issues will be on sale so that you’re able to bundle the complete experience at a massive discounted rate. For a comic that pulls the heroes of the world together against a common enemy we’ll see them rise to new heights to save time and space from crumbling around them.

Check out the comiXology link to get started, keep in mind this sale will not be active until tomorrow. We’re giving you a heads up though so you’re prepared and not catching this on Monday with a huge sigh of disbelief.

Link: DC Zero Hour @ comiXology

DC Direct relaunches as DC Collectibles

DC is hard at work shaping their brand, after The New 52 they had a new target, their own collectible shop and how they might be able to improve upon that. Today we see the fruits of that labor with DC Collectibles, the new brand will take over DC Direct and focus on expanding horizons for the publisher. In May DC Collectibles will work to expand the online store and offer its entire product line for sale on the web, it’ll be a huge welcome from individuals but shops may feel a little burned on the shift to allow total access but they’ll still be getting support from DC with their store locator system pointing fans who want to see items in person to their nearest shop for that item.

DC is taking all areas into account and striving to focus the service on the fans and keep delivering unique products that they love. They also recognize that fans do like exclusives though and so they’re keeping it interesting by bringing online exclusives into the picture as May will see two special items next month and custom prints for the web.

  • Flashpoint Action Figure Box Set (Exclusive #1) – Pictured in gallery
    • Batman
    • Wonder Woman
    • The Flash
    • Emperor Aquaman (Previously unreleased)
    • $500 Wayne Casino Poker Chip
  • Heroes of the DC Universe (Exclusive #2) – Pictured in gallery
    • Blackest Night Green Lantern and Sinestro Bust

The prints will take themselves away from just comic artwork and expand into different themes as well, 20 images in total will be available online in thick archival paper print form. For those attending C2E2 this weekend there will be a chance to catch a look at the new store and special word on goodies coming to the shop later this year.

DC’s C2E2 Collectibles Panel – Friday April 13, 2012 @ 2:30pm

Links: DC Comics Blog | DC Collectibles

Aspen Comics heads to C2E2 with exclusive prints

C2E2 is on the way and Aspen has goods for those attending, 3 signed and numbered C2E2 prints for fans. The posters are 13″x19″ and look pretty hardcore. Unfortunately we only have the collection image available and not individual samples, those of you hoping to have mini memento pictures are out of luck on this one.

Check out the posters below, if you’re attending good luck and hopefully you can catch them before they sell out.

Link: Aspen Comics Blog

Image Anniversary gets a Giarrusso treatment

Image comics is kicking off their anniversary this year, as part of that celebration of 20 years Giarrusso is re-creating 12 classic issues with custom variants for fans. For those unfamiliar, The Walking Dead for Kids! cover and art was an April Fools gag but it will actually play part into this limited variant launch.

First up for this treatment is the relaunch of Youngblood (Issue 71) the variant will pay tribute to the first issue of the series in kiddie form, they already have the art out and it looks amazing. Youngblood will also see John McLaughlin from Parker and The Black Swan fame as writer and John Malin and Rob Liefeld coming in as artists for this rebirth on May 23.

11 more titles are waiting confirmation but we’ll have to see what happens, Image Comics is only noting to stay tuned for more info on the goodies, fingers are crossed to see some love for Bloodstrike, Shadow Hawk and Spawn though. Unfortunately for The Walking Dead fans it doesn’t seem like this gag series will take off anytime soon.

Link: Image Comics News

Joe Golem Deluxe Edition coming in September

Come September 26th, 2012 an extremely limited and extremely awesome hardcover deluxe edition of Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden’s newest collaboration, Joe Golem and the Drowning City will be releasedThis isn’t your run-of-the-mill edition though, this baby comes complete with illustrations by Mignola, a signature plate signed by both Mignola and Golden, as well as a slipcase to keep it safe in!  This will be an edition of only 1000, have a price tag of $99.99, and the coolest part, the Dark Horse edition will contain a previously unpublished story, Joe Golem and the Copper Girl. 

A brief synopses of the story:

 After a séance gone horribly wrong, strange men wearing gas masks and rubber suits abduct the       aging psychic Orlov the Conjuror, sending his young assistant Molly McHugh racing through the canals of a submerged Manhattan. As Molly flees her captors through a sunken city full of scavengers, her one hope comes in the form of two strange men: Simon Church, a Victorian-era detective kept alive by clockwork gears and magic, and his assistant, Joe, whose mysterious past is hinted at in dreams of stone and witches.”

Available: Sept. 26th, 2012

Price: $99.99

Link: Dark Horse Blog

The Walking Dead Compendium at ECCC 2012

There are many amazing things in the comic world, busts, figures, variants and of course the stories themselves. Emerald City Comicon fans get a taste of something that combines most of that goodness into a timed exclusive shell. The Walking Dead Compendium, it’s enough to make you want to travel to Seattle just to grab it. For those like us who can’t do such a thing, we have some pretty pictures courtesy of Skybound and they really are something to see. While the first shot at this book will only be available at ECCC, the rest should be ready in time for San Diego Comic-Con later this summer.

Details on the release:

  • Available at Booth #310
  • 48 issues covered in this first volume
  • Over 1,000 pages of Walking Dead goodness
  • Hard cover with gold embossed logo
  • New cover by Charlie Adlard
  • Limited to about 100 for ECCC
  • Price: $100.00

Links: Image Comics | Skybound

Gentle Giant set to release 7″ Wolverine bust

Today Gentle Giant announced a new poly-stone Marvel Wolverine 7” mini-bust that will be available in fall 2012. Highly detailed and hand numbered, the bust comes with a $70 price tag and a limited run. As with all Gentle Giant pieces this one looks to be an awesome addition to your X-Men/Marvel collection!

You can pre-order the mini-bust here or you can check out the shots in the gallery below.


Kidrobot unveils Bondage Labbit and signing event

Kidrobot and Frank Kozik present the new vinyl 10 inch Bondage Smorkin’ Labbit. Yeah, you read that right, this guy is back and ready to party with a new outfit and a new outlook. He features a collar and leash (of course), a zippered mouth, partially anyway, a Labbit’s still got to smoke and lots more zippers in questionable places! He’s super cute and will definitely stir up conversation wherever you display him. He’s available here  for $75 and is limited to only 1200 pieces. If you live in the San Francisco area Frank will be signing these bad boys on March 24th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Kidrobot store!

Link: Kidrobot

Dark Horse Digital gets wild for Cyber Monday – 50% off offer

Dark Horse Comics wants everyone to hammer their shopping system apparently, the first 500 orders on Cyber Monday after 12:00am Pacific strikes (-08:00GMT) will get 50% off of their order of $20 or more. Given so many titles are $0.99 it allows someone to pull in a huge haul as long as they can click and load their basket fast enough. Web users and Dark Horse Digital app users can both apply the coupon given they’re in time.

Looking for the magical code? Fine. Here it is.




Enter that at checkout and you shall be rewarded with a huge chunk off of your final tab. I’m curious to see how the balance works out for everyone, will people go for 21-22 comic shots to just break the minimum requirement or will there be a few that actually stack a huge assortment in for the 50% and make it in time. Or… Will people stack their carts wait until 12:00am strikes and attempt to check out with their basket immediately?

It will be wild, just remember it’s 12:00am midnight PACIFIC (-08:00GMT) or you’ll totally miss the deal.